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Sunday, March 17, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast 22- My Personal Vitamix Story!

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I was a long time weight lifter, having been a really skinny kid in the 1960’s, I was determined to “bulk up”.  Health was always important to me as well, but I wanted to be BIGGER.  I started out with standard weightlifting protocol of 3X per week, and that really worked in my 20’s!  I rather rapidly put on 20-30-40 pounds of muscle- but that wasn’t enough!  I ate- all I could!  But indiscriminately: I ate lean meat, but I also ate pizza, and ice cream, and just about anything I wanted...  

And I started training MORE- I’d train for an hour or two, HARD, and then go out and RUN a few miles.  I stretched religiously as well (thank God), but my cortisol levels must have been through the roof!  I literally reached the point where, even in Church!, I would be thinking about my workout later that day...  

My priorities were WAY out of whack.  My bad diet had me top out at 220 pounds, on a very small boned frame!  I started having migraine headaches, my back hurt, my shoulders hurt, my feet hurt, and my knees hurt.  I had bony protruberances growing out of my elbows- this really irked me- what was this?  I was HEALTHY!

I did try to eat “low fat, high protein”, and I started having hemorrhoids too- 

“What was going on???” I asked myself.  I am all about HEALTH!!”

My wife was starting to have health problems too, and I wondered “what the heck- we are very health conscious!  How can this be?  I bake all of our own 100% whole wheat bread, and we eat it constantly- we should be super healthy!”

I was in my 50’s here, and knew I had to figure this out.  I didn’t want to be sick, something I had ALWAYS tried to avoid.  I had always revered the ancient Greeks, and their credo of “A healthy mind in a sound body”.  So, I went to the newest version of SCROLLS for learning, the rather newish INTERNET.

I found the Paleo Diet, via Loren Cordain!  

Immediately, I knew this guy was on to something.  It all made sense!  I had always hated the “low fat” mantra- I mean, old time bodybuilders that I had read for years always lauded butter, and cream, and steak, and eggs...  the difference was, the whole wheat thing, that I had swallowed hook line and sinker from Rodale Press and the mainstream was...BULL!  

For one thing, WHEAT had CHANGED!  Dr. Cordain never pointed that out- he just maintained that grains, especially wheat, were ALL bad!  What a mind changer!  I even sent him some questions, which he graciously answered- I knew this guy was a game changer as well.
I really thought about all of this, and wondered how I could implement it, as effectively as possible into my family.  I researched, I thought, I read Weston A. Price, and every Paleo guy there was at the time (not much!)...

I thought about what would be the MOST efficient, easy, effective, and just plain DO-able way to do this thing in the modern world- eat lots of GREEN vegetables, good FATS, and healthy PROTEIN, while eliminating most starchy carbohydrates and sugars and all grains??

First, I tried a juicer.  I thought it would be perfect- reducing fruits and vegetables to juice... but, it was a MESS!  And throwing away all the pulp seemed INSANE to me.

And then, finally, I found the Vitamix Blender!

Finally, I knew I had it all figured out.  I could add anything, I mean anything and it would be liquified; meaning ALL the cell walls of the vegetables, and fruits, and anything else I might want to include (Golf balls, anyone??)  would be broken down and ready for my body to assimilate readily.  ( I was kidding about the golf balls, but it probably would liquify them as well...)

So, I began assimilating every super healthy Paleo ingredient (meaning anything our ancient forebears would have revered as healthy foods!) into a wonderful drink that would nourish anyone that drank it as much as what Ponce de Leon was searching for in his Fountain of Youth- and I FOUND IT!  As near to the “fountain of Youth and Health” as there is allowed to us here on this mortal plane- 

The Paleo Smoothie!  

Basically, making a green vegetable, green tea and kefir based smoothie with loads of coconut milk, oil, butter, organic spices, and berries and citrus will revolutionize your total health.  It will literally reverse (I’m speaking personally here) : migraines will disappear, Fat will melt away, aches and pains in you joints and fingers and knees stop happening- I mean, this is all just personal experience, but Personal Experience is the most important determinant in all of our lives; and trust me: this experience seems to cure  just about everything.  And, I am not exaggerating!

Rosacea, crohn’s disease, acne, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome- I mean anything you can think of, up to and including cancers and heart disease- this is the best preventative I can think of.  That is how powerful the Vitamix is, in incorporating the foods, easily and effectively, into our bodies where they can do what they have through all of time to protect and nourish us to be incredibly healthy and disease free!

I mean, it would be enough to say the this simple machine could make us slim and healthy, wouldn’t it?

But the fact is: it will give us the capability, by maximizing our nutrient intake, to achieve our ultimate health and wellness, and reverse most modern diseases by the same avenue of maximizing our nutrient intake, making us replete with nutrients that our bodies are screaming for!

And that is what the Vitamix blender did for my family and myself. Paraphrasing the great John Wesley- 

“Be as healthy as you can, and as helpful as you can, for as long as you can!”

A Vitamix helps you to do just that, easily!


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