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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Andy Griffith of Paleo= PaleoJay!

Hi Ya'all!  PaleoJay here, I just want to say that I am pleased as punch that my new podcast has been approved by iTunes!  My goal is to be the folksy, easy-to-understand Sheriff of Paleo, and this here podcast should be my key to do just that.  

Yessir, if you want to learn about Paleo diet and such, straight from the horse's mouth, well go-oll-eey yes this is the place you want to go: 

We will have such fun, and suchlike; oh yes!  

Every week, oh yeah- another podcast!  We will talk nutrition, and sleep, and Barney may stop by to talk lean-ness, and Aunt Bea will cook bone broth...all kinds of such like stuff!  Whee-ooo!!

I hope you all sub-scribe- Otis says he already has, and Gomer - why he's writin' a song about it!

"Paleo Heartbreak" he calls it...  well go-oo-ooly!!


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