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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Importance of Planning Your Health Goals with Dr. Josh Axe

Click the above link to view Dr. Josh Axe!

I hope you enjoyed that video with Dr. Axe as much as I did!  He really hits the nail on the head: we all too often plan our vacations, spend hours watching mindless TV shows, etc. but fail to make plans for our most important goals in life:  

Our plans for health and wellness, professional, financial, and personal fulfillment, spiritual goals, and relationship goals for those important to us in our lives!

It really is somewhat strange that, although we all have aspirations, most of us never make the first, most important, simple and easy step- 

Make our plan to achieve our goal, and then write it down!

This vision board is a great, simple idea to accomplish this, and to then continuously remind ourselves of what we are all about, just by looking at it.  I especially like his green drink daily breakfast idea!

Check out this link to get started:

That can be your first, primary (or PRIMAL) health goal!  

Next, you could put up some photos of bags of sugar, or processed foods, or "food porn" like bakery products, chips, or bread... with big red "X's" drawn over them.  (Just some ideas here...)

I think most adults already have professional types of goals; but very few, especially as they get older and it becomes ever more important! have any health plans or goals whatsoever!  We work so hard at our adult roles and goals of finance, child raising, helping out with family and friends, etc. that we feel we just don't have time or energy to work on our all-important health!

Ironically, it is a truism to say, but if we lose our health we lose everything else!  
Money, retirement, the ability to enjoy ourselves, to help our children, family and friends- everything!!

So go make yourself (and your family) a vision board!  Put your priorities back into place!

Then, your whole life will have purpose, make sense, and most importantly-

Take you exactly where you want to go!

Here is my "health goal photo" :)

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