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Friday, January 6, 2012

Real salt versus FAKE salt!

What's so bad about SALT, anyway?

Actually, real salt itself is a tasty, nutritious food!  The problem is that, like most things in America's modern nutritional landscape, the real salt, the traditional kind that is gathered and dried in its natural state, has been replaced with a refined version.  This is the kind that you see daily in the salt shaker pictured above, and don't see in the many processed, and fast foods of our American culture today. (But it is there, insidiously and in quantity)!

This refined, fake salt starts out as real sea salt... but, then it is altered by the big manufacturer's methods of mass, cheap production.  It is heated to extremely high temperatures, stripped of its natural occurring minerals, loaded with potassium iodine instead of the "stripped" iodine that was originally there.  Then, after being stabilized with dextrose, which turns the "salt" purple, it is bleached white.

Sound healthy to you?

Natural sea salt, on the other hand, is a real food, just as God made it!  It is loaded with natural iodine from oceanic marine life, and a plethora of naturally occurring minerals.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the much richer flavor, and more satisfying texture.   It is just one more real food that your body needs and craves, that has been largely replaced by a highly processed, fake version in our lives. 

I would encourage you to:

1. Throw away your toxic, fake salt!
2. Avoid fast food, and processed foods from your grocery, both of which are loaded with the fake version of salt!  Did you know one of the main reasons that so much is used is to cover up "off" tastes in this cheap "food"?
3. Cook at home, and don't be afraid to use real sea salt in all of its delicious, nutritious varieties-
Your body will know how much you need!  You will be satisfied when your body has had enough, nutritionally speaking.

So there you go- there is no reason to be leery of real salt, just as there is no reason to be afraid of any real food!


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