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Sunday, December 14, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast #92- Script out your Mornings for maximum Health and Happiness!

pjsc podcast #92  Program and Script out your mornings for maximum Health!

The thing about waking up, and starting your day to remember is that it is the most important part of your day, and so of your life! What you do to start your day actually determines your DAY- the outcome depends upon the beginning!

Especially with health and wellness, this is crucial. First, you need to start a good, productive, happy day with a really good night’s sleep- and that is super important!!  Ok, I guess your perfect day starts with going to bed nice and early; enough to get a good 8 hours or so of quality, blacked-out room quality type of sleep...

But now, it’s morning! Do NOT lay in bed thinking about all the things you should do, or not do- go to your scripted, pre-planned, programmed every day morning routine:

I have one, that works very well for fitness, health, productivity, and overall HAPPINESS!  Want to hear it?  OK:

I awake, just before my alarm clock. Always!  I get up quite early, before work so I can do my script! After all, it IS the most important time of my day!

I start in by doing deep breathing, deep costal breathing- meaning that I breathe deep into my diaphragm, swelling my abdomen with life-giving oxygen,and then fill my chest as well to the max,  and then slowly exhaling until my lungs are completely empty.  Repeat.

Do this maybe 10 times or so, and you are completely awake, and energized!  The benefits of this total costal breathing are wonderful, and not to be underestimated.

Then, I arise and go into the bathroom, where I do a series of limbering moves- not really “exercises”, but just moves where I take my limbs and joints, slowly and easily, through a range of motion to get them activated.
Shoulders, neck, elbows, knees, hips, and ankles...  Maybe 3 minutes or so.

Aerobie Press
Then, I go downstairs, and heat up water for coffee in an electric carafe for coffee.  I add coconut oil to three cups, about a teaspoon or so, and then, when the water is hot, I make the organic coffee with my wonderful Aerobie Press coffee maker! (This is the best way to make coffee- better than machines that cost thousands of dollars- trust me!)

And, whilst the water is being heated, I take the canister from my trusty Vitamix Blender and load it up to make my own food supplements for the next few days!

I start out with about a cup of green tea, which I pretty much always have in my kitchen thermos, and a can of coconut milk...

And then, I begin adding in: kefir, spirulina, kelp, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, spinach, the frozen california mix of veggies... heck, just check out my perfectly Paleo smoothie recipe at and you will be golden!  With this elixir of the gods made in my Vitamix, I have achieved my nutritional script for the next few days, and cannot fail- I have reached nutrition NIRVANA!!

Next, I take my perfect cup of coffee into the living room, and turn on Netflix...

This is pretty much the ONLY time I watch TV- when I exercise!

I turn on my latest compelling movie or news program, and begin my virtual resistance exercise, which is flexing intensely while you move through a total motion. It achieves all that I used to get through weight training, but with no damage to joints and tendons, and much more naturally and pleasantly! It is the cornerstone of my fitness regimen, and I recommend it to everyone- weight training and Aerobics are the USDA Food Pyramid of exercise- those forms of exercise are highly recommended, almost universally so, yet their results lead inevitably to injury and debilitation!

Just as the food pyramid, or My Plate update of the stupid Food Pyramid leads to obesity and disease nutritionally!

Moral of the story?  Anything recommended by Big Government, Big Food, or Big Anything is a LIE, meant to benefit THEM!!

I hate tattoos, but if you must get one, that would be worthwhile...

OK, back to the script: You have spent maybe 15 enjoyable minutes exhausting the muscles of each part of your body, methodically, in turn, while you were engaged watching a television program you really wanted to watch!  Not a bad way to start your day, is it?

NOW, do the same thing, but do it on your rebounder!  You know, the little mini trampoline you bought on Amazon?  Just get a cheap one at first- they are fine; later you can upgrade to a Bellicon- but the cheap ones ($50 or so) work well enough.

You just slightly bounce ( you’re still watching TV remember) while you go through your same Virtual Resistance exercises that you learned at, or at www.transformetrics/, or from the great eBook Perfectly Paleo Exercise.

But this time, you finish each move at a different ending point:

half-way up, or all the way up, or at the beginning of the movement!

And, when you finish, you hold it isometrically, for several seconds.

This makes a huge difference in the results- that isometric hold!

I like to start with first cycle, hold in the beginning part of the motion (say the beginning of the curl), second part on the rebounder in the middle, and the third motion at the end of the movement!  And, since you are bouncing throughout, you are simultaneously exercising and energizing every part, and every cell of your body.

Now, I don’t do the same routine every day, and neither should you.  But this is my base routine, my home place that I do pretty much on a daily basis.

And if you have a base routine, a script that you follow, and don’t even have to think about, daily...

Well, welcome to health, wellness, and happiness!

It’s all built in. After this, everything else is strictly downhill.