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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #49 Sickness is the Absence of Health- Build your Terrain!

pqtd 49  Sickness is the absence of Health- Build your Terrain!

That might sound redundant, and even silly.  But, it is not at all- Sickness, in most cases, is something that we can avoid!  It is the old Terrain theory of disease put in a nutshell- the stronger we make the “terrain” of our body, the less susceptible we are to disease.

This runs counter to the prevailing “wisdom” of that past 50 plus years or so, the idea that germs are the main cause of sickness, and if we can just keep ourselves away from bacteria and infections of all types, we will not get sick.  This misses the true point, especially since now the most recent science all supports the incredible importance of bacteria, both in our guts, and on our skin.  We are utterly dependent upon many strains of bacteria to survive, and especially to reach maximum health.  The point is to strengthen the terrain of our body by encouraging the beneficial bacteria to multiply and thrive in our bodies, and discourage the pathalogical strains.  We do this by eating properly, a largely ancestral or paleo diet of real, God and nature made foods, avoiding sugar and grains (that immediately turn into sugar!), and getting exercise in the right amount (not too much and not too little), and getting adequate sleep.

There are other factors in becoming really healthy, like consuming LOTS of green leafy veggies daily, getting adequate vitamin D, and avoiding toxins in our environment as much as possible.  All of these, added together, result in a lifestyle that will eliminate most all modern diseases, sickness, and common ailments!  Really!!

The key is this: concentrate NOT on vaccines, and pasteurization, and chemical based disinfectants and products- concentrate instead on adding in as much GOOD things into your diet and environment as you can!

Get good sleep nightly!  Black out your bedroom, put up curtains to keep out artificial night time lights, get the TV out, and all other electronics.  Eat really, really well- eliminate junk and fast food, processed foods, sugar grains and cereals.  Eat as much really good food as you can- don’t diet- just switch out what you are eating, and eat a LOT!
Get a Vitamix blender and make a daily Paleo green smoothie- this one step can really boost your “terrain”!!
And do Perfectly Paleo Exercise- self resisted exercise, virtual resistance exercise, and body weight exercises, which will build your body and terrain up naturally, without the inevitable injuries and overstress that comes with weight and machine training- this type unnatural exercise will weaken your bodily terrain, and at the same time degrade your joints and tendons, setting you up for a lifetime of pain, and probably surgeries...

I include long distance running in this list of terrain weakening, body depleting exercise misinformation!

And so, get started building your terrain!  Turn your body into a mighty fortress that can withstand most anything, and you won’t need to worry about (or suffer through) the modern sicknesses like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer- not to mention much lesser things like bad skin, bad teeth, depression, and gradually failing eyesight.

You really can be your own superman or woman!

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