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Monday, April 1, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #24- Skip Supper and be Happy!


Podcast 24

Skip Supper to burn Fat and be Happy!

I know, it sounds crazy- SKIP SUPPER?  How is that supposed to make me happy and healthy?  Well trust me, your faithful PaleoJay- it will!

The Paleo waves are filled with the latest fad- Intermittant fasting!  It will simplify your life, put you into a ketogenic (fat burning) state, and flood your mind with the ketone bodies it craves...  and you know what?  It will!

But, virtually everywhere I hear and read, you are told to SKIP BREAKFAST.  That’ll work, but hey-  if you’re a Workin’ Man like Me, I mean PHYSICAL work, well, that won’t, uh, WORK!

Grass fed Beef liver Chili
We actual real honest to God WORKERS have to get up, eat a solid whack of protein and (hopefully!) a large, GREEN vegetable laced Paleo Smoothie to energize us, and load our cells with a large dose of nutrient DENSE nutrition!  This is ideal...

Then, we can attack our day- go out and WORK (Thank God I’m a Workin’ Man!), while the ivory tower bureaucrats and managers can sit on their chairs and Micro-Manage all of the REAL workers that actually produce and serve and keep this country working...

Sorry, but I had to throw that rant in- I believe our country is on a downward slide, both nutritionally and politically, and I had to throw that in!

Back to the Paleo Point- Eat a SOLID breakfast!  Include Bulletproof or, as I call it- Paleo Coffee (laced with coconut oil and real whipped cream, topped with cinnamon and cloves)... that, along with your Paleo Smoothie, 3 or 4 eggs, perhaps (as I had this very morning!) grass fed beef liver topped with hollandaise sauce!!!!  Trust me,  you won’t be hungry at ALL until mid afternoon or so!

Sip some more Paleo Smoothie from Mason jars you’ve packed in your lunch mid-morning if you want... but, when the WORKIN’ MAN is finally ready for lunch- Go to town!  Today I had grass fed beef, mushrooms and pepper slices, heated in a (gasp!) microwave oven, and a cup or so of cottage cheese.  I was very full indeed!  Happy, if you will...

Then, after the WORKIN MAN was done working, I went home and: I was so full and happy that I realized I didn’t need to EAT until tomorrow!!  What a liberation!

No preparation!  No cleanup!!  An extra hour before bedtime, and an early bedtime is virtually GUARANTEED!!   In fact, since Easter Sunday is coming up, I KNEW I wouldn’t have time for this podcast unless I did it now, on Good Friday!  I had a wonderful, relaxed, liberated, and fully satiated evening, and I am still having it.

So, bottom line, what I am saying is that I think that for most real, actual, WORKING folks, skipping breakfast, except on SUNDAY (that is my Fasting/Relaxing Sunday!), is not ideal.  Instead- SKIP SUPPER!

It gives you a few hours to do what you need to do, spend time with family, play guitar on the porch, talk with the neighbors- you know- all the things that make life worth living!

Then, go to bed, EARLY.  Get up, stretch a bit, and do your Perfectly Paleo Exercises, enjoying every moment- (This should be the best part of your day!)  Shower!  Put coconut oil on your body, rinse out your mouth with it as well!  SHAVE with coconut oil- it will be the CLOSEST shave you’ve ever had- revel in the fact that the oil is going into your bloodstream directly from your skin...

Then, make your Paleo Smoothie, prepare your eggs, grill your liver and top it with hollandaise sauce, perhaps...

You are going to have a really, really GREAT DAY!  I GUARANTEE IT!!

Enough sleep- Enough GREAT nutrients- an ENERGIZING, non- depleting (read: weight lifting/cardio) workout- YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A GREAT, GREAT DAY!!


Have a great day, Working Man! (Or WoMAN!!)


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