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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The benefits of pastured beef and MORE on podcast Paleo Quick tips #7

The benefits of grass fed beef
US Wellness meats and the myKitchen app
Benefits of easy walking
Avoid disease and most physical and mental problems by getting as healthy as possible
Autoimmune Paleo Diet

The more I look into the benefits of grass fed beef as opposed to it’s Confined Animal Feededing Operation  (CAFO) counterpart, the better the grass fed, traditional model looks:

Far better for the consumer’s health- leaner, perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats.  Modern diet is woefully inadequate in Omega 3 fats, which leads to all kinds of problems.

Loaded with conjugated linoleic acid, of CLA (love these acronyms!), which have been found to strongly inhibit cancer growth

Also, I find grass fed beef to be far more filling per serving; cooks faster, and tastes better!

Interestingly, the CAFO operations feed corn to cattle to quickly fatten them up.  So why do we think corn flakes and popcorn are diet foods??  They marble us with fat just as they do cattle.

The My Kitchen App for iPhone and Android- free is the website for The Food Lovers Kitchen.  Get the app at

Also, if you have not yet found a source of good grass fed beef, try US Wellness meats at  The best option is to get your meat locally from a farmer you know and trust, but if you don’t have that option- this is a good bet!  They charge $7.50 for handling however large the order, and shipping is included- so, you need to order a lot to make this option work!  Get together with friends and family, or invest in a large freezer.  
You have to make sure your beef is “grass finished” not just grass fed, since much beef is fed on grass, and then “finished” on corn to fatten it up- this undoes most of the grass feeding health benefits!  Make sure your meat is grass fed from start to finish!

 There are many, many benefits to walking- and I don’t mean the quasi-racewalking you see groups of mainly women do around town, and at the mall.  Humans are meant to walk, or hike, not in a manic, burn-tons-of-calories sense, but just... moving around,at a slow, steady pace, for much of our day!  So... DO park fat away at the store, and walk up to the door... do walk for pleasure, but NOT to “burn calories” (exercise of any sort is really pretty USELESS at weight control), but just to enjoy the movement, and the many benefits it provides to your joints & muscle maintenance.  
If you do want to include walking as a true exercise, try “intentional” walking- just “think into” the muscles as you walk, making the movement as hard as you can just by visualizing the resistance as you go- pretend you’re walking through a heavy liquid, and it’s difficult!  This really works the leg muscles, and is a big help in muscle definition.
You incorporate this into your daily life, for short sessions of your walking.

And if you exercise by moving, sprint! Jogging will do nothing but wear you our, damage your joints, teach your body to move slowly and be good at storing fat, and addict you to the endorphins that make you do it more and more and more.  Sprinting a few fast intervals for 10 or 15 minutes max will do FAR more for your health and body composition than run/jogging for HOURS will.

You really can avoid most disease and other physical and mental problems by getting as healthy as possible!  We all have cancer, and diabetes, and a host of other diseases lying latent within us- we can avoid them by eating and living as if we knew we had cancer and the rest already.  If you had cancer, you would do anything to rid yourself of it- you’d eat perfectly if you knew how, rest appropriately, and move appropriately to heal yourself... well, guess what- you do know how!  Eating in a Paleo fashion, sleeping well, connecting with friends and family, exercising as in Perfectly Paleo Exercise, drinking a green, Paleo Smoothie each day as in Perfectly Paleo Exercise (both available at - eat as if you are sick, and then YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO BECOME SICK FOR REAL!

And, if you already have and autoimmune disease such as diabetes, or multiple sclerosis, or alzheimer’s, or any disease ending in “itis”, these are all diseases where the body is attacking itself, due to a “leaky gut”, primarily caused by long term consumption of bad foods such as wheat and other grains, industrial vegetable seed oils, that allow food particles to migrate into the bloodstream and confuse the body into attacking it’s own tissues.  If you are in this boat, you need an more extreme version of the Paleo Diet- eliminating or at least sharply curtailing nightshades, ie.  tomatoes, bell peppers, chili powders and also eggs.  Try eliminating them all, and then reintroduce one by one to see which causes you problems.  This is tough, because if you don’t have  and autoimmune disease or a native sensitivity, these are very nutritious and healthy foods, so again, as in the above- if you are not already sick, then eat as if you are, and then you never will be!

Have a great week, and I’ll talk with you again next week!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sustainable Small Scale Farming and the Four Hour Chef!

There is a new book in town: The Four Hour Chef, by Tim Ferriss.

Check out the trailer for the book:

Tim is the author of The Four Hour Body, and The Four Hour Workweek.  Both books are well worth reading, just for an alternative view on nutrition and exercise (the first book), and on your work life (the second).  He researches everything to the max, and comes away with interesting insights, to say the least!  (Some of his "experiments" are downright weird, but hey- that's just 60 year old me talking!).

He is basically a Paleo diet advocate, but he does include things such as a "cheat day", where he consumes multiple pastries, and also allows legumes, i.e. beans as "slow carbs", meaning they take a lot of time to digest.  He can get away with such licenses, since he is:

#1. Young
#2.  Eats a basically paleo type of diet, most of the time

He has the idea that anyone can master just about anything, given 6 months of "practice".

This is his idea that I really like, and I think he is on to something!  Hence- The Four Hour Chef as a means to master cooking skills!  I like that...

Here is a quote from the intro to his book, which I find compelling, and in line with my own thinking about sustainable farming:

"Here are a few of my notes, from multiple sources:

• In the U.S., the last generation of career farmers is retiring. Specifically, more than 50% are set to retire in the next 10 years. Their farmland will be up for grabs. Will it go to an industrial agro-corp like Monsanto, and therefore most likely lead to monocrops (wheat, corn, soy, etc.) that decimate ecosystems? Will it be strip malls? Or might it become a collection of smaller food producers? The last option is the only one that’s environmentally sustainable. It’s also the tastiest. As Michael Pollan would say: how you vote three times a day (with the meals you eat) will determine the outcome.

• Going small can amount to big economic stimulus. Let’s look at the economic argument for shifting from a few huge producers to many smaller producers: by diversifying crops beyond corn and soybeans in just six agricultural states, the net economic gain would be $882 million in sales and 9,300 jobs, according to the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University.

• Environmental impact? Converting the U.S.’s 160 million corn and soybean acres to organic production would sequester enough carbon to satisfy 73% of the Kyoto targets for CO reduction in the U.S.

In other words, the fun you have in this book will do a lot of good beyond you and your family. In many ways, our eating behavior in the next few years will decide the future of the entire country.

The magic number and my target is 20 million people. It is the tipping point: 20 million people can create a supertrend.

To dodge the submerged iceberg of industrial-scale food production and its side effects, to alter the course of this country and reinvigorate the economy, all I need to do is make you more interested in food. In total, we need to make 20 million people more aware of eating.

This will lead to changes, starting with breakfast. Then the snowball of consonant decisions takes care of the rest.

Stranger things have happened."

Go Tim Ferriss!!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips #6 up and ready!

Paleo Quick Tips #6

Connect with a local Farm for your meat!
Smoothies for Maximum nutrition- resolve to have one green smoothie per day!
Subtract Bad Foods in your diet by... Addition!
Stay away from Doctors and Dentists as much as possible
And why Chiropractors are good “Health Coaches”

I finally have found a good, local source of naturally raised pork, free range chickens, and grass fed beef!  This is a real breakthrough- my health is already very good, but this is one more “piece in the puzzle” of ultimate health that is really crucial.  Real, natural, God made foods should be the heart (and soul!) of your diet and nutrition; not supplements.  (That’s why they’re called supplements)  The only supplement I really use is Vitamin D liquid, and only sometimes when I know I’m not getting enough sun for optimal health.
That is the farm outside of La Crosse Wisconsin that I have connected with.  I’m sure there is one near you as well- the sustainable, local form of agriculture is making a huge comeback- just like Big Ag, Big Medical, and Big Government are bloated and inefficient- Small and Local is the way to go- back to the future!

Make your New Year’s resolution now: have at least ONE green or better yet Paleo Smoothie per day!  This one resolution will improve your health dramatically, and almost overnight- you will be hydrated, loaded up with maximum nutrition, and you will feed through the probiotics in the drink your intestinal bacteria that actually digest your food for you.  You will also Subtract BAD or Junk foods from your diet by addition:
if you add really good foods to your diet, say in the form of natural, grass fed and anti-biotic free meats and a Paleo Smoothie loaded with green veggies, protein, probiotics, and berries, spices and herbs, you won’t have room for the junk!  
You won’t even want it- you will just be too full!
Thus: Subtraction by  Addition!

Get your Vitamix, at the best deal you will find at
Free shipping, and if you call and order, my free eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise are both included on any model you order, even the refurbished ones, which are a great, economical, yet fully guaranteed choice.  Many colors to choose from- the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one!
Much, much cheaper that continued Doctor or Dentist visits and treatments and medicines and more medicines and treatments... forever!

And that is another thing- you goal should be to see a Doctor or Dentist...
As infrequently as possible! Their goals are not your goals- they want you to be alive, but sick and needing endless “medicines and treatments”, i.e. statin drugs, high blood pressure medicines, anti-depressants, diabetic medications, constant dental work, root canals, vaccinations for flu, and the list goes on and on...

If your car ran fine, would you bring it in monthly for a checkup and send scopes down the pistons to see if everything is OK at the charge of thousands of dollars??

Take care of your body, and it’s much less likely to need constant “potions and treatments” than your car- because the body can actually repair itself- given proper nutrition, rest, and natural movement stimulus in the form of real Paleo Exercise.

On the other hand, Chiropractors, particularly those in the
network, are great “health coaches”- they can monitor your health, outside of the mainstream health care industry, and guide you along your way- they are basically doing what Medical doctors USED to do, in the old days in small town Americana and elsewhere.  Check out the movie trailer at Doctored the movie! to see what the American Medical Association attempted to do to discredit their competitors!

Now, I’m off on a “grill extravaganza”, grilling my meat for the week- pork ribs from “milk fed” hogs, grass fed hamburger, and BACON!  I grill it up, and heat up a few slices throughout the week- just great done on the grill.  

Have a Great Week?

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Paleo Adventure- Grass Fed Beef and More!

Veteran's Day- a day off like any other...

Except that this day had been reserved to meet up with a farmer with grass fed cows, naturally raised hogs (Jason told me he fed them lots of his own raw milk), and free range chickens!

Kind of  a Paleo-esque Holy Grail...

And so, our trip started, as most holy quests do, at a stop at a shrine: 

This was a smart choice!  Not only was it about halfway to our destination of 
St. Brigid's Meadows, but it is a destination worthy in its own right!  PaleoJay recommended!

As is also St. Brigid's!  Nice folks, good prices, and they're happy to show you the farm!  (It was really, really cold and windy when we arrived, so we postponed the "tour" to a later date!)  Quite an adventure, letting the GPS guide you from one rural location to another, down windy yet very scenic rural Wisconsin idyllic landscape.

We finally made it, with snowflakes starting to whirl around, and I chose some smoked ham, grass fed steaks and burger meat, all beef hot dogs!, pork ribs... well, here you go:
They also deliver weekly to my town, and several nearby communities as well- I can just order online or call, and they will ship it right out...

But you know, I kind of like the old, slow, driving down the country roads route, and eating at the shrine on the way...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips #5 up now!

Well, Paleo Quick Tips 5 is up and ready for your listening pleasure! Here are the show notes:

Paleo Quick Tips #5

Nutrient Dense eating
Meditation & Napping
Food Sustainability
& other tidbits

Paleo or ancestral lifestyle as a counter movement to modern Big everything:
Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Food-  Bigness has taken over modern western life- big cities, big suburbs- small town americana is still with us, but has been shrinking dramatically for decades. We need to start going in the OTHER direction- become an example with our health, our mental clarity, and our ability by having those things to help others join us in a mutually beneficial Tribal dance.

The Fat Man theme- from the late 40s and early 50’s- a man of 239 pounds was considered HUGE!  Now... every other guy is in that group.  Not that long ago...

Eat enough calories- to cut calories consciously is a sure way to scare your body into storing MORE fat, since you are obviously starving.  Nutrient density is the way your body wants you to eat- maximum nutrients packed into each bite or swallow.. no empty calories - liver, pastured eggs & butter, BACON, green vegetables (bright colored), berries, high fat dairy, cod liver oil, spices and herbs, fatty fish.  Eat LOTs of high nutrient dense foods, and you will NOT be hungry.  And your mind will be happy and content- unafraid and satisfied.

Chris Kresser latest episode of Revolution Helath Radiio on the importance of fatty fish
Personal Paleo Code-if simple paleo eating is not enough for you, you have autoimmune disease- he can help -To the right on, just click on the chinup woman.

Another way to satisfy your mental requirements is thru meditation and napping.  15 minutes is ample- just concentrate on your breath, and saying “1” over and over.
If you fall asleep; fine!  Your unconscious solves problems when you shut off your left, or  so-called rational brain and let your right, or intuitive brain kick in.
With proper, paleo type of diet, you are setting yourself up for BOTH mental and physical health.  Omega 3 fats are particularly important here as well- cod liver oil, salmon, and sardines are king here!  Instead of cutting calories, think of eating as MUCH GOOD Food as you can!  Ironically, that is the way to lose FAT, not just weight per se, which is losing fat and muscle- something you don’t want to do!

Throw away you scale- it tells you nothing- if you lost water, or bone, or muscle, or fat- as Robb Wolf says- put a pretty bow on it, and give it to your worst enemy.  Go by how you feel, look and perform.  How your clothes fit. take digital photos every couple of weeks to compare

I hope your enjoy (and profit!) from the podcast.  That's the whole point...


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips #4 up!

Yes, friends: the weekly podcast of your own PaleoJay is now up on iTunes, awaiting your listening pleasure!  Paleojay on iTunes  is the easy way to listen- hey, whilst you are there, how about giving me a review?  It would be very much appreciated...

Also, in the podcast I talk about the perils of GMO's, or Genetically Modified Organisms- here is a website that goes into the subject in depth-

Well worth exploring this very important subject, and growing problem!  Our health is at stake in a big way here- what is being done is taking bad foods like soy, corn, canola oil, and sugar beets and making them far, far worse!  

Check it out!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Paleo Podcast you Should Be Listening to...

Besides my own PaleoJay Paleo Quick tips podcast of course!

While I try to be a "listener's digest" type of podcast, condensing things down for your average person to assimilate, Jimmy is the grand-daddy of Low Carb/Paleo podcasting:

If it comes up in the Paleo World, he will cover it!

His guest list is like a "who's who" of Paleo luminaries... and he is such an excellent interviewer that he will get those folks to make plain their vast knowledge of their particular subject in understandable English!  This one podcast is, in my opinion, indispensable to anyone interested in embarking, or continuing on, a carbohydrate restricted, Paleo or Ancestral type of diet.

To get a good overview of the subject, and to entice you into subscribing via iTunes, I recommend you listen to the following "last podcast of the year" for Jimmy:

Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show #633

Then, just subscribe!

And, in the meantime, while you wait for the next podcast (Jimmy needs some time off!), go ahead and listen to the 632 podcasts that are already available!  Your own  PaleoJay has heard each and every one, and that is only of this particular podcast of Jimmy's! (He has two more)!

Jimmy has "walked the walk", having shed 180 pounds of fat from his heretofore 410 pound frame...

You have a lot of great listening before you, my friends!