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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Paleo Continuing Education- the BEST Paleo Podcasts!

It is really important that you continue on your Paleo journey for your whole life!

Continuing to educate yourself is crucial to "keep on keeping on"!  

Even though you think you understand and have assimilated all of the paleo diet and way of life, trust me:

There is never enough learning!  Ever!  Not in any field of endeavor...

So...  listen to podcasts!  Here are some of the very best:
  1. The paleo solution  Robb Wolf is the best!  You can also just go to iTunes, and type in: The Paleo Solution
  2. The Livin' La Vida Low Carb podcast with Jimmy Moore- Jimmy's blog with umpteen links!

You can also, as above, just type in the name Jimmy Moore in iTunes- subscribe to ALL of his podcasts- there are more and more each day!!

      3. Latest in Paleo!  Angelo Copolla does a great job of digesting, and then broadcasting virtually ALL that has happened in Paleo in the past week.  NOT to be missed!

      4. Transform Your Health with Dr. Josh Axe  Dr. Axe is a great resource- though not strictly Paleo, he is at least 90%... and he has such an upbeat, engaging way that he is great to "reinforce" your paleo education long-term!

      5. Chris Kresser  You really don't want to miss this guy!
Probably the brightest guy around, Paleo nutrition-wise!  He makes you THINK! 
Not one to go "with the flow"...

     6. Underground Wellness  Sean Croxton is a great resource- "YOOHH"- quite the personality- but great info and depth as well!  Listen up!

     7.Everyday Paleo  Sarah Fragoso "and friends" will edify and delight you, as they talk about how to run a paleo kitchen in a house with KIDS!!  And they really do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Especially if you have kids in the house- don't miss this podcast!!

There are others- heck, Superhuman Radio is great, although the commercials are ..... endless- thankfully podcasts can fast-forward!  Balanced Bites is another great source of continuing paleolithic nutrition ed.!

If you want more (and if you're like me, you will!)  just type in paleo on iTunes!  

Do the same on Twitter.  You might even run across  Paleojay!

I'd subscribe, if I were you!  Guy is a genius...

No podcast, YET!  But here I am, about to sing a Paleo Education song!!


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