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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paleo Health Success Story!

WHY would anyone eat anything else?

Clockwise: Cameo Organic Apples, Fresh Nova Salmon, Free Range Egg Salad from local health food store on Broadway, Fresh Organic Spinach and Mushrooms Sauteed in KerryGold!

Thank you all for bringing such wonderful quality of life into my life. I feel so much better!! And this food ROCKS!!!
This is the result had from a dear friend who "went Paleo"- She'd had a major incident with bleeding ulcers, the last of which caused her to wind up in the hospital for a week!  She lost approximately 1/3 of her blood in this health calamity, and knew it was time for a change...

Upon introducing Barb to the Paleo way of life, and specifically the Paleo Quickstart Smoothie via my book and blog by the same name (hey- you knew that though, right?) she immediately changed her diet!  Some people are motivated enough to go "all out Paleo", if they are just exposed to the ideas, and some of the underlying science behind it all!  (I know I was!)

Especially if their health is becoming really problematic- this causes a strong incentive to change for the better!  This was Barb's case, and she met the challenge:

She immediately eliminated grains, white potatoes, sugar, and all but full fat dairy, i.e. cream, kefir, greek yogurt, and pastured Kerrygold butter

She incorporated the Paleo Smoothie into her diet each morning, starting with day #1.  (This gave her efforts an impressive "jump start" into radically nutrient dense nutrition!)

Barb has suffered for years chronic stomach aches and severe migraine headaches- 


This last stomach ache came from eating some small biscotti somewhere- she immediately had a stomach reaction- and has vowed to never make the same, grain-eating mistake again!
It's just not worth it...

This is how dramatic recovery can be on the paleo diet!

It really is that extremely life changing!


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