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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Be Your Own Doctor!

 I know that I have written and spoken about this before.  BUT, it’s been awhile, and it needs repeating since it is usually ignored: MOST of what you get from the standard medical clinics and doctors is untrue.  MOST!

The information they give you is self-serving, and mostly misleading.

For instance, I was having a conversation today about kidney stones.  

‘What causes them,’ I was asked.  

‘Oxalates from things like kale, spinach, and beet greens” I answered, since I KNOW.  Especially when concentrated in things such as green smoothies.

So then, I decided to look it up, as if I was someone who did not know.  Someone with confidence in the standard medical paradigm of clinic and MD.  

I read that animal protein and salt create kidney stones.  (WRONG)

Vitamin C causes kidney stones. (WRONG)

Then, I saw online that “global warming causes kidney stones”.  Climate Change and the Kidney

Do I even need to say that this is wrong, and stupid, and actually retarded??

This is the politically correct  nonsense that our standard medical practice has devolved to.  

Here is what you need to know about kidney stones:

They are made up of oxalates, which are a plants defense mechanism against being consumed by mammals.  Chemical warfare, really: ‘eat me, human, and suffer pain!’  

Conclusion?  Don’t eat lots of dark green vegetables; they don’t want to be eaten, and are fighting back!  Occasional spinach or kale, your body can probably defend against adequately.   Green smoothies of such, especially beet greens ( in my case) and you will get kidney stones.  And it has nothing to do with animal protein (which is benign), or global warming (which is a political scam) at all.  

It’s simple biology.  As is all of medical science.  REAL medical science!

Most of clinical medicine today is 1970’s science, pure and simple.  Outdated ideas, reiterated over and over for many decades.  Wrong then, wrong now.

But gospel regardless- because there is a huge financial incentive to keep the charade up and running.

‘Cholesterol is very important to track and medicate’.  (An outdated lie)

‘Blood pressure, whatever the age, should be 120 over 80 or else heavy medication is necessary to prevent death’.  (Another extreme lie to sell blood pressure medications, that don’t extend life for one single day).

‘Kidney stones are caused by global warming’.  (Do I even need to comment again??)

This is what has become of Western medicine.  They are still good at civil war type of triage medicine, which is keeping you alive after a gunshot or an automobile accident with major trauma.  (This is what modern medicine evolved from during the civil war, and which they are still very good at).

But as for keeping you well, and disease free?  

They are now just profit-based witch doctors, overall.

You need to be your own doctor!  You really do.  Most modern doctors will sabotage your health, because profit is the reason for being of their clinic, not health or anything that you desire!

This is the sad truth, and it is a real TRUTH!  It’s all about the money.  This is what has happened to our country while we were not paying attention.  

Covid was all about money.  (Not the real disease- it was political, and manipulated via media to manipulate all of US.)

And so are most standard diseases as well!

Cholesterol causes heart disease!  (No, it’s high blood sugar)

Statins can save us all! (No, it is a largely meaningless measurement, and actually a good indicator among older folks).

And so it goes.  Most of modern medicine addressing health is a total scam.  A way to sell various pills and potions that have no positive effect on health at all, but do create a market for eternal customers:

Diabetes customers, who are lifelong.  Lots of carbs (sugars) are recommended to them all!  Ideal customers for pharmaceuticals!

Heart disease customers: Statins and blood pressure medications- NEITHER of which are shown to extend life at ALL!

Low Fat Diets!  No positive results at all, since the 1970’s!  And it increases cancer deaths too!

This is all just a brief introduction to the scam of modern medicine!  Subscribe to me here, and to similar blogs to bypass the misinformation.  Above all, rely upon yourself!  Your own research, not that of the standard medical misinformation.  It is almost entirely nonsense, and self-serving.

You can do it- BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR!!

With the internet, you are empowered.  You can find out way, way more than your unmotivated doctor could ever do.  Remember above all:

He doesn’t give a damn, except for his profit.

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