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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Green Paleo Smoothies are the ultimate key to HEALTH and lean-ness!

This is how you should make, and prepare, and all the info you need about smoothies!

There is so much mis-information out there, about "juicing" and smoothie making, so


That's me, to your right- Paleo Jay...

Smoothies are kind of my trademark; my "thing", if you will...

I honestly believe that, if you start your day with a real, green Paleo Smoothie that you are more than halfway on your journey to lean-ness, and optimal HEALTH!

What you need to realize is that, for optimal health, and a lean and vital physique, the main thing to concentrate on is real, God Made foods!

Supplements won't cut it: real foods are what contain every single nutrient, and phytonutrient, and even all of the as-of-yet UNDISCOVERED components of real food that make us ultimately as healthy as we can be!

The real point is this:

We all need to eat as much real, God-Made foods as we can, each day of our lives, in the most accessible form available!

This means LOTS of greens, some fruits- primarily berries and citrus, and things like Greek yogurt, kefir, spices with health-giving properties, and enough vitamin D, iodine, and magnesium to totally maximize our health!

It sounds really hard, and it would be, in our overly processed-foods world of fast foods, crappy frozen meals, and all the rest of our modern JUNK!!

Like I say, it would be....BUT-

There is another component in our modern life- technology, that has leveled the nutritional playing field!

Honestly, there is nothing, I repeat nothing that can improve your overall health and lean-ness more than a Vitamix. This is because DIET, much more than exercise, determines the outcome of our ultimate health, and lean-ness- DIET IS 95% OF OUR HEALTH!!

Exercise seems to be important; and it really IS: witness my e-Book Perfectly Paleo Exercise...

But, to tell the truth, exercise only puts the "frosting" on the cake of a perfectly healthy, perfectly slim body- Nutrition does 95% of the work!!

I know this is not what you have been hearing... I know the Mantra is "move more and eat less"!

I know ALL of this STUFF!!

And, I know it is all... really, really WRONG!


Eat real foods, enough real foods, foods like broccolli, spinach, cauliflower, kale, berries, citrus: throw in some Greek Yogurt and kefir for protein, a selection of beneficial spices and herbs- 

You have the ultimate superfood to change your life, and physical structure!!

I'm not exaggerating  here- REAL FOOD, MADE BY GOD, WILL REJUVENATE YOU!!

That doesn't sound far-fetched, does it?

But, how best to incorporate the wonders of real foods into our diets?  That is the question...

Well, you could start to just eat more veggies!  And that's a good start, but... well, you'll be eating a LOT of veggies- like 4 or 5 cups per day!  You could cook all of that, and then cook up your protein in the form of meat and seafood, and also a couple of salads per day... pack them in your lunch to work, eat them all day long...

you could whip up a Smoothie in your Vitamix in a fraction of the time, and be totally satisfied and replete with ultimate nutrition in a couple of minutes per day!!

For me, I have long since gone the Vitamix route!  Extremely convenient, and it liberates the vital enzymes within the food completely, rendering them instantly absorbable.  

I make a smoothie in the morning, I drink some for breakfast, I put some more in jars or a thermos for lunch, and I am GOLDEN!

I'm NEVER hungry, and I am healthy and lean as a result- THAT IS THE ULTIMATE, UNAVOIDABLE OUTCOME!!

If this sounds good to you, and what you are looking for, I have no better solution for you than to order a Vitamix!

The link above offers free shipping, which is the best deal you will find, anywhere, on the best blender on the planet!  

I decided to eliminate any other "noise" about other blenders, juicers, and other "gadgets" you might be considering...

I am only interested in promoting the very, very best tools for obtaining maximum health, wellness, lean-ness, and ultimate FITNESS! 

And so, with that in mind: 

Nutrition is #1!!

The best, and easiest and most convenient and efficient way to acheive that goal is with...

After you are really lean, and really healthy... (which you will be after drinking these smoothies for a couple of weeks!)...

THEN we can talk about the "small stuff"- 



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