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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the day #98 Cheers to Paleo Exercise every day!

pqtd 98  Wake up and work out

That sounds a little simplistic, doesn’t it?  Well, it is, and that’s a big part of its beauty: if you work out first thing in the morning, there is no decision to be made!  You get up, and then you work out...

You don’t have to plan just when you will work out, just what exercises you will do that day- nothing at all!  You just need a plan in your head:  Here’s mine!

On Mondays I do virtual resistance exercise, on a rebounder as I gently bounce away, in front of the tv- either news or more likely a Netflix program.  I keep a cup of coffee laced with coconut oil by my side for occasional sipping.  Very relaxing, but by the end I am lathered with sweat, and all my muscles are engorged with blood and pleasantly tired.  Maybe 45 minutes of so total time.

Tuesdays are one overall total body set of virtual resistance for each and every body part, with quite a big of stretching on the floor.  Then, I superset high volume straight legged sit ups, pushups, hindu squats, and hindu pushups.  Repeat this superset about 2 times.

Wednesdays I do Monday’s program!

Thursdays I do high volume sets of pushups with raised legs on the Perfect Pushups rotating handles, with regular grip, wide grip, and narrow grips- then, repeat at least 5 times.  I follow with side planks, super setted with ab wheel pushups.  A big strength day!

Fridays are the same as Monday and Wednesday, except I finish up with self resisted chest, arm, and back resistance exercises.

Saturday is a repeat of the Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday program!

Sunday is my biggest workout of the week, with handing leg raises, pistol squats with the gymnastic rings, pushups, flies and rows on the rings, hack squats, pullups and dips for multiple sets.  I also do a couple sets of kettlebell swings for high reps- these are like sprinting in the Winter months!

My point it this- I never have to think about what to do, or when to do it- I just do it!  You don’t have to do exactly what I do, but you have to have a program, a rough outline of what to do, and then you can just follow through, on auto-pilot if you will.  There is no decision to be made- it is just like taking a shower later, and shaving, and brushing your hair and eating lunch- it’s all just part of your day!
And the very best part is, after the first 45 minutes or so of your day, everything else is just down hill!  Easy peasey. 

A good workout, hitting the entire body, with stretching and  the circulatory system included, leaves you feeling just glowing and energized, with a feeling that you have already conquered the day, so you might just as well go on to accomplish more!  And you don’t need to keep in the back of your mind that you somehow need to fit in a workout later... because you’ve already done it.

Although, this morning post workout feeling is so addictive that you may, like me, come to want to repeat it later in the afternoon or early evening, and go outside pumping heavy hands weights of 6-8 pounds or so, as you walk around a forest trail, for maybe 15 minutes or so.  Or go to your gymnastic rings and do a quick set of pull ups, chin ups, push ups, and dips. 

This is what I call “Paleo Happy Hour”!  Cheers!!

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