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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is Pork Bad?

I have heard lately, and from people I respect greatly, that pork is a dirty, unhealthy meat, and is best avoided!  It provoked thought, and I researched it ad nauseum...

While it is troubling that CAFO raising of pigs, (CAFO is "Confined Animal Feeding Operations", or basically Concentration Camps for pigs) is as unsanitary and unhealthy as it sounds, to extrapolate this to all pork is wrong-headed.

Especially if you obtain your pork from a pastured, old-style pig raising farm as I do; if the pigs your meat comes from were happy and healthy porkers, the chance for contamination is small.

If your pork, in addition, is cured (as in BACON), the chance of disease goes down...

AND, if you cook it well, meaning thoroughly (NOT rare!), the chance goes down to...

almost nil!

Here is Chris Kresser, Paleo Guru extraordinaire, giving a brief synopsis of the Pork Principles:

So, that is the ultimate Pork Primer. 

I hope you all have seen the light, and are anxious to add some well cooked, delicious Pork; and especially BACON to your diet!   I know I will...