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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Fake Science PJSC podcast

For all of our modern reliance and so called ‘reverence’ for science in the western world, it is actually the fact that most real, fact-based science  is now ignored and largely unknown by those who are supposed to the the gatekeepers of scientific information.  I mean the medical doctors, the many mainstream forms of media, and, of course- politicians.  

These so-called gatekeepers-far from being the impartial relayers of the latest scientific findings, have instead become largely abusers of the public trust.  For instance, the mainstream media, both in print and television, insist on promoting the misleading bit of untrue science called global warming, despite its documented utter falsehood.  Of course, they do this to further their own leftist political ends: global warming or, since that is obviously not proving true- climate change- is, contrary to what is advertised, i.e.  “that 97% of climate scientists agree” that this is happening- is actually that only .3% support this theory!  0.3%!!  Hardly overwhelming, is it?  Minuscule is more like it.

This theory is simply a power grab, a way for governments to take over more money, taxes and power to supposedly fuel their noble aims to ‘save the planet’.  Money and power they can use any way they’d like, worldwide, since the theory is totally unsupported by science or even common sense.  So, they have all this power and money to use any way they’d like.

And as Paleo People, we have long since come to take the Medical doctors and clinics and hospitals at large with way more than a grain or two of salt.  Stents have become big business, and implanting them in millions of people each year is a huge money maker- yet, it has been known for some time that stents are largely a placebo- people who think they were given a stent have just as much improvement as those who actually given one surgically!  In addition, the patients are also told that they will need to have it replaced in a few years, so save up…

Statins are another, a drug that actually only helps a very few who have already had a heart attack, and whose cholesterol levels are genetically out of whack.  Cholesterol actually is very beneficial, particularly the older you are, and most especially if you are a woman.  Most people should never take statins, which are loaded with lethal side effects (as are all medications),and yet it is often recommended by those men and women in the white coats that statins should be put in the public drinking water!  Just like fluoride, which is put into our drinking water, to our detriment.  Fluoride has been linked (via real, actual science!) to adverse health effects such as IQ deficits in children, depression, weight gain and heart disease.  In addition, it does not appear to help prevent tooth decay!

How about the ‘My Plate’ food guidelines issued by the USDA?  Eight servings of grains per day- low fat, low calorie, high fiber, low protein??  It is still set up as our ultimate, medically sanctioned guidepost- despite the fact that the U.S. is now fatter, and sicker, than at any time in its history.  And diabetic- and what is the medical standard of care for diabetics, those who have unremittingly high blood sugar levels that inflame their entire body and render it very susceptible to every disease from obesity to blindness, to the loss of limbs and to heart disease?  

The recommendation is to eat lots of grains, low fat, and otherwise whatever the standard American diet of fast food and cereal inclines you to- just cover up your diabetes with insulin!  Insulin is a very expensive, and getting more expensive yearly drug, and very profitable.  The perfect disease to make your medical system lots of money, for as long as you (barely) stay alive.  Ironically, type 2 diabetes can usually be completely reversed by diet in a matter of weeks- but your doctor won’t tell you that.  And, even if you have type 1, by changing your SAD diet to a high fat, moderate protein diet with minimal carbs, you can keep your insulin usage down to the bare minimum.  Remember: insulin is an aging hormone.

Now let’s look at bariatric surgery, or gastric bypass of one sort or another.  Usually, this restricts your digestion by stapling your stomach, or removing part of your intestine.  I see billboards advertising this sort of thing all the time now, which I find downright scary- bodily mutilation to lose fat?  

And after the mutilation/operation is done, what is the followup??  Why, you just eat higher fat, low carb, paleo type of diet (they don’t call it that, but that’s basically what it is).  In fact, that is the only type of diet you can eat, now that your digestion is so messed up- if you don’t eat a good, nutritionally sound diet, you will be severely malnourished.  So- why not just change your diet- and then you won’t need the bypass!!  

And now, let’s get into global politics, the idea of being “liberal” and so-called “compassionate”.  You will go along with fake ‘green’ agendas like wind power, which produce tiny amounts of unreliable electricity while despoiling the landscape for miles and miles with hideous machines that looks like invaders from War of the Worlds.  Worse, these compassionate “green” ecologically minded folks conveniently ignore that literally millions of raptors (birds of prey) and bats are killed yearly by these ‘green’ wind machines!  All for a power source that is symbolic at best, and a very expensive way to make power per kilowatt.  Even Warren Buffet stated that “the only reason to build wind farms is for the federal subsidies”.  Fake science indeed!

I could go on about medical procedures that are just BS, like colonoscopies being unnecessary 99% of the time (if you don’t have a family history, just get an inexpensive blood test), and how flossing the teeth is actually harmful to the gums, pushing bacteria deep within the soft tissue.  (Do oil pulling instead, and brush with a fluoride free toothpaste- ‘Earthpast’ by Redmond’s is great!)  But I have podcasts and blog posts about such things, and this is a more all-inclusive sort of rant here.  So let’s get back to Leftist Global Elite/Marxist politics- truly a fake science of the highest order, and the biggest lie of all.

Years ago, after world war 2, Communism and its close cousin, Socialism, had been proven bankrupt, both morally and in the real world.  Both systems are really a screen for Oligarchies, where all the wealth of a country are stolen, not for the “benefit of all” as is stated- but to give to the elite oligarchs of the system.  The Castros, the Kruschevs, the Hitlers.

But, since everyone became aware that the marxist theories of the capitalist elite and the proletariat and the bourgeois were fallacious, the LEFT flipped the terms.  NOW they say that the bourgeois are white people (white privilege), and the downtrodden are everyone else- the proletariat are now any person who is dark, and the darker the more deserving!  

And they are acting on this, actively importing millions of third world people into the advanced countries of Western Civilization!  Make no mistake: the goal is to destroy our European countries worldwide, to destroy them from within.  Of course, the media denies all of this, saying it is all done in the name of compassion.  They cynically load our countries with low IQ people that they know will only be a high crime, high welfare using load of parasites.  If we do not stop it, this endless importing of foreign primitives will bring us down, actually replace us as surely as if we were genocided.  (Just look at South Africa to see our future in perhaps 100 years of less).

Then, the oligarchs- the uber-wealthy and elite will have it made!  Lording it over a bred-down, low IQ world nation, utterly indifferent to the lowliest quality of life, kings and queens over millions of slaves.  Trust me, once they are in charge, their so-called compassion will dissipate- the “useful idiots” of the many leftists and Democrats that helped them out over many years will be laughed at for what they are, as Lenin called them long ago.  Useful Idiots, who were discarded along the way.