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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paleo Jay's Daily Affirmation- PaleoJay podcast 16 up NOW

Jessica's Daily Affirmation!

Can there by anything more inspiring?  This is a young, uncontaminated, if you will, Paleo person- no one has yet told her to be depressed, "more realistic", and to just settle for conformity.

This is how we should all be, each morning when we wake up!

An easy way to do this, is to just go to bed early every night.  Then, set your alarm to wake up before anyone else in your household.  Get psyched about it!

"Yes!  Tomorrow I get to start my day, doing IMPORTANT THINGS to me, without interruption, for a full hour!!"

You will have the best, most fulfilling morning you've had in a long while... perhaps since you were Jessica's age...

Here is my own affirmation, for tomorrow:

I like my job.  (I like anything!)
I like my tribe, my family, my Paleo Family-
I like my white hair.

I like my haircuts.  I like my tractor.
I like my garage.  I like my truck.
My whole house is great!

I can do anything good.  Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah!!
I can do anything good- better than anyone!!

Thanks Jessica- you have taken what we have made complex and ridden with angst, and brought us full circle- to what God has meant us to be:

Happy children, ready to experience what life has to offer to the fullest- 

Hunting, gathering, living and rejoicing in the moment, happy in our natural, God-given health, which is our birthright as natural, uncorrupted native humans!

Go thou and do likewise:

Eat real, natural foods
Appreciate Nature and your surroundings
Love your "Tribe", those whom you hold near and dear
Above all- be enthusiastic about your one and only precious life!

You really are lucky, because you were born and alive, which is the ultimate gift!

PaleoJay and part of his Tribe:

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