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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe #118 Where Should a Paleo Person Live?

pjsc 118  Where should a modern day Paleo person live?

I have been giving this a lot of thought, and actually, it seems so obvious to me!

I know there are hotbeds of “paleo aficianados” in pretty urban places, like NYC, and especially Austin Texas!  And God bless ‘em, I’m sure they are doing really great there, or at least as good as they can, and I wish them luck!

The problem is, I think that people tend to live in the past; that is, they idolize a “perfect time” in a certain place, and subconciously convince themselves that that time is now.

Like so many Woody Allen fans convince themselves, like he does, that New York City is the New York of the 1940’s... the city portrayed by the New York Times and the New Yorker magazine of that era...

Sorry, but it’s not even close anymore!  I came from Chicago, and the crime-ridden nightmare that that city has become is not even close to what it was in the 1950’s or 60’s- even the 70’s!!

I hate to sound the alarm, politically incorrect as it is, but someone has to say “the Emperor has no clothes”!

Out BIG CITIES have become largely unlivable: racked with governmental corruption, NO real police protection, and riddled with bad water, food deserts, and no contact with real Nature anymore for any of the residents!

Light pollution, noise pollution, traffic pollution, and just too many people pollution have ruined our big cities!

And our suburbs!  Our suburbs ringed about major cities are elitist places nowadays, obsessed with “big dollar high achievement at the expense of anything else”, and likewise an obsession with status and money, since nowadays that is what it takes to remain in the suburbs.  The nice ones, that is.  The ones that retain some semblance of normal American values, that try to emulate some semblance of real, small town values...

God bless the suburbs, but they are fighting a losing battle against the over-the-top corruption and crime of the big cities all around them!  They are fast turning into Gated Communities, hoping to retain their character.  Big, top down government will NOT allow that to continue.  Besides, the cost of admission via housing costs is prohibitive to anyone with a normal job!

So where should a Paleo type of person live??

A smaller city (less than 500,000 people) is ok, but the ideal is to live outside of a small town, or small city of 50,000 or so.

In my opinion, this is ideal.  In the ancient Greek city-states, like Athens and Sparta, this was the average size of a “polis”, meaning a citizenship or body of citizens.  Anything more becomes unmanageable!  In communities of this size, every person still matters, and has a real voice.

So, pick out a small town, outside of a small city!  Or, if you are more urban minded, you can live right IN that small city!!  Cities of that size are kind of “small towns” in and of themselves, in this day and age.

The water will be better!  If you live outside of the city, you can rely on well water, which will be vastly better! 

The light pollution can be very little indeed, giving you wonderful sleep, without needing blackout curtains.  And the noise pollution will be virtually non-existent.

You will be able to afford a large acreage to live in (avoid “developments”!, which will give you an area in which to “forest bathe”, and simply to have wonderful privacy for your family and yourself to exercise outside, and expose yourself to the sunshine and the Vitamin D without anyone staring like an idiot with disapproval that you aren’t wearing sun screen...

You will be able to grow a large garden, digging in the pro-biotic rich earth, and reinforcing your gut microbes daily, as you run, walk, and spring around your yard barefoot!  You can have chickens for their eggs and meat if you want, and there will definitely be a farmer or rancher close by that you can befriend and have a relationship to gain real, fertile eggs (I you don’t have your own), and pastured beef, pork, and poultry!)  This is in and of itself invaluable!

Above all, you will have divorced yourself from the opinions of idiots.

In big cities especially, but also in suburbs as well, you are inundated with liberal, Big Government ideas.  What I mean by this is, the pervasive ideals that none of us can do things on our own, we need Big Government to tell us what to do, since most of us are so stupid and inept!

Nothing could be further from the truth!!

Big, Federal Government is the problem, not the solution!  We need to go “Back to the Future”- the original  promise of the American Revolution, which said that Each citizen should decide how the  country is run- NOT the Federal Government! 

Small government, local government should rule.  The voice of your neighbors, local voices, people you know and deal with are the ones to determine how things should be done!  NOT big bureaucrats, that have self serving agendas.

America was a conservative revolution, originally.  The ONLY ONE in history, really!

It was called the “Protestant Experiment” back then.

It was wonderfully successful. So successful that many worldwide want to bring us down!  (Jealousy is a terrible thing).

We are on the verge of losing all of our success.  The days of Andy Griffith and small town Americana are struggling against a Federal intrusion agenda that threatens to destroy our health, our wellness, and our way of life! 

Vote with your feet!! 

Just as people did in the last days of Rome, when the big government corruption was destroying the empire-

Leave ROME!  Find a home well outside of the big cities, and create your own paleo friendly GARDEN!

Be like Maximus, in The Gladiator movie!  As he moved out to Spain, building an estate there...

You can move to the Midwest, or the South or the West...
And build your own estate!  Far from Rome!!

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