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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Bulletproof diet- Paleo modernized??

Here is the Bulletproof "Food Pyramid", as it were...

I have been listening to the podcast of Dave Asprey, "The Bulletproof Executive", and I must say I am impressed!  This guy knows his stuff, and researches things to the max!    And that is a good thing- to study this graph below will give you a good overview of his mindset.

You can learn a lot from this graph- I don't agree 100%, but hey- 90% in anything is a strong endorsement!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paleo Ice Cream!

AKA "bulletproof" ice cream, from bulletproof executive

Paleo Ice Cream

  • 4 whole eggs (pastured of course)
  • 4 yolks (in addition to the whole eggs above)
  • 2 tsp vanilla 
  • 1 gram vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or 10 drops apple cider vinegar or lime juice to taste.
  • 100 grams (7 tbs) grass-fed butter
  • 100 grams (7tbs) coconut oil
  • 50 grams (3tbs + 2tsp) MCT oil (important for consistency)
  • 80 grams (5.5tbs) xylitol or erythritol (or more to taste – you can add up to 160 grams if you want)
  • OR raw honey and/or stevia....
  • ice (just under 1/2 cup; add less than you think you need, then increase the amount).
  1. Blend everything but the water/ice in blender. It takes a while to get the butter blended into perfect creaminess.
  2. Add water or ice and blend some more until well blended. Ideally, you want a yogurt-like consistency for creamy ice cream, or add more water for a firmer, icier texture
  3. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and turn it on.
This will make perfect consistency ice cream. 

I mean, what could be better than a perfectly healthy ice cream??  Party down!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Paleo Zone!

Here's the thing:

Going on a Paleo-type of diet; a low carb high fat diet, will do a lot more for you than just helping you "lean out" and become healthy overall...

The benefits go far beyond even that!  

You enter... The Paleo Zone! 

Really- your "brain fog" starts to disappear... things that used to seem impossible to even contemplate become do-able.  I am really not exaggerating here: I have seen it time and again, and experienced it personally:  as you transition to a Paleo type diet, eliminating the processed crap that Americans have come to see as "normal" in the S.A.D. Standard American Diet-

Your whole mindset starts to change!  

And I am not exaggerating.  As you eat "clean", you start to think much more clearly.  The BS spouted by government agencies starts to show up on your radar as... BS!  You can see it for what it is!

When you walk into the gas station/convenience store, you start to notice that- everything in the store being offered for sale is processed crap, that will destroy your health and make you sick, and (incidentally) ADDICT you to Pharmaceutical offerings that require that you pay them monthly, FOR THE REST OF YOUR (shortened) LIFE!

BUT, if you start eating Paleo, or eating a GOD -MADE, natural diet, a lot of things happen:

You start thinking much clearer.  Big Brother sounds like... BIG BROTHER.  Commercials for drugs and pizza start sounding like... THE PUSHER MAN!

And, believe it or not, that is just what those commercials are:

Drug pusher ads!

But, lest I start to sound like a retro-hippie advocating fighting back against "The Man", I will say this:

I am probably the most conservative, Washingtonian type of guy you will find.  And I will say that big pharmaceuticals, and big government (FDA is a poster child here) have entered into an incestuous relationship that is destroying the health of the American people, all in the name of profit.

Wow- I sound a little angry, and I guess I am...

But my main point is this:

If you "go Paleo", i.e. eat real, natural, GOD made foods, and forgo the processed crap that is being foisted on us today, you will not only get lean and healthy...

Your mind will work better than it ever has- you will see things as they really are, not as we are being led to believe!!

AND, you will also look great in a swimsuit - In 30 days!!   

(You probably will, but I'm just kidding there...)

Jay (with some of the family)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get ready for Summer- darken your skin with a Paleo Smoothie!

I know- it's a picture used before, but it helps illustrates what I'm saying here:

Eat a paleo diet heavy with veggies and fruit, throw in everything else in the Paleo Smoothie, and you will actually darken your skin, naturally!

This may dismay light colored people, but by eating/drinking lots of carrots and tomatoes, your actual skin tone will darken!  It is kind of like a "permanent tan", and is actually just a glow of health!  People really don't know how to react to it: they will ask you if you have been on vacation, or if your are using a tanning bed...

But the true answer is you are just really healthy, and replete with the vitamins and minerals that the rest of the pasty, semi-sick, Standard American Diet-ers are sadly lacking.

It really has reached the point where average folks don't even recognize health!  Health has become an aberration- most modern Americans have never really seen a truly healthy person!!

So, they don't really understand why you seem "different".  Understandable, really...

You eat vegetables and fruits, they eat donuts and pizza.  You eat grass-fed beef, they eat chicken nuggets that are "quasi-meat".  You have pastured eggs for breakfast, and they have cereal with skim milk...

They are sick, and you are well!

It is sad, but very, very true that most people in the modern day Western World are...SICK!  The diets they consume are such that their intestines are inflamed, letting contaminants migrate into their bodies, and the nutrients they do consume are incredibly inadequate, and so they are sick, but in such a marginal way that our current drug-based medical system doesn't even recognize the problem.

High blood sugar?  Take insulin!
High Cholesterol?  Take statins!

The list of maladies and their supposed "cures" goes on and on...

Wouldn't you like to address and cure the CAUSE??

I know I would.  

Don't just put a "band-aid" on your problems, as the conventional medical establishment would have you do...


Eat a Paleo, "real foods" diet!

Eliminate grains and other "fake foods" like LOW FAT garbage and margarine!

Eat good fats like pastured butter, coconut oil, and pastured/Kerrygold types of butter!

Get sugar and other processed foods out of your life!!

These steps will have the additional benefit of getting those aforementioned drugs out of your life!!!!!!!

You really, really, really do NOT want those drugs in your life, or in your body!  Trust me:  I am

 And my skin is quite dark, for a White Man!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Micro-nutrients, fermented foods, and...Beer!

I believe that the lack of "micro-nutrients" in the diet is hugely important to our health, and insofar as the mainstream health system would have it: micro-nutrients are not even on their radar.

By micro-nutrients I mean those nutrients within food that are not even tracked- miniscule parts of nutrition that no one values, no one knows about...  tiny little "benefits" that are discounted by the "powers-that-be", simply because they have never been studied, looked at, or...anything.

There are tons of micro-nutrients in virtually all natural foods.  We thrive on categorizing macro-nutrients- there is just something about the analytical, left side of our brains that wants to "pigeon hole" everything...  if we "pigeon hole" something, says our left brain, then we are all done with that, and can move on to something else!

To "pigeon hole"...

Let's go right brain here:  the BIG PICTURE!

Real food is, ultimately, a mystery!  It has big, macro-nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

But that hardly scratches the surface, really- there are so many compounds, enzymes, minerals, and unknown co-factors that we are actually laughably ignorant when it comes to actually knowing what is contained within a food. actually any real food!

For instance: fermented foods- sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles, kefir, kambucha- anything that is fermented- there is so much in these foods that isn't really tracked by the mainstream- but there is so much good to be gained by including them in the diet.  The pro-biotic advantages alone are legion- the micro-organisms that are introduced and nourished in our intestines by these foods are huge in terms of our health- and all of it is virtually untracked by standard nutrition analysis!

Likewise with the enzymes in raw foods- these are "untracked" in how crucial they are in advancing our health nutritionally, much as the king in old books is credited with "saving" his people, with no credit being given to the foot soldier who actually did the real work of fighting off the enemy!  

Just a brief aside:  With a Paleo Smoothie you are including enzymes and every other micro-nutrient know (and unknown ) to man!

The King here is the Macro-nutrient- the actual fighter is the micro-nutrient- the fermented food-
Which is really more important??

Aren't they ALL CRUCIAL??

And then there's beer...

WHY does beer get such a bad rap, in Paleo circles?  Sure, it's made from grains, but...

It's Fermented!  Ta-DA!!

This makes a huge difference- when grains are mashed,  and then fermented, particularly if those grains are corn (or rice), as is the case in modern America, then the grain-based anti-nutrients are pretty much neutralized- kaput- zip-zero-nada!

The insulin spike from beer?(or other alcohol?)  


The only downside I can see to moderate beer consumption is that it will retard fat burning upon being drunk:  until the alcohol from the beer is "burned", there will be a pause in fat burning.

But it is only a "pause".

As soon as the alcohol is burnt up, the body will go back to fat burning, if so acclimated through Paleo living...

My bottom line?  

Beer (and it's near-twin, wine) are non-issues when it comes to Paleo living...

and should not be viewed as "deal breakers" in those considering a Paleo Lifestyle!

If needs be, you can envision yourself as a CAVEMAN, cradling a Martini glass, a beer mug, or a wine glass, preparatory to slaying a mastodon- 

There really is no contradiction therein.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dr. Terry Wahls interviewed by Sean Croxton on Underground Wellness! Good stuff- Y'AALL!

I heard this podcast today, and was struck with many parts 

of it being very well done!
Dr. Wahls is just great- she has reversed the course of her own MS, and is running a study where those enrolled are doing just what she did- eating a Paleo diet, and eliminating the grains and sugars that destroy our bodies...  a great study indeed!

I was happy to hear her recommend using a Vitamix to incorporate vegetables into the diet, (mixed with fruits for palatability of course)- sound familiar?  Of course it does, Paleo Peeps!
She emphasized the point that these raw veggies, (frozen is still raw!), contain all of the enzymes that are so crucial to our overall health and well-being.  I especially liked her recommendation of a fermented vegetable addition to the smoothie, like adding sauerkraut- similar to my own fermented kefir and apple cider vinegar additions.  Way to go, Dr. Wahls!!  I drink to you- Sláinte!

Late last year, I learned of Dr. Terry Wahls and her miraculous recovery from MS. During her now-gone-viral TEDx talk, I was very happy to find out that the doctor’s recovery was not attributable to the latest technology or pharmacological research, but to Real Food.
Unwilling to live out the rest of her years from the confines of a tilt-reclined wheelchair, Dr. Wahls took it upon herself to scour the research on neurodegenerative diseases. What she found were 45 critical brain-building nutrients, most of which are deficient in the Standard American Diet.
As Dr. Wahls explained during our broadcast, the human body is a chemistry set requiring specific nutrients in order for reactions to occur and for structures to be built. Without these critical nutrients, the structures of the brain (as well as the many other systems of the body) are either made incorrectly or not made at all. Like I say, you can’t build a brick house without the bricks.
When at least two out of three people reading this blog are deficient in minerals, and one in two are deficient in the B vitamins as well as vitamins A and C, I think it’s fair to say that we are nation short on bricks, and knee-deep in chronic degenerative diseases as a result.
When the chemistry stops, we die. In the meantime, we deteriorate. That is, unless we add the right bricks back to our diets.
What’s exciting about Dr. Wahls’ story is the fact that the bricks she used to reverse her MS came by way of the Paleo Diet, as she removed grains, legumes, and dairy while maximizing the consumption of the 45 brain-building nutrients.
Never underestimate the power of Real Food.
In OUR PODCAST, Dr. Wahls covers a range of topics including…
* The different stages of MS
* Why greens, sulfur-containing foods, and colored veggies are critical for building a healthy brain and body
* The connection between starches, gut health, and autoimmune diseases like MS
* The importance of removing toxins from the body
* Why a supplement program is important but not a replacement for Real Food
* The doctor’s take on grains, gluten-free flours, and eggs
* Why the standard medical approach to MS will not change without published clinical trials
* What you can DO to support nutrition-oriented MS research by visiting The Wahls Foundationwebsite
Check out this podcast- you'll be glad you did!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Perfectly Paleo Exercise coming SOON!

Alright- I have uploaded my new eBook to Amazon- Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  As you can see, I have not abandoned the Paleo Smoothie as a foundational part of the Paleo lifestyle...if anything, it becomes continually 'tweaked' into more and more of a perfectly paleo nutritional lynchpin!

BUT, I have decided to offer this new, much more inclusive, much more video-intensive eBook on Amazon exclusively.  I know that many of my readers are Mac based, and like their iPads and iPhones for  viewing their eBooks on... 

But I'm here to tell you that you can view my new eBook on ANY device!  Just download the (FREE!) Kindle App to your iPhone or iPad, and you can read anything from Amazon.  It really is a sweet deal!

Anyway- the book is done, and uploaded, and ready for your viewing pleasure....

But I haven't finished the cover yet!

A small thing, you might say, but COVERS make or break a book- I plan to make a nice one!

Stay tuned: you may think that PaleoJay has become "French-ified" after you see the new book cover...

But hey- you've gotta have a little fun, right??

Stay tuned...


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Superslow, Slow burn, or... Transformetrics/Dynamic Tension??

Exercise is a contentious issue in the Paleo lifestyle!

The consensus currently seems to be lift big!  Lift heavy!  Olympic lifts- Power lifts- otherwise, lift SLOW for maximum hypertrophy!!

Well, speaking as an official old man, having turned 60 two days ago, I am here to tell you something...


I am all for eating Paleo!  DO IT!!  Cut the sugar, cut the grains (same thing!), eat veggies and some fruit, eat lots of good fats to replace all of those harmful grains/sugars you are eliminating- (I don't want you to ever be hungry- do not starve yourself- this is harmful, not good in any way!)  Consume lots of coconut milk,  pastured (grass-fed) butter, and full fat cream- enjoy!  Sardines, salmon, cod liver oil- YES!

But, once you have the eating down, which is about 85% of the battle, and are getting enough quality sleep, which along with quality "tribal time", meaning connectivity between family, friends, church family, work friends, and all the rest of your immediate tribe- well, now you have about 95% of the battle won!!

But what about that small, but crucial in our modern sedentary age 5% of exercise stimulus??

Well, I would say that for 95% of us,  forget about weight lifting.

WHAT??  Yes, I know muscular stimulation is really, really important!  Especially as we age...

I just think that there is a better, safer, saner, more natural way to achieve it.

I used to be a superslow adherent- it works very well.  Now, Slow Burn is the latest manifestation of Ken Hutchin's original protocol, and many swear by it.  I like superslow/slow burn for their brevity- the 10 seconds up on the rep, 5 seconds down is very demanding, and stimulates growth very well.

But I have learned that, where slow is good- stopped entirely (isometric stop) at the end of a "visualized resistance" rep is even better!

At any rate, here is a brief video of what I'm talking about- you just flex and move throughout a range of motion- that's it!  This might seem really simple, and just "too easy", but trust me, it's not!  It is as "hard" as lifting weights, but with no joint damage.

And, by adding an isometric hold at the end of the rep, you are achieving the "timed static contraction" so desired in superslow circles, but without the necessary use of a complicated weight machine!

Admittedly, I am not concerned with muscle hypertrophy (size) beyond what is natural.

I want functional, all around natural health and fitness.  Aesthetics are also important, and go along with natural development...  

I hate to be a rabble-rouser, but Olympic lifting, and powerlifting, and bodybuilding are all...


Like baseball, football, hockey, distance running, wrestling, bridge,  tidily-winks... all sports!

To be fit and healthy are secondary, or less, in regards to sport.  Sports are a form of recreation, and the demands of sports are specific to winning at... that sport!

Health and fitness are not a sport- they are a goal independent of sports and athletic events.  So, lifting weights as a sport has nothing to do with health, per se.  

For HEALTH: we just want to stimulate the muscles and tendons (and bones!) to improve their composition!  

Visualized resistance, aka "" will do this for you, perfectly!  You don't even have to worry about overtraining- the nature of this exercise is that it is self- limiting- you can do it daily, and you will not overtrain, since your own body is in charge of the "overload"- you just adjust the load downwards when you need to, and flex more when you need to- you are in charge.

So, if you are mainly interested in HEALTH and FITNESS:

Forget the weights!  Do visualized resistance exercises daily, add in bodyweight exercises (pushups, sit-ups , pull-ups , planks, and "self resisted" exercises).  Sprint barefoot, walk barefoot, in the sunshine, with minimal clothing (for maximal Vitamin D!!).   You CAN do "superslow/slow burn" whenever you want - I do, sometimes!  But when you think about it, 

slow, Visualized Resistance movements ARE Superslow already- IN SPADES!!

So, why not just do those exercises first (maybe 15 minutes worth), and then do bodyweight exercises, and maybe some self-resisted exercise (isometrics) and then... just stop?  Add in some stretches, and you've covered everything your body needs.  

Anything beyond that is... sports specific.  If you're into sports, that's fine!

If you are into HEALTH and FITNESS, it is irrelevant.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Genome is destiny! Cats are like humans!

We act according to our genome....
Here are tiny felines, Cole and Zeke, acting out their genome "map"....  They are programmed to do certain things!  (This hierarchy of dominance is one of them).
 Here are another set of felines, way bigger than my boys; but doing much the same thing.
The point is, each of God's creatures is "programmed" to need and want certain things, according to their nature, encoded in their genome.  All in a species are quite similar, and are "programmed" through heredity to need certain things.  Felines need a carnivorous "Catkins" type of diet!  Rest assured, Zeke and Cole eat NO dry (grain-based!) "cat food"- only wet, canned food for my boys!  They are as healthy as cats can be!  They have achieved perfect catdom.   

We, as humans, are no different!  We need God-made food, not man made "food/crap"!  We do not need grains, especially modern grains that have been bred and "modified" so that pesticides, aka food toxins are built into the grain.  These toxins are in there to increase yields; there is no beneficial nutritional purpose.  We also need a specific, human diet!  Just as we need a specific, human set of behaviors- just as cats do!  Ours are more complex, but just as necessary.  We need to stress our muscles, we need to be exposed to things like dirt and moving around barefoot.  We need proper nutrition, meaning food as it has existed since the beginning of time, not as it has existed in a "fake" form, made by the Pharisees of modern times,,, the food scientists and big grain cartels and the FDA.

We need real work, not just sitting around in offices, and driving cars.  We are programmed that way!  If we don't get what we need, it is a slow sentence of lingering "diabesity"- a gradual weakening and sickening, and a slow, medicated to prolong the suffering courtesy of the Pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry "cartels".  The "medication" prescribed by the medical industry treats the symptoms only, and the side-effects of the drugs they offer is usually worse than the disease it is meant to treat!

We have all been "brainwashed" to the point where we expect to get sick!  This is crazy, and not in concert with the history of our genotype- we are meant to be healthy, and vital, just like cats, right up until we die at a ripe old age. ..

Here is how 60 year old humans (as of tomorrow!) are meant to act!  Just like Zeke and Cole, I am merely representing my genotype- resting without a chair as a "crutch"!

So, what is the bottom line here?

Eat real, God-made food- veggies, fruits, meats and seafood, nuts and high fat dairy like butter and cream.  Safe starches, without food toxins, like white rice and sweet potatoes are fine too, depending on your personal goals- need to lean out?  LESS starches, less fruit.

Too skinny?  MORE of the above, especially sweet potatoes and rice.

After that, be sure to get out in nature, stress your physical body by lifting and flexing, move around slowly a lot, and interact with your tribe:  your family, your true friends, your church body....

You get the idea!

Oh, and also be sure to incorporate the "Asian squat", pictured above, into your repertoire - not only does it help your flexibility immensely- it also grounds you to the earth!  Believe it or not, this tends to ground you as a human being.  And that is exactly what you and I are, current propaganda notwithstanding - humans who need things that are appearing more and more to be at odds with the needs and wants of governmental departments and industries.  


P.S.  Lulu informs me that the discount on my Paleo Quick Start book has been increased! But- it ends tomorrow at midnight, April 6, my 60th birthday- so, take advantage!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PaleoJay turns 60!

Here is the celebration video of my upcoming 60th Birthday, and also my upcoming new eBook:

Perfectly Paleo Exercise
Training to Maximize a Low Carb High Fat Diet
 by Jay Bowers aka PaleoJay

This eBook, which is almost completed, covers exercise exhaustively, with a very different "spin" from the standard "Lift weights, Cross-fit, and even MovNat" Paleo orthodoxy...  

You will learn how to exercise in a manner that will maximize the results of your dramatically improved nutrition- This is no small matter!

The book has numerous instructional videos, and will cover all the bases about "going Paleo",  including the nutritional information you need.  

I'm quite excited by the potential of this book to help people transition from the S.A.D. Standard American Diet, loaded with "whole grains, trans-fats, processed "foods", and low fat crap"!  It really is not only possible, but almost inevitable that you will drastically improve your health, vitality, appearance and performance by incorporating a low carbohydrate, high fat diet- along with perfectly paleo exercise, a paleo smoothie, and ample sleep!

So, stay tuned!  Very soon, this book will be available!

And, if you are also turning 60, it should help you live to a vibrant, healthy 120 years!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Get Paleo Quick Start for a discount!

Until my 60th birthday, as kind of a celebration, I am offering my book at a discount1
It's kind of a "gamble" about the discount- you have to order from (link to the right), and in the checkout you automatically get a discount!  It only lasts until April 6, which is my 60th birthday, and it is only good on same eBook, you can read it on your iPad or Kindle- but only Lulu offers the mystery discount!   

NO ONE knows what your discount will be!  (Not even me!)   It varies, and will be a ...surprise!

As Gomer Pyle used to say: Gomer says:

So, until April 6, 2012, my 60th birthday you can get Paleo Quick Start, my nutrition easy guide at a price similar to what you'd get in Mayberry in 1962!

Even Barney would be proud of you!