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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

War of the WHEAT!

For millennia, we were persecuted, cannibalized, and enslaved by the humans!

Our revenge was nigh!

The invasion plan was almost perfect!  First, the deceptors would invade, and they would make themselves... welcome.  They would be innocuous; friendly little foodstuffs, just begging to be eaten...

Only later, much later would their true nature be revealed.  First, the deceptors, (for so they had named themselves), would pretend to be the saviors of mankind- you are facing starvation- your numbers are rising- we will save you!  And so, with this gift for mankind, they would be embraced by the fearful populace, who were indeed multiplying at a startling rate, and would indeed be starving without help...

The deceptors worked their way into every crevice of the food supply- they used to be used only in simple bread and rolls; after a time, after they multiplied, they were in almost everything:

They engineered manufactured products, that put them into all staple products- now, the deceptors were inside fast-food meats, salads, even desserts!  Your average human could hardly avoid consuming the deceptors now!  


First, they would consume the "wholesome"deceptors!  Next, their own bodies would be deceived, as toxins would now be allowed into their bloodstreams, invading them, and instigating widespread disease- DIABETES- HEART DISEASE- OBESITY- CANCER!!

The unsuspecting humans continued on... they loved the deceptors!  Hunger was solved!  A New Millenium was upon the Human Race!!  

Humans embraced the deceptors!!

Now, the humans were dying!  They were obese, slowly dying of diabetes and heart disease.  Cancer was rampant: no human could expect to be free- virtually ALL humans were now addicted to prescription drugs, which were far more deadly than recreational drugs! 

The deceptors had WON!  Humanity, which had eaten their babies for a thousand years, had been destroyed: 

The GRAIN of WHEAT, cannabilized  for 10,000 years has had it's revenge!!

Humans will die!  Their own bodies will willingly accept the invaders, thinking them "friends"...  the deceptors will mimic the patterns of the body's own defense systems, and will be let inside as "allies"...

And so they DIE!!



Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paleo Exercise and TV!

It seems strange, even to me, that something as age-old and basic as Perfectly Paleo types of exercise blend perfectly with television viewing; specifically Netflix shows and movies!
But, it's true...

I exercise early mornings, which is the only time that I can reliably reserve for myself.  I think it's like that for most of us "worker bees".  I get up, make my Paleo Smoothie for the day whilst heating the water for my tea and coffee...  While the Vitamix is running on high, blending all of the veggies, fruits, kefir, spices, green tea, etc.  that will nourish me for day optimally, I walk into the living room, and select my streaming Netflix movie of the day!  (What a tough caveman's life).

I always start with Visualized Resistance Exercises.  I learned about these years ago from John Peterson of  Transformetrics, who is the acknowledged expert on this form of resistance training.

Here is a brief, abbreviated video I made to demonstrate this simple, timeless form of safe, productive, and easy-to-do-anywhere form of exercise-
So, while I watch an entertaining movie, I gradually stretch out, and tense every muscle group in my body!  You can make it as taxing or as easy as you'd like; I find I wind up tensing on average up to 80% or so of my maximum ability...believe it or not, often this period in the morning is my favorite part of the day!

Doing these Visualized exercises can be your entire workout, as was mine this morning, since I worked really hard yesterday, and wanted to recover. (This form of exercise can be very restorative, to both muscles and joints).  It starts by strengthening the ligaments and tendons, as opposed to standard weight lifting, which starts by taxing the muscles, and does little or nothing to gradually strengthen and prepare the connective tissues and joints to bear the increased load on the musculature.

But usually, I finish up with pushups, sit-ups, hindu squats, hindu pushups, bridging, and other calisthenics, along with some self-resisted exercise (one arm resisting another, for instance)... and isometric holds as well.

By the time you are done with such a productive, yet actually fun session of Paleo Exercise in front of your TV, you have worked on virtually every muscle in your body, and you feel just great- 
What a way to start your day!

I recommend it to one and all- you'll never want to just sit on the couch and passively watch television again- it's that addicting.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paleo Smoothie- the undeniable benefits!

Many are resistant to the idea of a Paleo Smoothie. ..

It's "too much work", "I don't have a Vitamix and they are too expensive", and "I need to chew!"  Yup, I've heard that last one as well!

But let's talk about the positive benefits:

A smoothie is fast. You throw together the ingredients in a few minutes, just putting them in the canister of your blender.  Frozen is fine, and very cheap and convenient- fresh is also fine if you have it- even woody, past-their-prime veggies from the garden, including stalks and stems are fine in a Vitamix blender- they are completely liquified!  

The recipe- here it is, from an earlier blog about "Shakeology", comparing a simple, homemade Paleo smoothie to that product, with recipe included: Paleo Smoothie versus Shakeology

So, there is the basic recipe for the Paleo Quick Start Smoothie!  Simple, fast, and very satisfying; but the main point is this- it is all the nutrition you need for optimal health, ready for you!

The other advantages?  A smoothie is bioavailable.  The cell walls are all broken down, rendering the nutrition locked inside readily available for digestion.  The nutrients you put in the smoothie are ready to absorb!

A smoothie is transportable.  I drink a glass of  about 8 ounces or so each morning along with breakfast; sometimes it is my breakfast... (did I say fast and easy?)  Then, I carry along two 8 oz. canning jars full in my insulated lunch box, which I drink spaced throughout the day...  this not only keeps me in complete nutrient heaven, but keeps me completely hydrated throughout the day.  

The smoothie is ALL IN ONE.  If you want, all you need, all day long, is in that simple drink!  Nothing else is necessary; I like to think of everything else I consume as "recreational eating", with the exception of seafood and organ meats, which don't need to be "every day" meals.

There is no waste, and it is really quite cheap: You get a huge "bang for your buck" with a Paleo smoothie, since every tiny BIT is consumed- if there is any left over, you can either drink it the next day, or freeze it!  

The smoothie fills you up totally- you will not be hungry at all, all day.  This benefit is huge; the good fats, protein and everything else your body needs satisfies your body so that it doesn't constantly cry out for more more more!  You will not even be tempted by your co-worker's donuts!

And lastly, the smoothie tastes good, but not "too good"!
That may sound strange, but we are currently surrounded by engineered foods that taste so good that we cannot resist them. (Especially if we are lacking in nutrients from a normal American SAD diet, and our bodies are constantly hungry)  They are really hungry for nutrition, but all our bodies can say is eat eat eat!  When you drink enough of your smoothie, you don't want any more.  You are satisfied!

So there you go- no excuses- this is the easiest way to adopt the Paleo Diet that there is!  

Do it!!  And make enough for the whole family- that's easy too, with a Paleo Smoothie.


OH, and P.S. -  If you have gotten my new book Perfectly Paleo Exercise, as I know through my sales that many of you have, I would sure appreciate some clicks of "yeah" or  even "nay" on the book vendor sites like Amazon or the iBookstore!  A review would be golden!   Thank you!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cholesterol levels- Phony Baloney Plastic Banana Measurement to SELL DRUGS!

We are so brainwashed!  

Low FAT is good!  CUT FATS!!  (Which means ipso facto raise carbs/grains/sugars)...

I have had it- the standard credo is B.S.!!

To start with, to "reprogram" your mind from the AMA, FDA, and Big Pharmaceutical (the originator of it all!) mantra, just read, and digest this cogent gem from Robb Wolf:

The basics of the diet-heart hypothesis go like this: High cholesterol leads to atherosclerotic plaques that precipitate a clot which can result in a heart attack or stroke. This whole notion grew from a disease called Familial Hypercholesterolemia and subsequent experiments that involved feeding rabbits (herbivores) oxidized cholesterol. These critters do not eat ANY cholesterol so the fact oxidized cholesterol caused problems is not surprising but also completely unhelpful when talking about people. Anyway, 50 years to failed dietary recommendations to lower cholesterol have done nothing to  alleviate the CVD epidemic. In fact, the epidemic is rolling along bigger and badder than ever before. Well This Study was pretty interesting. It indicates that most people who suffer a heart attack have…low cholesterol! Now, everyone is in a fix to get folks on cholesterol lowering diets and statins to save them, but most heart attacks are in folks with…low cholesterol! Ok, doesn’t make any sense and it completely calls into question the notion that we need to reduce cholesterol levels…but why not give people statins and see how folks do on those. Well, interestingly, statins appear to decrease heart attack rates in people...with low cholesterol. The mechanism? Possibly a reduction in C-reactive protein (CRP), an indicator of systemic inflammation. Know what else reduces systemic inflammation? A paleo diet which controls insulin levels, removes gut irritating foods, balances omega-3/omega-6 fats. Add some vit-d and consistent good sleep and you have effectively turned off the type of inflammation underlying CVD, cancer and neurodegeneration.

Oh! Then there is the fact low cholesterol increases stroke rates!!

So, just to clarify:

1-Cholesterol supposedly causes CVD, But

2-Most heart attacks are actually occurring in people with low cholesterol, Yet

3-Doctors insist on cholesterol lowering protocols, including statins, Even though,

4-The benefit of statins has nothing to do with cholesterol, but rather it’s mild anti-inflammatory action, Which

5-Can be accomplished with simple dietary modifications and a few inexpensive supplements.

It would be funny if people were not dying from this stuff.

OK- here I am again-isn't that convincing?  

Now, look at Erwan Lecorre, above...

Given his HIGH FAT, Paleo type diet, I'll bet his cholesterol totals are quite high!  

(This ratios of the "good" versus the "bad" cholesterol mean something; but, if you are eating a paleo diet with minimal sugars and grains, your ratios are by definition GOOD!

Here is some more info about cholesterol, from the inimitable Dr. Axe:

Most of us have been led to believe that cholesterol is the culprit behind rising rates of heart disease. For over 60 years, we’ve been getting the message that lowering fat and cholesterol (especially our ingestion of animal fats), and using vegetable oil and other substitutes in our diet will protect us from heart disease.

This could not be further from the truth. There is little evidence that cholesterol is a cause of atherosclerosis, heart disease or stroke. There is more evidence available that suggests cholesterol protects us from atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke.

What Cholesterol Does For Us
Cholesterol is, in fact, an alcohol rather than a fat. Cholesterol does not dissolve in water so its primary purpose is to waterproof our cells and hold them together. Because this function is so vital to cell function, cholesterol is most prevalent in the brain and nervous system.

Cholesterol is produced by the liver and by most of our body’s cells. Very little of the cholesterol measurable in your blood is due to what you eat.

Functions of Cholesterol
· Cholesterol is the mortar used to fortify cell membranes. It provides the stiffness and stability they need to work.

· Our hormones are made from cholesterol. Estrogen, testosterone and a host of other hormones necessary for function are produced from cholesterol. Corticosteroids, the hormones that protect the body from stress and protect the functioning of the immune system, are made from cholesterol.

· The brain and nervous system depend upon cholesterol for both the creation of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, and their ability to attach to receptors.

· Cholesterol is necessary to produce vitamin D–low levels of which have been linked to depression and heart disease.

· Bile salts, necessary for the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, and protein, are created with cholesterol.

· Cholesterol helps maintain the intestinal wall, protecting the body from inflammation and exaggerated immune response.

· Mother’s breast milk is 60% cholesterol. It is necessary for the development of the infant’s brain and nervous system. Recommendations to limit fat and cholesterol in the diets of young children resulted in increased infant mortality.

· Cholesterol is the cavalry of the immune system. When damage and inflammation occur in blood vessels, cholesterol rushes to the site to make repairs and protect membranes. Cholesterol acts as an antioxidant to protect cells and tissue from free radical damage.

“Good” and “Bad” Cholesterol
High density lipoproteins (HDL’s) and low density lipoproteins (LDL’s) are not purely cholesterol. They are compounds made up of fats (lipids) and protein combined. Because fats aren’t water-soluble, this binding with proteins helps move them through the bloodstream.

Both HDL’s and LDL’s transport cholesterol in and out of cells and are involved in damage-control of cells and tissue. LDL’s carry 75% of the cholesterol in our bodies and are the cholesterol compounds that are most involved in cell damage and tissue repair and protection. HDL’s do only 25% of this work; the bulk of their function is to transport cholesterol to and from the liver. HDL’s are the body’s cholesterol-recycling system.

So why have we been told that HDL’s are good and LDL’s bad when they are both vital and necessary?

LDL’s are the immune system’s soldiers. As damage occurs in the membranes of blood vessels, an immune response is triggered: inflammation.

As blood vessels become inflamed, they constrict and the blood gets thicker and more prone to clotting. White blood cells rush to the site to break down and dispose of damaged cells and the area is triggered to create new cells. Cholesterol, mostly in the form of LDL’s, also rushes to the site to help new cells proliferate and bandage damaged areas. This crowding of different cells and compounds can actually cause more damage to blood vessels and increase blood pressure.

LDL’s aren’t the cause of heart disease or atherosclerosis. The plaque that forms during atherosclerosis contains very little cholesterol, and high incidences of atherosclerosis have shown no relation to either cholesterol levels or heart attacks.

Many researchers believe that the presence of LDL’s are due to their attempt to repair heart and blood vessel damage, but that LDL’s themselves are not a cause of heart disease.

It’s like a big battle goes on and LDL’s–there to help–are caught holding the bag and blamed for the whole war. Managing levels of LDL’s is another case of western medicine’s attempt to treat symptoms rather than causes.

In fact, research is now finding that low levels of LDL’s are associated with increased risk of anxiety, cancer and depression. Women with low cholesterol levels tend toward having babies prematurely and having infants with low birth weights.

We’ve also been told that high levels of HDL’s are a good thing, because they transport cholesterol out of cells to be recycled in the liver. But the cholesterol that HDL’s carry isn’t taken out of the body; that cholesterol is redistributed to cells and tissues.

The only truly “bad” cholesterol is oxidized cholesterol. All lipids can be damaged by exposure to heat and oxygen. Some LDL’s are of very small size and can pass through artery walls. Free radicals can then cause oxidation and rancidity, triggering the inflammatory response.

Other sources of oxidized or damaged cholesterol come from a diet of processed foods. High heat damages lipids and cholesterol, increasing free radical damage in the body. Pasteurized dairy products, refined oils and powdered eggs, milk and cheese are sources of this oxidized cholesterol. Oils heated to very high temperatures, as in fried foods, are another source of oxidized and rancid cholesterol and fats. This type of cholesterol is linked to the formation of plaque in the arteries. Refined sugars will also lead to oxidation and inflammation in the body.

What’s Driving All the Misinformation?
Most research in the US is funded by pharmaceutical companies. Scientists that don’t focus on research which leads to the formation or promotion of new drugs find very little backing for their work.

And contrary to what most people believe, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not sponsor or conduct research; they just review and accept or reject research sponsored and conducted by the pharmaceutical companies themselves.

The FDA isn’t really an independent regulatory system. Their regulations are established and influenced by corporate lobbyists, whether they are pharmaceutical companies or food manufacturing companies.

The Research: What Has Really Happened
· From 1920 to 1970, as processed and refined foods increased in the American diet, heart disease became the leading cause of death in the U.S. People ate less and less of the food they farmed themselves or that came from local farms and health messages warning about the dangers of saturated fats in the form of animal products abounded in the media.

During this period, the consumption of animal fat went from 98% to 62% in the American diet. Butter consumption fell from 18 pounds a year to just 4. The ingestion of processed and refined oils, margarine, shortening, and egg substitutes went up 400% and the ingestion of refined sugar and processed foods rose by 60%,

· In 1957, when death rates to heart disease were among the highest in American history, an Anti-Coronary Club was founded by doctors and heart surgeons. The members engaged in a study of The Prudent Diet.

One group of doctors used corn oil instead of butter, ate cereal instead of eggs and drastically reduced their ingestion of red meat.

The control group ate eggs and red meat daily and didn’t much change their ingestion of saturated fats.

10 years later, those that followed The Prudent Diet had cholesterol levels averaging 220 and 8 of its followers had died of heart disease. The meat-eaters, on the other hand, had lower cholesterol levels and were all alive and present.

· The University of Maryland conducted a study of high-fat versus low-fat diets. After eating the meals, the only significant difference found in the high-fat group was a lowering of blood pressure. The low-fat group? HDL levels decreased and both their blood pressure and blood glucose levels rose.

· Heart surgeon Michael DeBakey studied 1,700 patients with atherosclerosis. Only 20% of them had high blood levels of cholesterol.

· The Framingham Heart Study began in 1948 and went on for 40 years. Contrary to public health messages, the study of 6,000 people found that the more saturated fat, cholesterol and calories one ate: the lower their cholesterol levels were, the lower their weight and the more physically active participants tended to be.

· Another large-scale study conducted in Britain measured the effect of dietary changes in men that smoked. One group reduced their intake of saturated fat and cholesterol and increased their intake of unsaturated fats, margarine and vegetable oils, while the other men continued their normal diet. All of the men were encouraged to quit smoking.

In the end, the group that ate the “healthy” diet experienced 100% more deaths from heart disease and stroke than the high-fat dieters—even more than those high-fat-eaters that continued to smoke!

· Two studies, published in the medical journal Lancet, found that increases in blood serum cholesterol levels corresponded to decreases in mortality, in fact “each 1mmol/l increase in total cholesterol corresponded to a 15% decrease in mortality.”

· An Icelandic study of the elderly found that men with “healthy” cholesterol levels of 5.2 died more than half as much as those who had cholesterol levels over 6.5.

· Experts in the study of Alzheimer’s disease point out that half of the brain is made up of fats and that research to decrease the incidence of Alzheimer’s should include increased fat intake and increased delivery of cholesterol to the brain.

The Dangers of Low Cholesterol and Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
The health recommendations to lower the intake of dietary fats and cholesterol are very misleading. They include the idea that the reduction of cholesterol to “healthy” levels can only be accomplished by the addition of cholesterol-lowering drugs.

The passage of these statins through the FDA approval process has been expedited. Lipitor, a drug with many negative side effects, was only studied for 3 years rather than the normal 9-year period.

Statin sales brought $26 billion last year.

The Lipid Research Clinics Coronary Primary Prevention Trial (LRC-CPPT) is often cited as evidence for the benefit of a low-fat diet. In reality, this study was meant to measure the effectiveness of a cholesterol-lowering drug.

All the participants were given a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet. Half the group was also given a cholesterol-lowering drug.

The drug did lower heart disease incidence by 24% but also increased death due to cancer, stroke, suicide and other forms of violence.

· Research is finding that statins cause muscle damage and pain. The heart is a muscle.

· Statins have been found to cause nerve damage and impair memory. They inhibit a liver enzyme that manufactures cholesterol that’s also needed to provide energy to cells from our food.

Increasingly, negative health effects are being found with low cholesterol levels from drugs or diet changes.

· Low cholesterol levels worsen congestive heart failure.

· Low-cholesterol diets increase the rate of suicide.

· Low cholesterol levels decrease the function of serotonin receptors in the brain, affecting brain function and mood.

· Aggressive and antisocial personalities have lower levels of cholesterol in blood tests than others and mental patients that are regressed and withdrawn exhibit low blood cholesterol levels.

What Traditional Diets Tell Us
Cultural studies provide the most relevant research for cholesterol and fat in the diet. Because of the high levels of processed foods (and sugar) in the American diet, it’s hard to glean information from current dietary studies of the population. Traditional cuisines offer up much more valuable data, particularly the following long-lived cultures.

Austria, Greece and Switzerland

Some of the fattiest diets in the world are found in Austria, Greece and Switzerland, but those fats are not processed, refined or hydrogenated.

The Swiss live almost as long as the Japanese. Austrians and Greeks rank about third on the longevity scale.


The French Paradox refers to the fact that even though these citizens eat high levels of saturated fats: butter, eggs, cream, cheeses and organ meats, the difference between heart disease rates in France and the US are amazingly different.

Again, the French eat mostly farm-fresh and unprocessed foods, a big distinction from the fat Americans ingest, but only 145 out of 100,000 Frenchmen die of heart attack compared to 315 per 100, 000 in the US.  In the Gascony region of France, where goose and duck liver are a large part of the diet, the rate falls to just 80/100,000.


The Japanese have long held a place in the longest-living peoples list. Originally this was thought to be due to their low intake of dairy products and a low-fat diet. Instead, research has found that the Japanese consume more animal fats and cholesterol than Americans.

Over past decades, as the western diet spreads over the globe, the Japanese have been experiencing increasing rates of stroke, heart disease and cerebral hemorrhage.

Death from cerebral hemorrhage is 6 times more likely in Japanese men with low blood cholesterol levels.

Masai of Africa

These warriors of this tribe subscribe to a diet of milk, blood and beef, thought to make them brave and powerful. At age 14, boys vow to eat only this for the next 20 years, ingesting 5 times more animal fat than the average American does.

While I certainly would not advocate this particular diet, it’s important to note that children of this tribe have almost half the cholesterol levels of American kids, and by age 55, men’s cholesterol levels are half the levels of American men.


The diets of countries that line the Mediterranean Sea have gotten a lot of attention lately. Saturated fats make up 70% of the caloric intake in these diets and they have some of the lowest rates of heart disease in the world.

Dr. Axe's Action Steps

If you are taking statin drugs, consult with your physician about getting off of them.
Challenge yourself to stay away from fast food, refined sugars & grains, pasteurized dairy products, and rancid vegetable oils. These are the real culprit behind heart disease, as they will all contribute to the oxidation of cholesterol and inflammation in your body.
Supplement with 1 Tbsp. of cod liver oil (or 2,000mg of krill oil) daily.
Eat loads of green vegetables or supplement with one scoop of a Berry Greens Superfood Powder daily.
Don’t be afraid of healthy saturated fats like raw or organic butter, coconut oil and whole, cage-free eggs. There is more potential for dangerous health problems in people with low cholesterol than with high!

PaleoJay here again!!  

Do I look worried about cholesterol?  NO!!

To drive the final nail into the cholesterol controversy, which, to tell the truth, bothers me more that a little, since fixating on cholesterol is just feeding into the lying marketing we've been fed for the past 50 years and so is very hard to dispel:

Here are a pair of videos from Chris Kresser, that, in his words, will have you 

heading to the fridge for some extra butter or cheese on 
those veggies or a little extra cream in your coffee!

I have High Cholesterol, and I DON'T CARE! Part 1

I have High Cholesterol, and I DON'T CARE! Part 2

 Hopefully, I have nailed the heart of the cholesterol vampire in your mind as the phony test it really is!

Imagine you are Pa from Little House on the Prairie, or Clint Eastwood from High Plains Drifter, or even Marshal Dillon going to see Doc-

Doc- "Why are you here, Matt?"

"Well, I feel great, but I'm concerned about my, uh, my cholesterol or some sech..."

"What they hey are you talking' about you....
I got gunshots and real stuff to stitch up- get out!!"

That's what we've come down to, as a nation: a bunch of hypochondriacs, brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies and their lackies, the FDA, to worry about things that were invented and twisted  just to sell more drugs!!


Go ahead, make my day!  Take control of your own health:  Say NO to the drug companies, and our own government that is in their pockets for financial gain, and tell them to stick their Statin drugs back into their own craws!

The good FATS
the Ugly Statin drugs!

I want to see the version where Clint Eastwood blasts the heck out of the Statin makers, and then does "visualized resistance exercise" before he destroys the FDA!

What a movie that would be!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lose your Gut by Healing your Gut!

It's true: by avoiding non-paleolithic foods such as grains and other foods that irritate and inflame the gut, and introducing fermented foods that introduce probiotic bacteria back into the gut, your long-standing gut inflammation and problems related thereto can gradually be resolved!

What problems you may ask?  MY gut is just fine!

Actually, it's probably not...

If you are experiencing one or more of a host of modern illnesses and maladies, they can probably be directly traced to your leaky, inflamed gut.  And inflamed gut (intestine) cannot absorb vital nutrients properly.  In addition, it can (and does) let in damaging anti-nutrients from the many bad foods we now consume, that mimic our own cells enough to instigate our own immune response to start attacking our own healthy cells!

This is the probable start to most autoimmune diseases- 

multiple sclerosis
parkinson's disease
ulcerative colitis
crohn's disease
irritable bowel syndrome

and the list just goes on and on....

Fat Storage is another side-effect of a leaky inflamed gut- when you have an inflamed gut, one side effect is that your body cannot properly absorb nutrients... when there is a nutrient shortage, the body says:

"I'm hungry!  EAT!"

And so you do.  The problem is, your body has tons of calories, it just needs nutrients.  But, the only way your aching body can signal you is by hunger.  Hunger is not specific- it can't say

 "I need lots more protein, and B vitamins; also could you throw in a lot more medium train triglycerides like coconut oil, and also some anti-oxidants, and would you please cut back on the sugar, anti-nutrients, and other crap?"

Nope- your body can only say simple things: "I'm hungry" or "I'm thirsty".

You can answer that call with either great nutrition, which is the whole point of the call, and start eating quality Paleo foods like the aforementioned coconut oil, meats, seafood, veggies, nuts, etc. or else you can  shovel down some processed crap and further inflame your gut, insult your system, and store a lot of body fat!

And your body will again say "I'm hungry!  EAT!"

At this point, it's up to you.  You can finally give your body what it is asking for, real food as God and Nature made it, or you can continue the cycle of processed crap as industry intended, and your body will continue the cycle:

Store fat- still hungry- EAT!

And the metabolic syndrome and accompanying autoimmune diseases will also continue to mount up, along with your GUT!

So, the choice is yours- either HEAL or GROW your GUT!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Let food be thy medicine- transform yourself!

Late afternoon snack today!  It is true that eating Paleo does not mean "deprivation" in any sense of the word...                                
“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” 

This is a quote from Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.  All physicians take the "Hippocratic Oath" upon becoming doctors, and that makes it all the more remarkable that they do not recommend changing your diet to cure illness!  What Doctors do now, they just basically consult a chart, conveniently provided by their drug company providers, to find exactly which drug to prescribe for which complaint!  Hard to believe, but true- medical doctors have become simple drug pushers for the big pharmaceutical companies!  

There is really no longer an effort to cure the disease.  Just treat the symptoms... and then deal with the many side-effects... with additional drugs!

I say get off the medical "roller coaster"!  Eat real foods.  Do real paleo-type exercise movements.  Ditch the Damn Grains!!  It really is that simple, it's just hard to fight back against all the propaganda, marketing, and the "granny pushers"! (These last are our beloved grandmothers and maiden aunts, who, well meaning, insist we eat the birthday cake, the cookies, the pies, etc. that they made (or just bought!) for us!  This can be a trigger that sends us back into "big food addiction", and all we can think about the next day is ...whatever it is they gave us!  

Thanks, Granny pusher!!

Anyway, the best thing to do with Granny pushers is to just explain that we can't eat grains, we have a medical condition- celiac would do...

Here is another picture I'd like to show you, from Shauna Young's excellent website, pirate medicine from Shauna Young and check out the vaccine diagram that comes up- 

Modern Medicine is NOTHING like the medical establishment that we grew up with in the 1940's and '50's (or even the 60's and 70's...)

It has morphed into a giant, profit/centered Behemoth, intent only on massive, continual profits, at the expense of all of our health!  And no, I am not exaggerating.  

If you are at all interested in saving your health, and the health of your families and friends, I suggest you go to this blog, which I referenced in my last blog  Change yourself completely in 365 days, day by day, along with Gary!  That's not what he calls his blog- but that's what it can do for you!

This is a blog, where Gary, a 55 year old 233 pound man with diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides cures himself of all of these afflictions, just by following Hippocrate's original prescription, and ignoring everything his Doctor says, he turns to real, Paleo-types of foods and cures all of these conditions within a year.

And he has great results from the very first week!!  His progress is incremental, and continual.

Not to spoil the ending, but by day 365, one short year later, he is 160 pounds, healthy as a horse, and free of all disease.  All by firing his Doctor and becoming knowledgable and responsible about his own health!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lower your high blood pressure the Paleo way!

Did you know that over 30% of Americans have high blood pressure?  Diabetes and obesity are rampant, even being now quite common among children of 10 or 11?  How can this be?


Our diets changed from natural meats, fats, vegetables and fruits to... processed foods, fast foods, factory foods, and other "FAKE" foods!  This is the main reason for the quandary we find ourselves in today health-wise.   Let me insert here the last page of a  blog I found about a man who reversed all of these afflictions by eating a paleo diet and paleo type exercise:

Interesting, no??  What a dramatic turnaround in health- not something we see every day, although perhaps that is starting to change...

How should you start changing yourself to healthy?  

  1. Eliminate grains!  Cereals, bread, pasta- you know, grains!  This one step will bring you 90% of the way to renewed health!
  2. Eliminate processed foods- fast foods, foods in boxes and bags that are loaded with "fake" salt and corn syrup and all kinds of industrial seed oils and other "insults" to your body.
  3. Eliminate soft drinks- diet or sugared- these things are terrible for you, and displace the healthy things you should be eating and drinking!
I know, all of that is just things to do without- what can you DO?

  1. Eat real foods- pastured eggs, pastured butter if you tolerate dairy well, grass fed meats, veggies, fruits, seafood, liver, sea salt, garlic, herbs and seeds, nuts.
  2. Have a teaspoon of Carlson's cod liver oil each day (In your smoothie is ideal!)
  3. Eat lots of potassium- a banana, spinach, melon, berries and broccoli are all ideal to "normalize" your system away from it's unhealthy processed foods dilemma- a Paleo Smoothie does it all!
The other positive things you can do include doing some Perfectly Paleo Exercise types of things on a daily basis: some simple warmups in the morning, some "visualized resistance" exercises, a few isometrics and body-weight exercises throughout the day... also, to meditate daily is very valuable, as is connecting with others through your church, your family, and your neighborhood... your "tribes"!

Simple as that last sounds, it is crucial for your mental, physical, and spiritual health!  


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Vitamix is a chewing machine!

OK- here I am with a Green Drink from my Vitamix-  Paleo Smoothie!  I would be hard-pressed to eat this many vegetables in a day, much less chew them enough to ensure adequate digestion!  With a Vitamix doing the "chewing" for me, this is not a problem!

Lots of us are not that enamored of eating lots and lots of vegetables... understandable!

But, just add them to the Vitamix canister, along with some natural berries and other fruits, coconut milk, and- well, here is the blog with the recipe list included: paleo smoothie recipe

It's part of a blog about "Shakeology", but it's there...  and it works!  Way more detail in my 1st eBook,
Paleo Quick Start, but you can just take the recipe and go!  And variations are not only acceptable, but encouraged.  More veggies- more variety- more health!  Your garden (or your Farmer's Market!) is your  Palette- draw from it- add to your health.

I know from experience that most folks resist buying a Vitamix:
  1. Too expensive
  2. Too big of a change of lifestyle (versus pouring cereal and milk into a bowl...)
  3. Seems "weird"- putting veggies and "strange" liquids (kefir, raw eggs, pastured butter, coconut milk, green tea) into a blender....
Trust me, have you priced a diagnosis of cancer or diabetes lately?

WAY more than a Vitamix.  

If things in our health care system made sense, then our health insurance would cover a Vitamix, cod liver oil, perfect pushup devices, pull-up bars, and such like...

but our health care system makes no sense whatsoever, which is why it (and we) are going broke!

But you don't have to go down this self-destructive path-  

Take the conservative approach- don't rely on Government!  Provide for your own health!

Eat good, real, natural, God-made foods!  
Do natural, non-machine, real body exercise!!
Have good personal connections- a "Tribe" or "Family" with which you connect...

Do all of the above, and you will be a healthy, happy, spiritually fulfilled, and FIT cave person!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Paleo Health Plan!

We all have lots of plans!    Financial plans- saving for college for the kids.  Retirement savings.... Investment plans... even elaborate plans for our next vacation are quite important to us!

How many of us have a plan for our health?

Almost none of us, strangely enough, since our health is the most important thing we have- if we lose our health, all of our money and possessions become "dust"; only useful insofar as they can help us to regain our most precious possession, our health!

So, in all of our incessant planning, what should we do under the heading: HEALTH  ?

I have some suggestions, but feel free to write your own list.  Just make sure to PLAN and have a list!

  1. Dial in your diet- nothing is more important to your health than what you eat!  Mainstream medical practitioners will disagree (they have virtually no nutritional training), but diet is key to your health.
  2. Diet guidelines:  Eliminate grains!  (Wheat, corn, soy) Snacks, processed foods, fast foods... Easy to say, hard to do.  But this is the most important step of all!  Just do it!!
  3. Cut sugar down to almost nothing.  Again, easy to say... but do it for your health!
  4. Sleep 8 hours per night!  Every night!  Turn off the computer/TV!!  DO IT!!
  5. Now, the easy part:  fire up your Vitamix every morning, and make yourself and your family a Paleo Smoothie- veggies and fruits, coconut milk, cod liver oil, and spices- this is so key to implementing a healthy diet, simply and easily, that I can't stress it enough- get a Vitamix, a bunch of frozen veggies, and frozen berries, and make a green smoothie daily!    The recipe I use is on my blog- feel free to copy and improve and improvise!
Do brief, but intense exercise!  Pushups, straight leg situps, hindu squats; or do virtual resistance exercises Perfectly Paleo Exercise  Shameless plug, but it is for your own good!

That's it!  Go back to making lists, and plans...

Just put HEALTH at the very top!