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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grilling to make LIVER palatable! (GOOD)!

I know- it might not look that good...

But trust me- it is!!

I have been searching for a long time to make liver, grass-fed beef liver in particular a regular part of my diet.  But the taste and the texture were just...  deal breakers!

I am proud to say that as of now, that is no longer the case- since I've tried grilling the beef liver from my usual grass-fed source, flavor is no longer an issue- 


When you grill the liver, right along with your lovely bacon and steak, the flavor is the charred one you like, and the nutrition, if you are not aware, of liver is off the charts- a vitamin IV in a piece of meat!!

I ate some plain- it was amazingly mild, and good!  But, for the faint of heart, I thought I'd devise yet a better method of introduction:  I slipped a large portion of grilled beef liver into my previously made chili!  

If you slip it in with tomato sauce, grass fed beef, and even (gasp!)
a few lonely beans- you don't even notice the liver!

Next stop:  Liver and eggs in the morning!

Food aversion:  CONQUERED!!


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