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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

pqtd 48 Get Rid of your S.A.D. diet like an old, ridiculous Leisure Suit

pqtd #48  Get RID of your S.A.D diet like an old, ridiculous Leisure Suit

That might seem like a strange analogy- comparing the standard American diet of today to that ridiculous costume of the early, disco-fueled 19970’s...
But, the two are not that different in their very outmodedness!

Think of the 1930’s and 40’s, when cigarettes were commonly prescribed by medical Doctors for various, made up and ridiculous reasons: improved digestion, enhanced relaxation, and other silly reasons with no foundation in fact.  Much the same thing happened in the 1960’s and especially in the 1970’s, when medical Doctors prescribed LOW FAT diets, counting calories, and long, punishing sessions of Aerobic exercise- mainly slow running, for hours and hours each week!

And at the same time, millions of Americans (probably including most of these deluded doctors) were wearing stupid leisure suits, of which I will try to find some pictures to put up at
Suffice it to say that they were silly, ridiculous disco outfits that were only popular among disco dancers in the late ‘70s or so for a few years.  They were kind of like Elvis’ later costumes, but without the glitz and show biz glamour...

And so, since you are probably NOT smoking cigarettes

or wearing leisure suits today, what is it that many of you are doing that is wrong, out-dated, and proven to be wrong by current science??

Well, if you are eating low fat foods of any type, especially processed ones like low fat yogurt, breakfast cereals- anything in which the fat has been artificially tampered with-

Well then you are essentially wearing a leisure suit, doing aerobic dancing, and smoking cigarettes!  You are so out of date you are a sad joke, and hurting yourself while you embarrass others...

And so, what to do?  BURN that old suit!  Throw out your cigarettes!! If you can’t quit, get a good eCig, and just smoke that instead- the same experience, but you’ll be smoking water vapor which is harmless instead of tobacco and chemicals!
And also, get rid of any kind of processed food, fast food, vegetable oil,
and wheat!  Do NOT do long sessions of aerobics; do short sessions of intense, body weight, virtual, and self resisted exercises.  Rebound on a mini trampoline!  Sprint barefoot occasionally.

Now, your family won’t be embarrassed anymore!  You’ll be cool, wearing your Xero sandals, and sprinting in your yard or park.  Get a set of gymnastic rings for your basement or garage!  Shop for REAL FOODS at Trader Joe’s or best yet with your local farmer or rancher!!

NOW, you are COOL AT LAST!!

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