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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Must See Paleo Movies for 2013

The Paleo diet is going mainstream!  Yesterday, I visited Barnes and Noble bookstore-

Wow!  A whole table of books in the front, at least 2/3 of which were Paleo themed!  What was once a small niche market is getting bigger all the time- this is great news for the health of America, but the movement is still just getting started.  What we all need to do is to reprogram ourselves.

Our negative, low calorie, low fat, healthy whole-grain brainwashing began about 50 years ago... you have probably partially reversed this process, at least somewhat, but your friends and family probably have not.  Save them!

What to do?  Well, there are excellent Paleo books out there now, Nora Gedgaudus' Primal Body Primal Mind, springs to mind, as well as Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution, not to mention the incredible eBooks by yours truly:
Paleo Quick Start and Perfectly Paleo Exercise.

But sometimes people are affected more by a movie than they are by the written word.  So, here are some movies to influence not only yourself positively, but your friends and family as well:

First off is King Corn- the whole movie on youTube!  

Next, Statin Nation- (only the trailer on this one)


Food Inc. (entire movie!)

Next, explore the fact that perhaps there really already is a cure for cancer!!  Burzinski, the whole movie again available here:

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, again the entire movie!

And lastly, just the trailer from the recently released "Doctored", which exposes the shameful attempt by the American Medical Association to discredit and shut down the competition!

So, what else can you do to "spread the good Paleo gospel?"  Well, if you put your little dog into THIS outfit:

Well, who could resist immediately drinking a Paleo Smoothie??

And, if you or a friend is an avid golfer...

Many more items are available at
Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe

Have fun shopping!


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