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Sunday, July 27, 2014

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe Podcast #82- YOU are your OWN DOCTOR!!

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe podcast #82- YOU are you OWN Doctor!

It’s true- YOU are your own doctor- your own healer! Especially in today’s world, with the internet, there is absolutely no excuse for YOU not be in total touch with your own health challenges.

You have the internet waiting and ready to answer questions about your health problems-  you have podcasts like PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, Paleo Quick Tip of the Day, and many others as well to answer your questions, give you insights as to the how and why of the ancestral lifestyle- Blogs like, www.mark’,,,, and many others- take advantage of these!

Podcasts are ideal, because you can do other things
My new garden gate- made while listening to podcasts!
 while you learn and are entertained all at once- things like driving could be a time sink; but, fill them with podcasts of value, and you are going to the university while you drive!  Same with mowing, washing dishes, chores- it makes it fun and very, very profitable for your health at the same time!  My favorite app for podcasts is Downcast- the free Podcast app from Apple is fine, and so is Stitcher.  Hey- give me a recommendation on iTunes or Stitcher, and it will really help other people to find me, and let me help them, like I am hopefully helping YOU.  Paleo is starting to take over on the health front, and rightfully so, because it is the real deal- it works- not just for a month, or a year, or five years- FOR A LIFETIME IT WORKS!

You are on the cusp of a revolution my friend.  Doesn’t it feel great to be a Paleo Pioneer??  A role model for your friends and family?  Well, if you are “going Paleo”- YOU ARE!

You are also, as I said above: Your own Doctor!

If you go to a medical doctor, realize that he is just a hired consultant; nothing more.  DOCTOR doesn’t even MEAN healer- it means teacher.

And modern medical Doctors can only teach you about disease- and they can only treat the symptoms, not the causes of most modern degenerative diseases that are destroying our health in the modern world- and they can only treat these symptoms with drugs, drugs that are LOADED with bad side-effects- side effects that are often worse than the disease itself.

So, take charge.  Be your own doctor!  How?  Well, grasshopper:

Eat an ancestral diet.  Eliminate grains- they have very little nutrition anyway; especially whole grains!  Whole grains, of wheat, brown rice, wild rice, are loaded with anti-nutrients, i.e. POISONS designed to keep mammals like US from eating them.  They are also by and large purely sugar in terms of our glycemic response and triggering an insulin surge- avoid them.

Eat grass fed meat, pastured dairy- especially fatty dairy like cream, butter, full fat Greek yogurt, kefir.

LOTS of seafood like sardines, wild caught salmon and other fish as well, shrimp, oysters and anchovies.

TONS of veggies!  This is the hardest part- our ancestors basically chewed on vegetables ALL DAY LONG whenever they could- the varieties available in the past were small and tough, but our ancestors knew their importance in health and survival.  The best way to get them into your diet in abundance in the modern world is to VITAMIX them into a smoothie each and every day!  Easy, effective, convenient, and the very healthiest thing you can do for you and your family, bar none- get a Vitamix!  Make Paleo Smoothies!

And, this may surprise you, but eat WHITE RICE, white potato (NO SKIN!), and sweet potatoes... originally most Paleo gurus were ultra-low carb, and anti-potato, but nowadays the consensus for most is that including 15-30% of these SAFE STARCHES into your diet is not only not bad, but very beneficial to your health!  This is still far less carbs, and WAY safer carbs than are consumed on the SAD diet; but these safe starches also keep down fungus in your system which is encouraged by either a very LOW or a very HIGH carb diet.  Also, resistant starches that you do not digest yourself when you consume them, like reheated rice and white potato feed your gut microbes instead, which is VERY beneficial to your health indeed- our gut microbes do incredible things in terms of regulating our mood, sleep, and overall health and digestion.

One more tip is to eat LESS OFTEN.  Try to fast, or not eat for about 16 hours or so most days- this allows for autophagy, which is a term for “routine maintenance” of your body, by your body!

If you are constantly digesting, your poor body can’t take care of “little things” like killing cancer cells, consuming damaged mitochondria, and otherwise doing housekeeping of your bodies cells to keep them healthy and vital!  A short break from eating, which is natural, and what our bodies expect and have been made to take advantage of is one of the most healthy, and life-extending things we can do...

So, skip either breakfast like most paleo people do; or supper, like me!

I like to have a BIG Paleo breakfast, with eggs, and salsa, and a big Paleo Smoothie, and pastured bacon and/or sausage most mornings...

A big, giant salad topped with meat or seafood, or heated pastured beef or pork or shrimp and veggies atop some reheated white rice for lunch, and then ANOTHER big Paleo Smoothie late afternoon- and then I’m DONE!
Stuffed and happy- ready to be busy, or relax, read, or play music, or whatever I want with friends and family til an early bedtime...

OR, on days off I often take the standard Intermittant fasting approach and Skip Breakfast; having coffee with a little coconut oil in it, topped with whipped cream, cinnamon and cloves (usually while I exercise in the living room in front of the TV doing Perfectly Paleo Exercise), and don’t eat until maybe 11 or 12:00... either way works, and really frees up time to do productive things rather than just EATING!  It’s kind of like autophagy for your life as well as for your body- by not digesting, your body gets a break, and by not having to prepare, eat, and clean up YOU get a break!
Win Win!

So, that is how to build up your bodies TERRAIN- your natural health, so that your own immune system can keep you healthy, and disease free!

A healthy terrain, or body, means that you won’t need a doctor, or anyone else, to restore your health, since you are doing it yourself, naturally, like humans have done for thousands and thousands of years, successfully!  It’s all about good, nutritious, healthy God made food, LOTS of sleep, lots of God made vegetables and rice and potatoes, lots of animal protein and collagen and fats as provided for us by God (remember the Fatted Calf!)-

And staying active, and flexible, and strong, and vital and lean by doing our Perfectly Paleo Exercises on a daily basis, pleasurably and naturally, whilst sipping our coffee or green or white tea, loaded with anti-oxidants, and enjoying the early morning air in our lungs while we watch a great Netflix movie- reveling in the fact that we have a healthy TERRAIN- we are very, very healthy indeed, and have no need of a symptoms treating MD at all...

Since we have become our own doctor!

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