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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rich Food Poor Food! AND Rich Cat Food!

Rich Food Poor Food link

OK, this is a book review.  But it's one that I feel very strongly about!

I have long been into nutrient dense eating- by this I mean packing as much nutrition into each and every bite or swallow that you put into your body.  This is really why we eat- the nutrition that fuels our each and every cell.

But, we have devolved more into being like the old Romans in their final, decadent days... lolling on cushioned couches, watching Christians being burned for entertainment, and eating-

Eating, and eating, and eating, day and night, not for "fuel" but simply for the taste sensation!

This is the book that can get you back from the brink of that self-destroying path, and back into eating real, God-made foods to maximize your health, and that of your family.  

And save money doing it, too!

If you have never understood about "how and why you should eat paleo", well look no more!

Highly recommended!  

AND, I also have a tip or two about Cat Food for the Paleo Cat!

My little Siamese, Zeke, was spending far too much time, curled up in his little cat bed...
His diet was not up to snuff!  Although he got good, honest, wet all meat cat food (if you feed your cat food with any grains at all in it you are slowly poisoning him!), he just seemed to lack his old vibrancy.  (If you know Siamese, they are VIBRANT, a nice word for super-hyper!)

So, I went to the grocery store, and found some inexpensive food that I eat myself!
Exhibit A:  Tins of sardines, packed in water

Exhibit B:  Small foil packets of wild caught flaked salmon!

 Each are sold for less than $1.00, and are top notch nutrition for cats! (Also humans!!)

I gave some to my cat, Zeke, and also gave some to my daughter Holly!  Here is the result:


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