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Saturday, September 1, 2018

YOU are a Paleo Pioneer- not an Immigrant- podcast on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe

Ancient paleo tribes, wandering through Europe- they would have never allowed tribespeople from elsewhere- the other- to come and sit about their campfire with them and their tribesmen and women.  To take their laboriously hunted meats and fish, their gathered vegetables- they would have fought rather to the death than give up their land and what they had built!  For they were the earliest of pioneers- making and taking what they could from the land to survive and thrive- for their own people and tribe.

Imagine: you are living many thousands of years ago in just such a tribe.  You have a good life, after centuries of hard, hard work and suffering.  You have even developed free elections of your own chiefs, to organize you into warrior bands to protect what you have built.  Because, although you are a stone-age cave person, you are not stupid.

Then, an evil chief from within your land declares himself a “king”.  Or a tyrant of any sort, whatever the name.  Many suspect he is insane, but he is powerful and determined.  He insists that you welcome all strangers that come against you, even your hereditary enemies from the cannibal tribe in the next valley that you have fought for eons, and not only welcome them, but to give them many of your own huts and caves, and even labor hunting for them, giving 1/2 of what you gain to them and their tribes!  

Soon, there are nearly as many of the cannibal tribe within your stone walls as without!  Many of your children wind up disappearing in the night, and it is known that they are often found in the cannibal tribes cooking pots!  Half of your tribe is up in arms, ready to expel these invaders, but the evil king that has mesmerized and fooled many of your fellow tribesmen and women insists that you are just racist, which is just a new term he has made up for the others, which is an evolutionary response that has kept our species safe for eons.  

Perhaps the king has made a pact with the cannibals, simply to replace his own race in order to be an absolute ruler over these new cannibal folk, who to him are totally subservient.  Some suspect he has connived with the cannibals to put strange herbs into the drinking water of his own tribe, making many of them so deluded and naive that they believe somehow that his obvious ruination of their entire tribe and city is somehow ‘only fair’, and so approved of by the gods.  Especially the new, Serpent god of the cannibals that he has forced the tribe to worship, as the equal traditional Gods of the Sun and Moon that your tribe has traditionally worshipped.

The old heavenly gods told us that men and women were equal under them, and that reason and light, brotherly love and justice were to be valued.  The new serpent god, beside cannibalism and human sacrifice, champions men over women, and people in general as far beneath both the evil King and his newly appointed court.  Debate is declared to be illegal, and punishable by death.  

Ultimately, the old gods are banished, and the stone doors of the city are flung wide, allowing all of the evil tribes nearby complete entry.  Women are attacked openly in the street, and if any of the original tribe defend them, they are sacrificed to the great Serpent.  This early civilization is finished.

Now let’s look at a modern parallel:

For the first few centuries of America, those who came over did so to carve out a place on a new continent, a place that they could support themselves and their families and posterity in.  They had no expectation that it would in any way be easy, or that anything at all would be given to them.  They knew they had to struggle, work unbelievably hard, and suffer privations beyond anything that they might have had to suffer at home- but they knew that in the end, they would be free!

FREE or oppressive government, free to worship their own God as they saw fit.  Originally, a big part of the huge effort to transplant themselves into a wilderness was to escape these governments, and also to escape the religious ‘government’ of tyranny; of the unnatural alliance of oppressive governance and The Church of England, or else the Roman Catholic Church.  Indeed, the early US was seen as “the great Protestant experiment”.

As we know, due to the incredible work ethic and the herculean efforts put forth by our forebears who had escaped from Europe, (many did not even survive the hazardous journey), that early Protestant Experiment was a HUGE success; becoming in fact the shining light on a Hill of civilization- the most wonderful civilization ever built on this planet!

Now, immigrants, illegal immigrants are pouring into our country by the millions.  They are not pioneers- they are building little or nothing.  They are here for free stuff- welfare, section 8 (free) housing.  Free schooling and medical care- the list is endless.  And the result will be the end of our civilization- listen carefully: the result will be the end of Western civilization.  The finish of over 2000 years of laboriously crafting of the most profitable, egalitarian, and learned societies in all of history!  

Many have a religion that is the direct antithesis of our own, and in fact have the goal of eliminating us and reducing us to abject slavery.  Evil rulers tell us that this is fine- it is our duty to welcome them, and to raise our taxes higher and higher so that they can be supported, (along with their huge, growing families within our country)- effectively making us curtail our own families, so as to pay the taxes to support theirs.

They attack us wantonly in the streets, and if we respond then we are at fault- we are racists, which is a strange term for the evil rulers to employ, since they also insist that race itself does not really exist.  We have simply invented it to persecute the other.  And of course this, as all else they tell us, is simply a LIE.

This is a paleo parable.  If you are wise enough to embrace the paleo principles, eschewing much of modern medicine as antithetical to true health, why the I am sure you can see the direct truth of this.  Preserving our modern, western way of life is at least as important in modern times as it was in the stone age.  So let’s do it!  Oppose open borders, both here and in Europe.  
Not to do so is not just naive and foolish- it is SUICIDE, not just for ourself- BUT FOR OUR ENTIRE RACE AND CULTURE.