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Monday, October 8, 2018

Your TRUE Paleo Tribe is LOCAL podcast on PQTD

One of the ways in which we have betrayed our genetic heritage, along with abandoning the eating of real, God made foods, is to try to claim allegiance to ‘global’ ideals rather than concentrating on our own tribe.  For human beings evolved as tribal, social animals, just as wolves are pack animals and cattle are herd animals.  Such small, regional, and racially similar groupings are necessary for smooth, healthy functioning of both our local society, and for the health of the individual within that group.  Only in such a fashion are we naturally equipped to maximize both our mental and physical health.

Just as big, industrialized processed food has replaced good, pastured meats and vegetables with high fructose corn syrup laden concoctions of unnaturally altered strains of wheat and GMO foods- so too has our natural, native attachment to those of our own genetic type rather than to an artificially big government mandated ‘globalism’.  We are told to erase our borders, to interbreed with other of nations and cultures and races completely incompatible with our own, and we are told this is good and only fair.  This is complete nonsense, and actually a form of cultural and racial suicide!

When we are with other who are like us, with similar points of view, cultural assumptions, and intelligence- it is then that we are in our natural, healthy state.  This is the sort of group that makes up our tribe.  In a group such as this, there is a high level of innate trust, with very low crime, and a natural coming together of all to work together to accomplish things for the tribe.  It’s actually just common sense, and was pretty much assumed by members of all peoples of all the human races since the beginning of time itself.  We evolved this way!

Any time before now in history, it would have been seen as absurd to import people from far away, and in many cases natural enemy tribes and peoples into our own.  People with different gods, different assumptions about how to treat women, children, and even peoples such as ourselves, the tribe importing them; why, taking in people, like Muslims, who have been our open enemies and the enemies of Western Civilization for thousands of years is the height of folly.

And yet, we are doing it, both here, and even more so in Europe!  This just goes to show how far we have fallen in matters of common sense: just as our great grandparents and previous generations would have never given up eating high fat meat and dairy products and replace them with a low fat, high carb diet of sugary junk- so to would none of our forebears have allowed, much less subsidized parasitic, low IQ people into our civilization that have actually committed to destroying us and our culture.  

What are other things that our ancestors knew to be true, and what are things we do commonly now that they would never, ever do?  Well, we consent to live in large, crowded, crime-infested cities.  We live in little boxes high in the air, cut off from the nature in which we evolved to live, breathing polluted air and drinking chlorine and fluoride contaminated water.  Of course, as I mentioned, our food is largely completely devoid of nutrition, and overloaded with calories.  We don’t see animals in their native state, with which we have had a symbiotic relationship since the beginning of our evolution.

Our meats are raised in CAFO’s, or confined animal feeding operations, where they are fed unnatural (for them) grains, that marble them with fat, and load them up with enough antibiotics to keep their unhealthy bodies alive long enough to slaughter.  We even farm our fish, and so all of us are miserable and unhappy together!

In a way, we in the modern world are also raised in our own Human CAFO’s, confined into little cubicles where all we do is stare at screens all day for work, and all night at home for entertainment!  Most of us never feel the grass beneath our bare feet, never know the exhilaration of cutting a tree, stacking wood, hunting, or growing a garden.  It is, in a way, like going through a shadowy life in limbo, never actually having lived at all…

My advice to anyone, be they young or old, is to get out of the city and suburbs, the metropolitan areas.  Small cities are better, small towns and rural areas are the best for real, paleo, tribal, natural living!  Here there is nature, and also a human scale of government, where everyone has a voice, and the predominant voice is one of common sense.  The larger scale you go to, whether it is national government, big corporations, big medicine and big pharmaceuticals, big unions- these large scale operations are inevitably corrupt.  Limousine liberals, who have allegiance only to their elite circles of privilege.   Crime and immigrants are kept far from their gated communities at gunpoint; you, however- at least if you live in a big metropolitan area- will be denied firearms at all do defend yourself!  The elite have largely become the epitome of hypocrisy.

Even if you can, do not ally yourself with this group of elite globalists.  They have sold their souls for money and power, and the rest of us are just tools for them to use.  Escape them as best you can- go rural young man and woman!  I have spoken with people who are living good, paleo lives with their tribes and families.  Many are in the midwest, like me, but they are many places in the US I have found.  

I talked with one from Canada, Kelowna was the town, and it looked like a delightful area, even way up there.  And there are tribal folks, good people all, who are living as nature, God, and evolution intended us to live in Texas, Kentucky,Virginia, Vermont and New England.Australia, New Zealand, rural England  and Ireland- the list goes on and on.  Almost every European country is an outpost of Western Civilization, spread throughout the world.  Unless they have been destroyed by some self-styled “elitists” of one stripe or another, then there is a strong element of trust in the culture, and with hard work you can make yourself happy and fulfilled there.

Hopefully, the immigration will dwindle drastically.  Europe is at the point where they need to actually send many back to where they came from!  Those people need to build and improve their own countries, not escape to and be supported by us.  Even the Dalai Lama has come out in favor of this recently.

Every tribe needs their own valley, their own “cave”, their own mountainside or island.  Our destiny is among our own tribe, our own people.  We must provide for ourselves!  We are free to give to other tribes - but only on our terms, not the terms of the global elites- and we should only give to help them to build their own lands.  To help to learn them fish, as it is said, rather than to give them endless food and everything else.  

Every people needs their own land.  With either a stout wall, or else like the Spartans or the Swiss- enough weapons in every household to defend those lands against invaders, and migrants!  For, in the last analysis- those are really the same thing.