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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paleo Quick Start Smoothie ingredient list!

At the excellent suggestion of my friend John Maldaner, I am putting the ingredient list fot the Quick Start Paleo smoothie on my blog. This way, you can print it out easily, to bring to the store!

Quick Paleo Smoothie ingredients list:
My current recipe- variations are not only possible, but encouraged! But the base outlined here is very representative of a transformative replacement meal/ultimate real food supplement in one tasty drink!

Coconut Milk- 1 can  OR 3 scoops dried coconut milk powder
Coconut oil and/or red Palm oil- 2 Tablespoons
Carlson’s or Nordic Naturals Cod liver oil- 1 Tablespoon
Powdered kelp- 1 teaspoon
Unsweetened kefir- 1/4 cup
Organic, unsweetened lemon juice- 1 teaspoon
Apple cider vinegar- 1 teaspoon
1-2 cups of green tea
cinnamon- 1 tsp- also great on coffee and whipped cream! (Fresh ground is best-
I use a coffee grinder)
Frozen spinach- approximately 1 cup
Frozen mixed “California Mix” vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots), ~1 cup
Frozen mixed berries- blueberries, raspberries, strawberries- 1 cup
1/2 banana (I freeze mine so they don’t over-ripen)
1 peeled orange

Since publishing my ebook, I have begun adding the dried, powdered varieties of:
turmeric 1 tsp
ginger 1 tsp
cinnamon  1 tsp
spirulina  1 tsp

All are strong anti-inflammatory agents, among having many other nutritional benefits.

That’s it! You can also “mix and match” with fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables you have on hand- cranberries are a favorite of mine, as is liquid vitamin D in the Winter months!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Paleo Quick Start now available in iBook on Apple's iTunes!

Click on the above link, and you will go directly to Apple's iBook store on iTunes.
My ebook is available there- in fact, you can instantly download a preview version to view on your iPhone, computer, iPad or other device. There is absolutely no charge for the preview!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

paleo smoothie #1

Paleo cat food

I have recently begun turning my cats into paleo fed ones... this is what they have desired all along! 

First step to feeding your felines a natural diet:


Everyone does it: the stuff is cheap, convenient, not smelly, and... HORRIBLE for your pets!  Corn and soy based; the cats are "tricked" into finding it desirable, just as we are tricked into eating crap like potato chips and soda pop.  For cats, the grains are laced with chemicals and flavorings that make them think it's meat they are eating; for us, we have been fooled into eating really sweet and really salty for so long we actually crave those tastes above all others.

And really, if grains are bad for US humans, how much worse are they for carnivores like cats?? (And dogs, but that's another post- just know that dogs should be eating meaty bones for the most part).  And cats?

I once again have found a great use for my vitamix blender!  I blend together raw liver (beef liver so far, but I plan on using a variety of organ meats in the future) with a raw egg, and a little cod liver oil.  That's it- it takes about 20 seconds.  

Then, I just pour the mix into baby food jars, for individual serving sizes, and put in the refrigerator.  

I have NEVER seen my cats so voracious!  Even though I have been putting out kitten food, cat food, and meat baby food all at once for my three cats, when I add the dish of liver to the mix, they ignore everything else until the liver is gone!

They can really sense what they need; unlike us, they are much more in tune with their nature.  Hmmm... I think I can learn something from my cats.

Sugarless, flourless chocolate cake!

At the instigation of daughter Holly, we put together a "paleo" flourless cake-
6 eggs, cocoa powder, dark chocolate chips, 2 sticks of pastured butter, stevia and honey; all baked together after mixing in a sauce pan on the stovetop.  Easy, and really, really good!

Here is the recipe link we "improvised" with: Sugarless, flourless chocolate cake! YUM!

You can see above what we all had for breakfast this morning... (Along with our Paleo Quickstart Smoothie, natch)!

Not for every day, but occasionally- hey, it's really not bad for you!