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Friday, May 10, 2013

Do maintenance on your own body- Becoming A Supple Leopard PaleoJay podcast 30

PaleoJay podcast #30            iTunes PaleoJay podcast link!

It’s a big day for the podcast- number 30!  Live voice messages are now on the paleojay site!

Do maintenance on your own body- Becoming A Supple Leopard

First off- I have a new app on my website, that enables you to call and send me a voice message right from your computer!  Wowzer- it’s fast, easy and free- PLUS, I can play your comments and questions back, and answer them right on the podcast- how very cool is that?  Just another way that PaleoJay makes your life better...  Call me!  

My other point is this- the new hardback book, Becoming a Supple Leopard is out, and man this is a book you should add to your collection!  Kelly Starrett is the author, and he is a Physical Therapist’s physical therapist- he covers every joint, muscle, and connection in the body in exhaustive detail- telling you just HOW to do maintenance on your own body. To quote the book cover “The ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance”.  

I love the do it yourself approach to most things, like becoming your own fitness coach, taking responsibility for your own health and nutrition, your own fitness program, and now you can be your own coach, chiropractor, doctor, physical therapist, and masseur!!   is the link to his website- Kelly’s site name is from the Crossfit WOD, or “Workout of the Day”, and he has lots and lots of mobility videos, from many moons of doing a video per day about keeping your own mobility.  This back catalog is well worth checking out as well

His motto is that “all human beings should be able to do basic maintenance on themselves”, and that is a worthy goal for each of us.  And, if you do have a particular area that is painful, you can go right to that section of the book and go to town- there will be  a whole bunch of exercises, stretches, and explanations of proper body mechanics that can really help you out- and some that will surprise you!  You might even lose a nagging, debilitating pain of long duration, right away! There really is that much valuable information wrapped up in this big book, which is kind of a Rosetta Stone of the human body- explaining its workings in detail, and just HOW to address certain problems.

There is also a long section dealing with proper lifting mechanics, and this would definitely be worth the price of the book in and of itself!  Very detailed information, and the book is packed full of illustrations and photos showing just how to do each and every movement!  

Did you know that 98% of all dysfunction in athletes is caused by 
Overtension (missing range of motion)
Open-circuit faults (moving in a bad position)

Here is the information that you need to deal with that 98%!

I dealt with plantar fascitis awhile back, and a video on MobilityWOD helped me out a lot, using nothing other than... a La Crosse ball!  You just CRAM your foot down on that rock hard little ball, and roll it around- really loosens up the fascia of your foot, and relieves the pain right away!  Now, I can use that ball all over my body- my shoulders the other day, my back, the back of my legs- just with a La Crosse ball or two, and perhaps some of his Voodoo Floss bands that you can wrap around any part of your body for compression, or for stretching and resistance as well... and you are set!

This really is rather exciting information, and so I recommend it highly- A long lasting reference book you will turn to again and again.

So, go ahead and send me a voice message, either on my facebook page 

And, if you haven’t already, go ahead and rate me on iTunes- I’m like Tinkerbell, in that if people don’t believe in me, I start to fade away...  Thanks, I appreciate it!

And last but not least, go ahead and order a Vitamix blender using the link on my site.  This is really the #1 Fitness tool you can get- it lasts almost forever, and is a fool proof way to make your own “supplements”, by incorporating all the green veggies you would find difficult to consume otherwise, and giving you that Green Paleo Smoothie that covers all of your nutritional bases each day- free shipping from my link, which is the best deal anywhere on a Vitamix!

See you all next week, and hear you via voicemail all throughout!  Whee Doggies!!

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