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Monday, March 11, 2013

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Travel Paleo
Traveling paleo style doesn’t have to be tough- there are many ways to eat well away from home:
Pack a good amount of food- an insulated cooler bag is a no-brainer.  Get one like a small suitcase- I got one called an eBag on Amazon, and it is the cat’s meow- holds just a ton of stuff- several mason canning jars of paleo smoothie, put in a ceramic lidded or glass bowl full of chili or bone broth soup to microwave- you can easily carry one whole day’s worth and more of good quality food.
For more extended trips, beef jerky and cans of sardines are wonderful!  A can of sardines, packed in olive oil, is probably the very healthiest thing you can ingest- I mean- omega 3 oils galore, low on the food chain for no mercury or other toxins, plenty of good protein, and also, since you are eating the entire fish- organ meats and bones!
It may sound a little bad, especially if you are 12 or under, but it really is quite tasty, and fills you up better than just about anything.
As for beef jerky- it lasts about forever, tastes great, and if from a grass fed source- as it would be if you made it yourself from your grass fed meat- it is a wonderful food!    I find it quite addictive, in a good way.
And hard boiled eggs are great, and quick to prepare.  Just get an automatic soft and hard boiled egg appliance - again, I got mine off of Amazon for about $20 or so years ago- you just plug it in, add a measured amount of water, and boil until the timer goes off, then rinse in cold water- drop dead easy!
Celery with almond butter on it, almonds and dark chocolate chips mixed together
Just remember- traveling is NOT a good time to “just give up and go with the flow- eat what is available, i.e. CRAP, and destroy your intestinal tract and by that avenue also destroy the rest of your body, bit by bit.
It really is that crucial!  Eat nutrient dense, natural foods as they were designed by God, not man, and your diet will enhance your health, not destroy it.  Think of the Golden Arches as a place to go to the bathroom and possibly buy coffee (black- bring your own coconut oil in a small glass jar in your cooler).  Don’t buy anything else there!  Or else just drive by and stop at Trader Joe’s...
There is no reason to eat non-Paleo, even when traveling!  Even if you travel mainly with a CAT in your bike basket!!

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