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Friday, July 19, 2019

Leftist Global Elitists are the Enemy of Ancestral Living on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

Yes, history does repeat itself, over and over.  The details are very, very different throughout time, but the gist of it remains the same:  

Self styled elites, which in ancient days meant Kings and Emperors, Warlords and Dictators- they are constantly trying to control, to micromanage, to tell everyone else how to live, and what to do- endlessly!  These fake “leaders” will order us around endlessly, unless we stop them.

In Western Civilization, this has been one of the primary concerns, and one of our greatest successes!  From the Magna Carta, which outlined the protection of ordinary folk from the dictates of despots, to the Declaration of Independence, from which the founding fathers declared the God-given, inalienable rights of mankind.

These were triumphs of Western Civilization, and set the stage for the longest, brightest ascent of human achievement and the reign of peace in all of recorded history.  Centuries of a shining light on a hill- that is the history of modern, western civilization, the envy of the world- a civilization where women as well as men, and then other races as well, were afforded all the rights of living in such an advanced and law-abiding place!

The Left, fueling ‘liberal’ thinking through the Democratic party through the influence of the failed Marxist so-called philosophy started attacking Western Civilization primarily by making the youth feel ‘guilty’ for the West having done so much better than anyone else.  This was a postition founded on envy, and it energizes the left through jeolous hate more than anything else ever could.

Now, you may be asking yourself: “How does this fit into a podcast about ancestral, evolutionary lifestyle and health??”

Well, it has reached the point where today I heard a supposedly ancestral podcast, at least one that pays lip service to natural health by eating evolutionarily appropriate foods, and living in a way unlike that touted by so-called ‘modern’ western medicine, meaning medical “scientism” left over from the 1970’s, that is still overwhelmingly prevalent today in mainstream medicine…

And on this podcast, which I assumed should be one of my allies, a fellow paleo person: I hear a diatribe about Climate Change!  

If ever one thing was a clarion call to ’scientism’, meaning the assumption of scientific principle with nothing to back it up- that thing would be Global Warming, or Climate Change, or whatever kind of nonsense you want to call it!  Voodoo Health perhaps?

The Climate does indeed change- I have no argument there!  We had numerous Ice Ages, and many other tropical ages; too numerous to mention over the eons.  Weather, and climate change happen, and always will happen- the point is, we can’t do anything about it!  Well, except to innovate; to come up with warm furs to wear from mammoths we kill, and to plan for the privations of long winters; things like that!  That is what fueled the evolutionary changes that resulted in Western Civilization, the crowning achievement that is White European Culture.  The envy of the world; copied endlessly, and where everyone wants to live!

My point is this:  Evolutionary health and Wellness!  Living in accordance with our evolution- realizing that grains, health-wise, are a mistake largely.  Discussing the problem, realizing that minimizing grains is a great first step; then, going towards proper, Weston A. Price type preparations is probably a postive step, sprouting grains and using sour dough as a leavening agent is a good idea.  
Including fermented foods in our diet is more than just an ancient convenience: it has profound health benefits, as does grass feeding our cattle, and so on and on…

Abandoning many of our cherished Big Medicine practices like endless screenings like expensive colonoscopies, which can largely be replaces by simple blood tests.  And actually by putting endless, expensive yet profitable (for the medical establishment) tests on the backburner, and instead concentrating on living in accordance with evolutionary health- things like pastured meats, dairy and ample vegetables, smoothies made with coconut milk and pastured eggs, avoiding grains in the large part and exercising daily and getting ample sunshine and fresh air in contact with nature- these things are far more germane to true health than clinical tests in a hospital or clinic that just assess disease, rather than actively building our health!!

Forget Climate Change Frenzy!  It is just a political, Leftist move to put more and more power into Big Government.  To reiterate: Emperors, Kings, Warlords, Dicatators etc.- they all translate into BIG GOVERNMENT.  Bad.  

What is Big Government today?  Our current oppressors??  Those who deny us our own voice, our own autonomy, the rights of each person according to their own industry and worth??

Big Medicine and Big Pharma
Big Agriculture and Confined Animal Feeding Operations
The Democratic Party (Marxist Dividers by Race)
The European Union (Globlalists)
Moslem Invaders

Those listed above are the modern day equivalents of:

King George
The Ancient Persians
Genghis Khan

I am not really exaggerating here: we have just reached such a sad point of lack of historical knowledge, and a downplaying and denigration of our own Western European history that we no longer know our own evolved priorities, just as most of us have even forgotten simply how to eat and live!

I will end with this- go back to our roots.  Study ancient Greece and Rome, learn from our ancestors!  Do not repeat their mistakes.  Uphold law and order; give no special dispensation to those of other races and creeds- they must adapt to our systems of order, or go back to their own failed cultures.  

There can be no exceptions, that only leads to disruption, endless crime, and baseless recriminations because of fake claims such as white privilege.  

Climate Change.  White privilege.  Endless Racism.  

Learn that these are all Marxist buzzwords to destroy what we have built.  Put into the mouths of others to shame us, to make us ‘feel guilty’ for having done so very well!  

WE HAVE done well- or, at least or progenitors have.  They have built the most amazing culture and civilization that has ever existed!  We can build on that, expand it, and encourage other races and cultures to embrace it-

Or else we can collapse in a fit of guilt that is self-induced, pretending we are ‘not worthy’, and go into extinction… all while the rest of the world goes down in flaming ruin and madness.  

Listen to your ancestors; their voice is within you!