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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

I Live in a Virtual White Ethnostate: Do YOU? And do you Admit it?? on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

As a matter of fact, most people choose to self-segregate.  This is both blacks, and whites.  I’m sure it is also as true amongst other races, but there is no more stark contrast in the USA as that between those two most opposite races as black and white.  

This is despite the fact that these races have dwelt together in north America for hundreds of years!  What can be the problem, after all of this time??

Let’s go back to Paleo 101: mankind is an evolved creature.  This is the foundation of why things like neolithic grains and other foodstuffs are so problematic for our health.  We didn’t evolve to eat grasses; we evolved to eat primarily meat, and bugs; other protein sources and small tubers and tiny, ancient fruits with little sugar at all.  This is how we evolved, and such foods give us maximum health: along with living in a state where we get maximum sunlight throughout the day, and adequate exercise as we forage and hunt with primitive weapons, barefoot and using our musculature to drag heavy loads, and do other such work that conforms to our ancestral template, forged over millenia.

After a night of sound sleep, we would wake amidst our tribe, feeling fulfilled and ready to begin another day, forging the destiny of our own people.  This is our true history, and the closer we can remain to this ancient format, the healthier and better off we all are!  Tribally, ancestrally, and PALEOLITHICALLY.  This is our true selves, with stories told at night, archetypal stories of our culture, and our ancestors; stories that reverberated within us both in our dreams, and throughout our waking hours.  

Our tribe was all about us, with members closely resembling us and our forebears: folk whose DNA was very close to those of our own family and ancestry, whose thoughts and aspirations could be reliably known to be very close to our own!  This was all very natural, and healthy overall.

Nowadays, however, we are supposed to pretend, (just as we are supposed to pretend via standard medical protocol), that not only is a low fat, low sodium diet wonderful and proper, along with endless drug prescriptions, prodecures and side effects-but in addition, all races and people are identical, replaceable, and that we should welcome the diversity of all races, creeds, and colors to live within our countries and neighborhoods- and even be happy to pay for it all via our tax dollars through the all-encompassing world-welfare state!

As I foreshadowed earlier: I live in what is, in effect, a virtual ethnostate.  The vast preponderance of my neighbors and fellow townspeople are all of white, European ethnicity; mainly hereabouts of Norwegian and German ethnicity.  And everything works wonderfully!

Crime is very, very low.  Courtesy is wonderful whether in store or in the streets; neighbors are quick to help one another, and government has nothing to do with it.  You could dismantle the sherrif’s department in my town, and no one would notice any difference to months.  Almost every local citizen is armed, and prepared to defend themselves and their neighbors!  (And everyone else knows it)!

All is well and good, until Big Liberal Government steps in.  “Things are not fair”, they say.  You don’t have enough “ethnic diversity”.  The agenda becomes to force other races and cultures within our midst.  You are not usually allowed to say it, but blacks, in particular, have vastly higher crime rates than whites, or any other race.  

VASTLY. Hugely.  OVERWHELMINGLY!  They are just this way; there is no gainsaying it, it is just a FACT.  In every single category, in every country and region and locality where they exist- they commit the vast majority of crimes!  In particular: violent crimes.

Because of this, largely, whites choose to self-segregate.  They congregate in white and Asian suburbs, around chocolate dominated cities, because they would never send their children to the all black schools that are cesspools of endless violence and mayhem, and virtually no learning whatsoever.  They pay exhorbitant amounts for tiny suburban properties, for this reason alone: to live apart from blacks.  

Ironically, and very hyocritically, these same suburban whites profess liberal, ‘multi-cultural’ and leftist sentiments- simply because they have self-segregated themselves, and don’t have to ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to multi-culturalism nonsense.  

There are so many so-called liberals that will work in their inner city “non-profit”, and then commute hours away to live as far from the liberal inner city minorities that they champion and actually live in a nearby red state that they profess to despise- simply in order to take advantage of the lower taxes, better schools, and lack of big governmental interference that they vocalize (loudly!) that they support!

I am here to assuage your guilt, if you have it,- even faintly, paleo person!  

We evolved to live amongst our own tribe!  Our peoples have evolved a long, difficult history in the northlands, that forced us to solve endless problems, like provisioning ourselves for the harsh winters that came yearly.  We evolved an enhanced intellect that was crucial in such survival, and also a strategy for living that included long-term family structures to nurture youngsters through such winters, and privations, for our survival.  This made us unique, and resulted in the amazing achievement that is Western Civilization.

This is our Paleo, Ancestral reality!  This is what we evolved to, and what we and our ancestors created.  No one else did; no one else even could!

Multiculturalism is a lie; a weakness and an infiltration.  Diversity is not a strength, in any way, shape, or form!  

Xenophon traveled throughout the ancient world from Greece.  He came to realize, as he traveled with the 10,000 soldiers that he was a part of, that the people he came from were superior in pretty much every way to those they encountered, no matter how numerous those were.

And so, he and his comrades fought their way back to their ethnocentric homeland, where everything worked admirably, through forces vastly huger in size.  

And now- his views are held up to ridicule in the modern day- largely because most of today’s history moron disciples know no history at all!  Xenophon was right to be xenophobic- he could have told you that!  It is only those who ignore both history, and Biology- they are the ones without a clue.  They are, on the LEFT- despite their fervent protestations: ANTI-SCIENCE!