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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Microwaving your food is...GOOD!

I'm sure that many of you have read articles about the evils of microwaved foods...

I know I have, and so I endeavored to come to the bottom of the issue.  And the bottom is- (drumroll)-

Microwaving your food and beverages is not only SAFE-

It preserves nutrient value BETTER than most other forms of cooking!

So there.  

Here is an article on the blog of Paul Jaminet of the The Perfect Health Diet.  

He goes into detail on the latest, and older studies of microwaves and their effect on food.  I think the main problem is that we ALL, me included, have an innate distrust of what we perceive as processed foods.  And rightfully so!  Industrially processed and FAST foods are indeed largely unhealthy, and pernicious not only in how they affect our health, but also in how they effect our home lives by supplanting family meals, meal preparation, and just a wholesome life centered around the home and the kitchen.

BUT, and this is important, sometimes we need to look at the whole picture: 

Sure, Aunt Bea didn't use a microwave, since it was not yet invented!
 BUT, she WOULD have, and not skipped a beat in Mayberry, since it would simply have been another invention that would have made her daily meal preparation so much easier and efficient- for instance, if there had been one in the courthouse, Andy and Barney could have heated their meals there- Aunt Bea wouldn't need to bring them down from the house...

Mayberry aside, we don't want to be Paleo LUDDITES- people who fear technology, and shun it as entirely EVIL.  All technology is not necessarily evil at all, and microwaving our food, and iPhones, and computers, all seem to fall into this camp of USEFUL TECHNOLOGY.  

Such technology should be prized, not feared!

Here is another quick read about microwave cooking from the Harvard school.  

If you're not convinced yet, well then go ahead and give up microwaves!  It won't hurt you to do so...

But it sure won't help you, or your health, at ALL!


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