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Sunday, October 27, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #54 Dr. David Perlmutter says “Don’t be a Grain Brain”! and ADD in foods to be paleo, not just subtract!

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It really is rather remarkable- even the usually middle-of-the-road, inside the box thinker and conventional diet cheerleader Dr. Oz has come on board with him along with his new, excellent book Grain Brain.  I know, it seems unbelievable that the Wizard of Oz, who has been the man hiding behind the curtain of outdated science for all these years, has now come out and jumped on the anti-grain, low carb, paleo bandwagon!

I don’t know what happened; maybe the wizard gave himself a medal, and got courage ala the cowardly lion- who knows?  At any rate, it appears that Dr. Oz refers patients to Dr. Perlmutter, simply because using his methods and theories of proper diet, he gets real-world GREAT RESULTS!

Here, watch a video clip of Dr. Perlmutter on the Dr. Oz show-

Here are a couple more, just for good measure- I want you to RE-GRAINWASH yourself!!


And carbohydrates, particularly GRAINS, and even more specifically WHEAT are all shown to be the dietary nightmare that they really are!

This turnaround by Dr. Oz seems to be a real turnabout of the entire dietary lipid hypothesis, that has been around since the 1960’s, and has never been proven...

You know, the hypothesis that virtually everyone has taken as gospel for all those past 50 years or so, the same 50 years that obesity has exploded, and diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are rampant in their spreading across the nation, and the world!

The hypothesis that told us fat is bad, grains are good... sugar is fine, whole grains are the foundation of our nutrition and  places them at the base of our stupid Food Pyramid and now My Plate...

Well, this whole theory is wrong- not only wrong, but exactly opposite of how we should be eating!  It truly boggles the mind that it has taken this long to convince people to start to look at the truth- I guess it kind of shows the completely addictive qualities of grains and sugars:

We don’t WANT to give up our DRUGS!

For that is indeed what they are, grains and sugar have drug-like effects, that also have the effect of making us fat, diabetic, and progressively very, very sick.

So, read David Perlmutter’s book- get the audio version if you don’t have time to read; that way you can just listen as you drive!  But get his ideas into your head, so that they can save your mind, and the rest of your body!  It’s never too late, as he points out, he has very elderly people reverse their symptoms of dementia, along with a host of other diseases, quite quickly.

Go Paleo, young or old, man or woman!!

The other thing I want you to remember to do?

ADD IN GOOD FOODS!  Eating a paleo diet is not just about subtractions!!

There are a number of folks who go gluten free- well, this is a great first step, but eating bakery goods made with rice flour, etc.- while not containing gluten, these products still  turn to sugar, right in your little mouth, and then proceed to poison your rapidly growing NOT so little body.

Step two- you give up grains!  This will really get you healthier, fast- but NOT if you still eat lots of processed foods, sugar, rice, soy- you will still be raising your blood sugar to dangerous levels!  All these years of worrying about our cholesterol levels- we should have been monitoring our blood sugar levels...

Step 3- add in lots of fats and vegetables!  A Paleo Diet is not just about eliminating bad, man made foods- more importantly, it is about

Pastured butter- rich in K2- it takes calcium away from heel spurs, fights kidney stones, heart plaque, helps blood pressure regulate, and actually can help you remineralize your teeth and bones!  Pastured eggs, grass fed beef, pastured pork, organic vegetables of all sorts are all wonderful foods, and grass fed beef liver is a fountain of youth!  Full fat Greek yogurt, raw milk and cream, bacon- believe it or not, these are all extremely satisfying and healthy foods!
As for fruit, it is wonderful as well- in small amounts!  I usually use a handful of berries to flavor my daily paleo smoothie, perhaps with a small apple, and that will be it for fruit that day.  That’s all you need- berries in particular are loaded with nutrients and phytonutrients, but they come with the cost of raising your blood sugar- so keep it minimal!  Safe starches?  Same story- keep them minimal!!

A half cup of rice, a sweet potato on occasion- these are fine, and keep us part of  traditional eating in society... but keep it minimal!  Anything that raises blood sugar dramatically is playing with fire!

When tempted to eat sugar or carbs, just eat more fat and protein!  Throw in some veggies, perhaps steamed or grilled and then slathered with butter...

Don’t go hungry!  Just eat the right foods- real, God Made Foods!!

This is the way to health.

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