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Friday, March 1, 2024


What you need for Health podcast

 I know, you’ve heard it from standard medical advice your whole life:

‘You don’t need supplements!  Everything your body and mind needs is in the food you eat!’

Well, this might have been true, even a couple of hundred years ago, to some extent.  But nowadays, when the majority of the ‘fake, engineered foods’ most people ingest; things like seed oils instead of real animal fat, and soda pop and fruit juices instead of actual water, and fast food fake meat and white buns instead of real pastured meat- well, most of us don’t really eat real food anymore!

A good first step for most of us at this point is to make a real commitment to health and wellness- commit to eating a carnivore diet!  This means that you forget all the junk you’ve been eating, and just eat meat, salt, seafood, and eggs for awhile.  Nothing else!

I know, I’ve preached a good paleo type of diet for a long time now: meat, eggs, seafood, along with full fat dairy, fermented yogurt and kefir, and even a bit of sour dough bread from time to time, along with veggies and fruits, mainly berries and citrus… 

And I still stand by that, long term.  But this is a ‘reboot’ if you are a SAD standard American Diet person.  You need to ‘reawaken’ your whole body and mind to reality.

So, you go carnivore for two weeks, say.  Suddenly, your body will reawaken to what it really needs; not pizza, and tacos with Mc Donald’s crappy hamburgers and seed oil-drenched fries.  Just meat, and salt!  And eggs and seafood, that’s all pilgrim.

Two weeks, that’s all, and you’ll be a new man/woman.  (Not trans!!  That doesn’t really exist anyway…)

I guarantee you will feel great- but you will also be happy that now you can embrace a true diet for the rest of your life- the Paleo Diet!  The diet of your ancestors, ALL of them.  Not vegan (NO ONE ever followed that diet in the past), not vegetarian (ditto), and definitely NOT the SAD modern American fast food crap and fake food diet of misery!

NOW you can include not only meat, eggs and seafood, but you can include full fat dairy like butter, yogurt and kefir, vegetables in your smoothies along with raw eggs, apple cider vinegar and cod liver oil and fruits.  Occasional sour dough bread and nut butter- you are now living large!

Just keep out all the modern crap.  And supplement (I use liquid vitamin D and liquid iodine  (lugal’s solution) in my smoothie), but you can go with tablets if you’d like.  For, in our modern depleted soils, especially here in the goiter belt of the upper midwest, iodine and vitamin D are musts!!

Iodine is an utter must, and in addition to fluoride being dumped into our municipal water supplies, that poison makes iodine even more unavailable to us.  Iodine is an utterly necessary supplement!

As is Vitamin D- get your vitamin D checked; I guarantee you are deficient.  You need to supplement; you need to go outside without sunscreen when you can, and you need to not wear chemical sunscreen!

You also need to eat lots more butter, and animal fats, fatty fish like sardines and salmon, and things like cod liver oil to replenish your dietary vitamin D, since that vitamin/hormone is stored in FAT.

And so, there you go, my prescription for you: go carnivore, and wake up!  Then, commit to paleo for all time, and supplement to regain your natural, God-given health.  And, as you enjoy your newfound health and vitality, avoid any government mandates, such as covering your face with cloth, getting horrid injections over and over, and hiding out and avoiding people.  Ignore the government edicts, and avoid the medical establishment whenever possible.  

Both are largely drug pushers, and deniers of healthy nutrition and good food from nature and agriculture.  The government and the medical elite are all about power, and then money.  I’d like to say that then it’s you;  but you’re not even in their equation at all.  

We, Westerners, are to be used in their games, and have no value really at all.  Our survival is a net negative nowadays to those in the elite.  We are too smart, and have our own opinions.  We’re too hard to control, always have been!  

With us gone, they can just dominate the 3rd worlders that replace us…