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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paleo Pirate Podcast- Now UP on iTunes!

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Argggh!!  Here be Pirate Captain PaleoJay and his mighty buccaneers, takin’ you swabbies on a doughty journey through Ancestral lands, and windin’ up with a treasure chest of good health, plenty of non-scurvy like paleo foods, and, you will end up with a nice booty to boot!

O many times I’ve dreamed
Of sailing the bounding main
I’d be a Paleo pirate
Taking sugar, corn and grain

No one in the seven seas
Could stand against our crew
We’d pillage wheat and corn
And ruin sugar too

The Frankenfoods we’d take
From the ships that we had sank
T’would sink into the briny deep
As our vegan victims walked the plank

O many times I’ve dreamed
Of sailing the bounding main
I’d be a Paleo pirate
And destroy all the grain

The GMO’s that we stole
They would measure in the tons
The grain merchants that we’d plunder
Would surrender to our guns

We would sail across the oceans
Across the wine dark sea
We’d pillage and we’d plunder
All the Paleo pirates and me

O many times I’ve dreamed
Of sailing the bounding main
I’d be a Paleo pirate
And destroy all the grain

Pirates can be a good “Paleo Template”, if we look at them through the right “lens”. In this case, a “spyglass”...and, often through just ONE eye! (The other is covered with an eyepatch)

Pirates knew the importance of play, as they spent much of their days in lazy carousing, often with a few bottles of rum.  They would “exercise” by fighting one another, often with cutlasses, and the loser might end up down in Davy Jone’s Locker, but at least he had a stress free existence, right up until the end!  “Yo ho ho, and all that”...

Seriously, there was no FAKE FOOD back then, so, when the Pirates found a tropical isle, they could “heave ho” and go ashore, and eat wild tropical fruits, hunt wild boar, and get great exercise digging lots of deep holes, either:
looking FOR buried treasure
Burying their OWN treasure

Either way, they built their musculature in a very natural way, and with no more sophisticated a tool than a shovel!

They had happy parrots for friends, and spent lots of time “playing” in the form of music!
Seriously, I think making and singing music with your “tribe”, whether piratical or not, is one of the best forms of play that there is!  I’ll bet some pirates even went into island caves and painted boars (and skeletons, and Jolly Rogers, and chests of gold) onto the walls- we have only to wait for the archeologists to find them!

So, go be a Paleo Pirate!  Only, be a SAFE paleo pirate, and use rubber cutlasses, cap pistols, and only walk the plank (in your bare feet, of course, or Vibrams) for balance.  Not for real!  Unless it’s just a diving board, and you are “keel-hauling”, in your imagination, a particularly irritating client or customer...

Tell No Tales!!

Captain Paleo Jay

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