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Monday, April 22, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #27- Optimal versus average health- Eat happy animals -The wonders of coconut!

Go to a standard Medical Dr. today, and he will consider how healthy you are by comparing you to other people of your age and sex... How helpful is this, really?
Now that the vast majority of people are overweight, with inflammation run rampant in their bodies, particularly their inflamed intestines or their “leaky guts”- why, if you are healthy and fit, you will  be off of their charts in health, especially as you grow older!

The sad part is that the medical industry in now comparing  very unhealthy people, by and large, and determining from that, by plotting a Bell curve of unhealthiest to just pretty unhealthy, that if you are in the middle of that curve, you are “average healthy”.

This has nothing to do with what you are capable of in your health journey- you should be looked at as how far you are from your OPTIMAL health- or just how good could you feel, look and function?  What is your body lacking to make it the very best it could be?  

Usually, for most adults quality SLEEP is lacking- and this is a huge part of health!  Sleep, for at least 8 hours per night, will do more for your overall health than anything else- more than exercise, more than changing your diet, more than ANYTHING- it will start to cure the chronic stress and tidal wave of cortisol stress hormones that almost everyone is inundated with- so- get your rest each night!  Don’t worry about waking up, or that you are not sleeping a solid 8 hours- it is NORMAL to wake up periodically, or be half awake- this is called segmented sleep, and is the natural way to sleep- we have just forgotten it in our simplistic reduction to “sleep 8 solid hours, just like you work 8 solid hours”- this is just what we were taught by the dawn of industry when everyone worked in factories, and the day was split evenly into three 8 hour segments, and the factory whistle blew at each segment...

We’re not factory workers any longer- we are cave people!  So get in touch with your inner Cro-magnon self and sleep, wake, sleep again- just don’t cut it short!  In sleep, more really is better.  And, if you don’t believe me, well sleep on it...

Of course, you know about cutting out grains, sugars, industrial seed oils and processed foods, don’t you?  If not, you do now!  That is step #2...

Another thing you may not consider important is to eat happy animals!  Really- animals from a local farmer or rancher, cows that eat the grasses they were intended to eat, animals that are healthy and living lives as God and nature intended are not only being morally treated as they should be, but they are much more healthy for us to consume!  They don’t need to be pumped full of antibiotics and other drugs, which then go into US when we eat their meat or consume their dairy products- this really is a huge point- healthy animals make for healthy people- be they Concentration Camp Cows in Confined Animal Feeding Operations, or tortured porkers and chickens in similar circumstances, or even Foully Farmed Fish, being fed GMO corn and living in filthy cramped ponds!  All are innately WRONG, and by consuming such unhealthy creatures that we have treated so inhumanely, we are making OURSELVES likewise unhealthy!
So, eat happy animals!

Now, I think I’ll take a Kitten Break!  

Lastly, if you are not taking advantage of the wonders of the coconut, you are cheating yourself!  Get a big jar or two- one for the kitchen, and one for the bathroom!  Tropical Traditions has great quality stuff, and will ship right to your door at a good price in glass jars, or even in 5 gallon pails!  Start out with a couple of quarts of good organic stuff-

Put a tablespoon or so in your coffee each morning for Paleo coffee- top it with whipped cream, cinnamon and cloves, and you will be so satisfied and happy- and, very healthy as well- YOU will become a happy animal yourself.  Then, after you take your morning shower (and this is after doing your Perfectly Paleo Exercise in front of the TV) , take a butter knife and cut out a spoonful sized chunk of that coconut oil and rub it until its liquid in your hands- then, just rub it into your entire body, like the wondrous lotion that it is- you are a like an ancient Greek warrior, anointing his body with olive oil after the gymnasium training and cleansing- only you have an even better natural oil to work with- coconut!  Poor Alexander- no coconut trees in Greece or Macedonia!

Coconut is the best lubricant you can put on your skin- better than the “beauty creams” sold for hundreds of dollars- it’s quite  inexpensive, feels great, and promotes great skin AND interior health, as it’s medium chain triglycerides go right into the body through the skin!  “Leaky Skin”, in a good way!  You know, if you smear those petrochemical lotions on your skin, those CHEMICALS leach inside your body as well.  Don’t put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth...

Speaking of which, when showering, I highly recommend taking another spoonful of coconut oil and “swishing” it around your mouth whilst you shower- this “oil pulling” smothers bacteria in the mouth, and is probably the best single thing you can do for oral health, besides just eating a non-toxic, no plaque creating paleo diet!  Just be sure to spit the oil our after this, since it has accumulated all the toxins in your mouth- spit them out in the toilet, and flush them away- hurray!

Lastly, shave after you have put the coconut oil on your face (and ladies- your legs would benefit here as well!)   A layer or coconut oil will give you a closer shave than anything else there is!  

Again, for the ladies- there is NOTHING that will make your hair shinier and smoother than a small amount of coconut oil- 
And now, exercised and glowing smooth shaved and anointed with oil, the Cave Warrior (YOU!) is ready to go outside and enjoy the sun- AND, the coconut oil serves as a sunscreen as well!  But one which also lets in the beneficial rays of the sun, and is chemical free...

Enjoy your vitamin D hormone making experience, Coconut Cave Person!


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