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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Change your body language while you exercise! PaleoJay Podcast #53

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Change your body language while you exercise!

I you haven’t seen it already, go ahead and watch the Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy:
She explains in great and convincing detail just why our body language is so important- not only as to how others see us; but more importantly- how we see ourselves!

So, now you know the crucial importance of our own body language in reshaping the way we see ourselves, and how we relate to and are seen by the rest of the people in our world.  Sure, you can just practice the poses that Amy Cuddy describes so well-

But to really enforce these poses, you need to incorporate them into your daily, visualized resistance exercise program!

I have been doing this for years, and never realized until I saw this video that what I was doing had more than just wonderful physical benefits-

I was also reshaping and practicing my body language, over and over, by flexing my muscles to their maximum potential, while simultaneously  holding an isometric pose at the end of the movement that mimics a “power pose”!

Who knew?  I knew this type of exercise had remade my physique, and at the same time cured the many small injuries I had accumulated in my years of heavy weight training and distance running- but I had also noticed a huge change in my personality, and how I interacted with the world.  I thought it was just confidence brought about by self-actualization- the achieving of many long sought physical goals, one after another.  But now I see that, by inadvertantly practicing many thousands of repetitions of “power posing”, I had actually remade my own self image, bit by bit!

I also think that, when these poses are done intentionally, with extreme concentration and muscular contraction as is used in visualized resistance ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise, that the effect of the posing is dramatically increased, and cemented into the psyche of the exerciser!

Here is a video of mois doing a brief demonstation of Visualized resistance exercises:

PaleoJay visualized resistance demo

This is from a year and a half ago, since which I have begun adding in some lat spread types of back exercise, done in the same virtual fashion- you know, like the body builders do, but you don’t need to wear tiny trunks and do it on stage!  (Although at first a mirror helps!)

Just put your fists on your hips, and spread those lats as wide as possible!  Hold a few seconds isometrically, and then repeat for 5-10 reps.

Hold your arms outstretched sideways from your body, and then flex your lats wide again, by pushing your arms bak, and flexing as widely as possible!  Make yourself huge!

So, there you go!  Change your body and your attitude and self-image by practicing visualized, Perfectly Paleo Exercise!  It’s a two-for-one, and it really works!


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