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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Religion is in our DNA podcast


It’s strange: as paleo people, we believe that our diet evolved along with us, making us what we are.  For instance, there has never, ever, been a vegetarian or vegan tribe or culture. Humans have always eaten animal products, some more than others, but ALL rely on the amazing nutrition in animal derived foods.  Eating animals and products taken from animals made us what we are- you can’t take animals out of our evolution and arrive at modern humans.

This is widely accepted amongst those who believe in an ancestral diet and lifestyle.  But, though most of us see ourselves as grounded in science in our beliefs, many of us at the same time deny the truth, or meaning of religion in our lives!  We denigrate the idea of a god, or of any universal laws outside of man’s own laws.  Many believe that science has displaced the idea of God, gods, or even religion itself.

But just because there has never been a culture that didn’t eat animals- there has never been a culture without religion.  Never.  Even the Neanderthals had burials of their dead, with flowers heaped on the departed.  There is something deep within us that requires us to believe in a spiritual world, a place beyond the mortal sphere in which we reside today.  And so it has always been!

To live without a notion of a spiritual realm, a place of higher goodness and ultimate laws and reason, is akin to eating processed foods developed in the past 50 years or so, and thinking that we now know better than nature itself, and can replace wild game, vegetables, fruits and nuts with chemically made ‘Beyond Burgers’ and do just as well, health wise.  

This is completely delusional!  To live on fast food, processed grains and vegetable seed oils is disastrous for our physical health and well-being, and is a fast track to auto-immune diseases and even mental health.  We all know this as followers of various renditions of the Paleo Diet, and we all experience first hand the amazing benefits of red meat, seafood, pastured dairy and fermented vegetables.  The Paleo Diet is nothing short of life changing!

But what about religion?  Aren’t we beyond that now, since after all we know there are no supernatural beings on Mt. Olympus, and doesn’t Heaven seem, well, unscientific?  

Well, only if you also believe that eating natural animal products and seafood is ‘unscientific’, and that a low fat, soy based diet of lab grown food-like substances slathered in chemically extracted seed oils is the epitome of true science and all-knowing enlightenment…  

We evolved eating and living a certain way- in Nature, in a circadian cycle with the sun of light and darkness, sleep and waking.  Ancestral types of foodstuffs,  cooked by fire and thus made bio-available with maximum nutrients.  In tribes of similar humans, working together for survival, and with good health as pretty much a birthright.  

The tribe had a center though, it always did, and that center was religion.  It is as much a part of us as our need for protein and fat- we need a higher plane to relate to, something above and beyond our daily lives.  

This was true all over the world- whether one god or many, whether Socrates’ daemon (literally a ‘divine something’) that warned him of right and wrong, or the many Hindu gods or those of the Egyptians or Babylonians.   It’s true, there are always some who do not believe in a particular god or gods, but there is always something that is worshipped.  Always.  

Just because, right now, certain groups (Communists spring to mind) that vehemently deny and denigrate any sort of religion- this only confirms that they are very wrong.

Mankind can, at certain times and places, put himself as ‘above and beyond needing to believe in a higher power than himself’.  He can even believe it, just as he believes that heaven can exist here upon earth, and if we just elect the right people, Utopia can be here forever!  

You can believe it, you can convince yourself that Science is God, and mankind is ALL, we just need to be modern and believe in ourselves…

But you’ll be wrong.  The need for religion, a higher power, is there.  It is in our very DNA.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Build Your Health and Avoid the Pandemic

With all the scare tactics circulated by the mainstream media, you would think that the coronavirus from China was the new Black Death!  

It’s not, not even close.  Young children can catch it, but they barely get sick.  It can kill older people, but here is a secret:  unless you are already sick, sick as most Americans are with diabesity and all the attendant ills that come along with it- it is a very small threat to you as well!  

In other words, if you are someone who is a paleo person, someone with a good diet (no processed foods, no grains, limited carbs and sugars, regular exercise and good sleep)- you are really at very little risk, despite your age.

I am 68.   I am very healthy, and exercise with Perfectly Paleo Exercise methods daily.  My diet is excellent, and I have a vital family and tribe that I connect and deal with daily, both in my rural neighborhood and via my family through telephone, text, and frequent visits.  

I did have my church community, but the liberal government of my state and the country as well has banned church services!  (The Pilgrims must be spinning in their brown and black graves).  This one point should be enough to clue in anyone that the Leftists are out to ban anything that is positive (church), and encourage the extremely damaging and awful negatives (rioting, burning, and looting).  This is a sad, sad time in the US.

I have been trying to keep going with my spiritual life, by posting on my YouTube site  Rather than singing and playing in my small country church that I attend, I instead posted hymns and Christian songs on line.  This was good, but there is nothing like actually having real fellowship as we are meant to do in church!

My Methodist church is closed by the church bureaucracy, which gives our own pastor no say in the matter!  We even have a large, grassy field adjoining our church, where we could easily meet and praise the Lord without fear of contamination, but even this is forbade us.  I guess even the Church superstructure can be bad, as so many of those individuals are, unfortunately, infected with the liberal mentality and indoctrination of so much of our country.

But- back to my topic.  If you live well, and are healthy, as you can easily be by following the dictates of living a natural life, eating real foods and living an ancestral sort of life- why then, you are at very little danger from the corona virus, or any other virus for that matter.  Even the Black Death!  

Actually no- not the black death. Now, that was a real scourge, kind of what they are trying to make this Chinese flu out to be.  A plague where you died hours after you were infected, hideously and painfully.  Now THAT is a virus to fear!

The coronavirus is kind of government mandated joke, nowadays.  The Democrats need to feed the fear- they need the chaos- their goal is simply, just like the fake Russian collusion lie, to unseat Trump!  That’s it, really.  They want to secure their swamp like privileged life, paid for by our taxes.

They have lied, for so long and so often, that they really don’t realize their own duplicity any more- “The end justifies the means” is all they know.  Relativism.  “All is equal”.  The utter bankruptcy of an empty philosophy, where power is all, and might makes right.  Communism.

Don’t be fooled.  Following the tradition of ancient Greece, and echoed by ancient Rome, the USA is the greatest, most inspired country and governmental ideals in all of history.  The Founding Fathers, who are currently being graffitied and despoiled in the form of their words and their statues, were true visionaries and geniuses!  True to Western, ancestral principles for all of time.  No relativists them- they are not ‘founded on shifting sands’ as are liberals.

The ultimate reveal of liberal mindsets, those of the Post modernist BS, is that they change their opinions of what is right constantly.  

They follow popular opinion, and have no grounded beliefs about anything.  

If the celebrity of the moment says “Black Lives Matter”, they concur.  If next week the current celebrity de jour says “Chinese Lives Matter”, watch them shift view points.  

Within themselves there is nothing They are empty vessels, banked on shifting sands.

Ignore them, as best you can.  Go towards eternal verities, the north stars of true reality: Western civilization, (which is civilization overall nowadays- there is nothing else of value left), Christianity, the faith of the West, and the American Constitution.  

Ignore the revisionists of all of that, those perched on shifting sands at best, and self interest always.  If the Democrats continue as they have been, and (God forbid) if they win at any time- welcome to the new revolution.  

It will be NOTHING like the American Revolution.  

It will be the new French Revolution, or the Bolshevik revolution.

Those only end in the Gulag- or the Guillotine.