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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reprogram Yourself!

All of us have been brainwashed, since birth if we are 40 or less, to believe that a high fat diet is suicide!!  

The bottom line is that a high fat diet is not suicide: A HIGH CARB DIET IS!!
(Did our primeval ancestors eat LOW FAT??)
I don't think so....

The point is: we are all brainwashed!  We have been since we were tiny toddlers, watching Fred Flintstone (Paleo Dad!) feed his daughter "fruity pebbles"; aka "grain time bombs"!

I would highly recommend that all of us try to... reprogram ourselves!

Think of it like this:

We have all been in a "cult", think of it perhaps as a "Nazi Youth Group" since the 1970's...

A strange cult, where we are taught that real foods are bad (butter, lard, raw milk, cream, coconut milk and oils), and "food-like substances" like (industrial seed oils/margarine/coolwhip, corn oil/peanut/canola/oil, breakfast cereals/whole grains) are good!!? 

Does this sound like a Jimmy Jones style Cult??  


I believe that we all need to re-indoctrinate ourselves- reprogram, if you will!

- high fat, natural sources of fats; ie. raw dairy, high fat dairy, avocado, and oils like coconut oil, that have been vilified for decades, are actually the best source in your diet you could possible have!!


If you want to "reprogram" yourself, I recommend you subscribe to a series of podcasts...  

And blogs....

Start listening to these podcasts NOW, Jimmy Jones cult/lowfat high carb people:

There are just four podcasts you can listen to,( and they have blogs, as well!), on a weekly, or in the case of Jimmy Moore- more than weekly basis!

The main thing is this: 

Just REprogram yourself!  

You have been in a "cult" for your whole life... it's time to break free!!

Do these images look like something your GRANDPARENTS would have eaten??  
(Much less your Paleolithic ancestors...)

Listen to the other side- i.e. "Reality"!!

Soon, you will no longer have a yen to be a vegan, or to eat donuts, or to "party hearty", or whatever!

You will be normalized: you will only look at life as "what will bring me health, and what will not"!  Food, and life itself, is really that simple.

So, for now: 

Just eat REAL FOOD- food your grandparents would have eaten!

Reprogram yourself- relearn what your grandparents would love to tell you!!

(Eat real foods!!)


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