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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Abandon Religion at Your Peril- on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

Religion!  So Medieval, right?

Well, yes- and ancient, and paleolithic, and well- every other time bar none!

Religion is baked into our DNA!  You can be ‘trendy’, you can deny it completely: but you really can’t, not really.

Neanderthals had a religion, possibly moon worship, but we can’t be sure.  They certainly laid their departed to rest, bedecked with flowers for the next world).
 What we can be certain about is that any people who denied a higher power (think NAZI’s and COMMUNIST’S) - well, they wound up in a nihilistic NIGHTMARE, where in the Nazi’s case they started to worship strange paganistic rituals,  and in communism (and Nazi socialism too, come to think of it) they started in on dictator worship instead: (Stalin and Hitler and Mao to name a few worthies).

Our very species evolved with a notion of a higher power- a GOD.  Usually  matriarchal in the beginning, (the Moon), but then evolving into a patriarchal, SUN god over time.  It is in our very DNA- deny it at your peril.  

Go ahead: deny that there is anything other than man and random chance in the Universe.  Go ahead…

It’s a lie, a lie that is built within us to detect: from the Earth Mother, to Zeuss, to Mithra and the Son of God himself- they are all here, they are all US.  Your fake, climate change denial, hedonism and multiculturalist diversity nightmare all outline it in bright colours:  there is a God, or else there is nothing.  And our evolutionary dictates tell us that there IS.

If there is not a God, what is there?  

This has been answered, time and again.  

If you deny there is any god, it sucks you dry, from the inside.  All is nothing, there is nothing but blind chance, and life is nothing.  

This destroys you, personally.  You are nothing…

Then, you try to substitute, out of desperation:  You read fantasy stories where there is meaning, you watch movies where there is meaning as well (never realizing that the subject and plot lines of these movies and stories is taken from Christian and ancient Western archetypes), pretending there is meaning where your cynical, liberalized mindset prohibits you from looking overall-

And then, as your culture at large adopts this attitude of Liberal Thought writ large: you begin to notice the overall cultural rot.  Without an overarching, cultural program of a God Centered Universe-  


Nothing to live for, nothing to aspire to-
Total hedonism, and then, ultimately- oblivion..

And it’s all a lie. 

Through our very evolution, we know this to be untrue .  We in the Western tradition have built a civilization that is second to none, that has transformed the world.  And we know what happens when there is- nothing.

When there is no belief, when everyone in a society, or the majority, believe in nothing: 

History has shown godless societies to be unfit for survival. Time and again, they have been outcompeted by both gods-fearing and God-fearing societies. 

When God’s law is not observed, the law can become whatever the ruler wants it to be: Ultimately there are no human rights, let alone property rights, as totalitarianism reigns. When religion becomes ascendant, so too does the rule of law. 

And human animals, when given free reign through the idea of no absolutes, meaning the horrid ‘anti- human credo’ of moral relativism- and NO GOD: 

We have here entered the realm of hell on earth.  Where rulers can determine who lives and who dies- whatever they decide, whimsically or whatever.   Where children die en masse, and so do the elderly- 

Like in any African Country nowadays!  We are talking HELL on Earth!  

But don’t say so!  Because, well since they’re from Africa they are a protected species...

BS- Africa is now, officially once again since the fall of South Africa: 


And sadly, major American cities, like Chicago and Detroit, Philadelphia, St.Louis, and many others..

No GOD, no ascendant Western Civilization and culture: