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Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Virus and BLM Equal Government Control podcast

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I’d like to:

have a blog and podcast devoted strictly to paleo health.  But, nowadays, our health is so tied to the politics all about us, that another part of my name, PaleoJay, is being brought to the fore- Paleo Politics, meaning an old fashioned type of political opinion.  The idea that Western civilization is the highest form of life, and is indeed what is meant by ‘civilization’ itself.  And that isolationism and strong border control, strict law and order, and the notion of a true meritocracy and absolute fairness to all under the law are necessary and desirable in every way.

With that in mind, and in order to preserve my freedom to choose both a paleo way of living, exercising and eating, I need to address those glaring items that are threatening my political ideas.  Big Government, Leftist/Communist/Socialist ideas, Globalism, and the race industry are all terrible things threatening us now.  The coronavirus, while real, is simply being used as a tool of control by many in government (at least the embedded Swamp portion).  Fear and misplaced, self-hating suicidal altruism are being used to destroy our very civilization, especially among the young.

Our young, meaning those 35 and under especially, but this also includes much older, sheltered people, in particular college educated/indoctrinated women, are especially susceptible to being controlled by evil forces.  I used to think the Democrat party in the US was a viable alternative, back in the 1960’s, and it kind of was.  They really hid their toxic agenda well back then, and did so indeed up until the past 10 years or so.  

And now, in 2020, the Democrats have revealed that they are, indeed, simply EVIL.  They want to to: 

Placate BLM by giving “reparations” to people based simply on race, for crimes they never suffered under in their lives

Give advantages in schooling test scores, welfare payments, hiring- and to make crime the new black entitlement.  Blacks are to be given free reign to burn, loot, and destroy, with no consequences!

The constant mantra is that blacks (or POCs, or whatever else is the term of the moment) are under constant threat of racism, even if unconscious, and that explains everything about their extreme dysfunction as a people, their extreme violence, and their hatred of everything about our wonderful civilization!  No other explanation is possible, is it??

Well, yes, there is one obvious, glaring explanation for the incredible, unvarying failure to thrive of black people as a whole, both in the advantageous environment of the US, where every other group does very well indeed.  

Differences in average IQ explain everything, very simply and demonstrably.

In Africa, the average IQ is 67, with a range of up to 89.  This explains African cities and way of life.  An IQ of 70 or less is mentally retarded. 85, the average score for an American black, is considered ‘low average’.  It is also the sweet spot for criminal activity- just smart enough to get into real trouble!

Whites of European descent average 100.  So, the spread being 90 to 109 being average, we come up with Western civilization as we know it, or at least as we knew it.  East Asians average is somewhat higher, with av average of 105.  

The higher the IQ, the less propensity towards committing crime, particularly violent crime.  Blacks commit far, far more crime than any other ethnic group!  Far more- Black vs White Crime Statistics Conclusion
  • It’s an uncomfortable truth but blacks commit crimes at nearly three times the rate that whites do.
  • Blacks commit 36% of the violent crime in the US even though they are only 13% of the population.
  • Blacks in England commit crimes at nearly three times the rate of their population rate.
  • The parity in black crime rates in the US and black crime rates in the UK prove that there is no systemic or institutional racial bias in the US, and that the judicial system is not unfairly targeting blacks.
  • There is no systemic racism in US Judicial System.
  • There is no racial bias that unfairly targets innocent blacks in the US Criminal system.
  • The cycle of black crime begins with the breakdown of family values that has 72% of black pregnancies creating low-income single parent households.
  • Black children growing up in single-parent low-income situations are likely to repeat this cycle unless they raise children in a married two-parent household with more stability.
  • White privilege isn’t creating a system that unfairly arrests and prosecutes blacks, the black parents making bad life choices are creating situations that increase the likelihood of bad outcomes happening are the ones responsible.
  • White privilege isn’t real and isn’t responsible for blacks committing more crimes, black adults making poor life choices are the ones responsible.

So there we have it- a Paleo perspective on why the massive breakdown in our country is occurring, and what we need to know about the Marxist BLM movement.  The Communists simply gave up on Class differences (since that didn’t work), and inserted race instead.  It doesn’t work either, but the Left pushes it on our indoctrinated leftist youth who don’t know any better.

Oh, and as for Coronavirus and the control it is exerting on our country- this too is a Left power grab- make us wear masks, close churches!, and smash small businesses.  All of  this, in spite of real scientific evidence that not only is Covid 19 far less deadly than anyone thought at first, and especially doesn’t effect children at all, or anyone under 80 in general- it has a death rate that is mainly determined by how sick you are already!

As any paleo living person knows, we should live a sugar and bread free type of life, to keep our blood sugar (and insulin spikes) under control!  Exercise as well, naturally, and sleep, etc. Etc.  
It is those who don’t follow this prescription, who live a processed food and sugar laden way of life, that get the diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases that make them prone to die.  Coronavirus is often simply the small push it takes such sick people to finish them off!  A mask won’t help, not at all.  They need to redo their entire lifestyle to one that is based on our evolution.

A Paleo lifestyle!  One based on our evolution.  That same evolution that produced humans in warm, undemanding climates to have low intelligence, since high IQ was not needed in such a place.  And where a single woman could gather enough food to raise children, without a man to help her.  A warm jungle or Savannah, like Africa or Australia.

And a high IQ in the cold, harsh landscapes of Europe and Asia, where a close family structure and strict pair bonding were necessary to survive and raise children, and keep warm, winter after winter, year after year.  

Humans are very different.  If we don’t recognize this fact, our modern civilization is doomed.  There is no racism, or White Privilege.  There is only race realism.  Races are different in almost every way.  All of their lives matter, but there is where the similarity ends.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Exercise your FEET!
In this time of coronavirus alarm, lawless rioting, looting, and rampant mindless destruction, sometimes we have to be- well, more grounded.  Hopefully you, like me, have found a safe, rural tribal homeland within your own country that is safe and civilized.  

If so, you are necessary in a rural area, far from large, modern, lawless and Democrat run cities!  Congratulations, paleo friend.  This is job #1 for you and your family.  Safety and wellness always come first, and that means caring for your own health and wellness.  Good, ancestral types of food, fresh air, uncontaminated non-chlorine soaked city drinking water, and a daily paleo smoothie are essential.  So too is good, natural exercise done daily, including stretching, self-resisted exercise, virtual resistance, and isometrics.  But what else is absolutely essential?

Foot health!  Every time you put on a pair of shoes or boots, you are putting your feet into a cast.  We tend to think of our feet as simple bases, as kind of inert blocks that just shuffle over the earth, grass and concrete alike.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Your feet are very like your hands- covered with subtle feelings and receptors that govern how you react as your body covers various terrain.  Your bare foot guides how you stand and move, enabling you to react to signals from them as to how you should lean, and your posture, to be both maximally efficient, and keeping you from injury as you travel across the landscape.  

Most modern people have very weak, stunted feet; from being stuffed into shoe/casts daily, day after day.  If your arm or leg goes into a cast, why everyone knows that that limb withers and shrinks dramatically after even a few weeks so confined.  

The same is true of your feet.  And not just your feet: the feet are what determines your entire chain, from foot, to ankle, to knee, to hip, to lower back- even up to the neck and head!  Bad quality, out-of-shape feet can cause pain in not only the feet, but in the knees, hips, and back.  They can even cause neck pain and headaches!  Really, healthy feet are that important.

This is the perfect time of year to regain and build great foot health and strength!  The very best thing you can do is to walk around barefoot.  I walk my grass, and my dirt paths in the forest daily.  In early spring, my feet are very tender to things like twigs and roots; but after a month or so, they become quite tough.  And I really love how the ever variegated ground beneath my feet feels- it is like a blind person who “sees” by touching things- a very important part of experiencing nature is by ‘feeling’ with our hands, and especially our feet!  

The more we use our feet thusly, the more strong and able they become, helping us in our overall health.  I liken it to going outside into nature itself: if we lock ourselves indoors, confined to easy chairs, television sets and computers, and artificial light- why, soon we are like slugs, soft and white, unable to do much more than peer about myopically with withered useless limbs and body.  Really- most suburban and city dwellers are really in a predicament much like this.

So get outside!  Walk (and run) on  your land, or in a park or other grassy setting.  Barefoot is best, but there are also ‘barefoot shoes’, meaning shoes without support, and thin soles without raised heels.  I wear moccasins when the weather cools, and when the terrain is too rocky or tough for barefoot, I wear my Xero shoes- they are shoes with minimal covering, say a thin slab of rubber, with only thin straps to hold it onto your foot.  Or, in more inclement conditions still, the same thing with minimal covering on the outside of the foot, but still- no padding or orthotics.  No casts!

I have been using the same pair of barefoot-but-not footwear for years now.  I do every outdoor and basement workout wearing them, and except during the summer months that’s how I sprint as well.  They are the very best, the most barefoot shoe you can get- and they are not expensive at all.

Xero shoes they call them, and you can get them here-

Actually, they are called huaraches, and they are highly recommended both for the health of your foot (and the superstructure that depends on a healthy foot, like your ankles, knees, and hips).  

They have a 5,000 mile guarantee, so when you turn 100 you can buy another pair.

So get out, walk around barefoot.  Or in Xero shoes- same thing, really.  Strengthen and toughen the many tendons and muscles and ligaments that make up your incredible foot, and save your ability to move pain free for a lifetime!