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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

War of the WHEAT!

For millennia, we were persecuted, cannibalized, and enslaved by the humans!

Our revenge was nigh!

The invasion plan was almost perfect!  First, the deceptors would invade, and they would make themselves... welcome.  They would be innocuous; friendly little foodstuffs, just begging to be eaten...

Only later, much later would their true nature be revealed.  First, the deceptors, (for so they had named themselves), would pretend to be the saviors of mankind- you are facing starvation- your numbers are rising- we will save you!  And so, with this gift for mankind, they would be embraced by the fearful populace, who were indeed multiplying at a startling rate, and would indeed be starving without help...

The deceptors worked their way into every crevice of the food supply- they used to be used only in simple bread and rolls; after a time, after they multiplied, they were in almost everything:

They engineered manufactured products, that put them into all staple products- now, the deceptors were inside fast-food meats, salads, even desserts!  Your average human could hardly avoid consuming the deceptors now!  


First, they would consume the "wholesome"deceptors!  Next, their own bodies would be deceived, as toxins would now be allowed into their bloodstreams, invading them, and instigating widespread disease- DIABETES- HEART DISEASE- OBESITY- CANCER!!

The unsuspecting humans continued on... they loved the deceptors!  Hunger was solved!  A New Millenium was upon the Human Race!!  

Humans embraced the deceptors!!

Now, the humans were dying!  They were obese, slowly dying of diabetes and heart disease.  Cancer was rampant: no human could expect to be free- virtually ALL humans were now addicted to prescription drugs, which were far more deadly than recreational drugs! 

The deceptors had WON!  Humanity, which had eaten their babies for a thousand years, had been destroyed: 

The GRAIN of WHEAT, cannabilized  for 10,000 years has had it's revenge!!

Humans will die!  Their own bodies will willingly accept the invaders, thinking them "friends"...  the deceptors will mimic the patterns of the body's own defense systems, and will be let inside as "allies"...

And so they DIE!!



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