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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#27 PQTD How to ReGRAINWASH Yourself! We’ve all been brainwashed, literally for our whole lives- I mean nutritionally brainwashed! How were we brainwashed? Eat low fat- eat LOTS of whole grains- pasta, whole grain BREADS and cereals! COUNT CALOR

#27  PQTD How to ReGRAINWASH Yourself!

We’ve all been brainwashed, literally for our whole lives- I mean nutritionally brainwashed!

How were we brainwashed?

Eat low fat- eat LOTS of whole grains- pasta, whole grain BREADS and cereals!

These are just the more prominent LIES we’ve been brainwashed with since birth- by the mass media, our own precious Government agencies like the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture, the grain cartels like Kelloggs and Post and the myriads of BREAKFAST cereal manufacturers, the American Medical Association... and the list goes on and on.

Why would they do such a thing?  Mislead us, for over 50 years about proper nutrition??

At first, it was well-meaning- they all bought into the false science of Ancel Keyes, and even put his photo on the cover of Time magazine in 1961, praising him for uncovering the cause of heart disease!  Trouble was, he had “cherry picked” the data- only using the data from the countries that supported his theory that dietary fat had anything to do with heart disease... in other words, he falsified the data to support his wanted results!

Later the McGovern committee supported this false idea, and with the full might of the US Government behind it, the fight against fat was on in full force!

The results?  We are all much FATTER, SICKER, and UNHEALTHY!  Obesity and Diabetes have gone through the roof!!

Thanks Ancel.

So, what is a budding Paleo Quick Tip of the Dayer to do?  REGRAINWASH yourself!

Start listening to podcasts, on an ongoing basis!

Really, this is not just self-serving since I provide Paleo Quick Tip of the Day and the PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe- but there are many other wonderful podcasts that can help you to reprogram yourself in alignment with MODERN SCIENCE so you can resist the enticements and criticisms of those around you that are still IGNORANT of how to eat, exercise, and move in accordance with our ancestry!  Like your friends, your Doctor, your relatives, the television and radio.... you get the picture- you need reinforcements!

You need to start listening- don’t get me wrong- books are great, and books like The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf,
Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore, and Perfectly Paleo Exercise by Jay Bowers are all wonderful to get and read!
But there is something very visceral about listening to someones actual voice as they tell you what they’ve discovered- it’s like talking to a friend, and you can really internalize just what they are trying to impart to you.  Also, you can listen easily while you are doing something else- no setting aside additional time!

Driving is the main way people listen- we all drive somewhere, pretty much, every day- instead of mindless radio, just... play a podcast!  You can pause when you get there, and then resume- you don’t miss a word.  Or walking, or washing dishes, or cleaning your house...


You can just use your phone!  I have an iPhone, and it is drop dead easy on that- just use the podcast app... but, truth be told, I actually use an app called DOWNCAST.  It’s a simply wonderful app, and effortless to use...  STITCHER is another, and a FREE app, that you can use to gather your podcasts into playlists.  I like Stitcher, but it does “redo” the audio so it has a lower audio quality... but, more importantly, WHAT should you LISTEN TO????

PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, of course!  Rate us on iTunes- we want more cafe patrons! And SUBSCRIBE- then, each and every episode will magically APPEAR when it comes out! WOW!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day- but then, you’re already here- HEY- hit the subscribe button!  And after that, give us a review on iTunes too...

Robb Wolf
Robb Wolf- The Paleo Solution- Robb is almost the John the Baptist of the Paleo revolution, taking the work of Loren Cordain and running with it- not to be missed, each and every Tuesday.

Latest in Paleo- Angelo Coppola does a great job of painting a BIG PICTURE of Paleo, and how we are NOT broken by default- Very well orchestrated, very professional, and very enlightening- highly recommended!

The Livin La Vida Low Carb Show with Jimmy Moore- Maybe this podcast should be number 1, even ahead of my own- Jimmy is a legend in this area- he has literally a thousand podcasts or more.  He started Atkins Low Carb, but has evolved into a Paleo convert, and knows EVERYONE that is an expert in the field, and interviews them on a regular basis.  He’s funny, smart, a great interviewer; and he walks the walk, having once been 410 pounds, and now a fit and healthy NORMAL weight! Don’t miss Jimmy!

Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor- These two are great sources of paleo ideas: Listen to them play off of one another, and I guarantee you will learn lots!  I like it that they are NOT an interview show- most shows are!  Not mine, though... and not theirs!
Chris Kresser

Chris Kresser and Revolution Health Radio:  I can’t believe I haven’t put him up top- Chris is THE most knowledgable guy
in Paleo, and if I was sick, HE is the one I’d want to be my doctor- really!  Just gone in for a weekly, shorter podcast- and only 30 minutes instead of LONG- Don’t miss Chris!

Paleo Magazine Radio:  This is another great one- lots of subjects, covered concisely in an entertaining and easily accessed manner!

Not Just Paleoo:  This is a very eclectic podcast- you never know just WHAT the young host, Evan Brand will cover next!  He goes into all sorts of stuff, and however strange it gets... it’s always interesting!  Recommended!

There are others, but this is the cream of the crop!  Put them all in your playlist, Downcast Stitcher, or Podcasts app, and listen on a regular basis- make this your “go-to” car driving entertainment.  CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  REGRAINWASH YOURSELF!!

I started my own transformation with books, and the internet.  But I’m here to tell you that NOTHING works better, faster, easier, or more efficiently than PODCASTS!

They will transform your life, and you health!

Check out this episode!

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