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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lower your high blood pressure the Paleo way!

Did you know that over 30% of Americans have high blood pressure?  Diabetes and obesity are rampant, even being now quite common among children of 10 or 11?  How can this be?


Our diets changed from natural meats, fats, vegetables and fruits to... processed foods, fast foods, factory foods, and other "FAKE" foods!  This is the main reason for the quandary we find ourselves in today health-wise.   Let me insert here the last page of a  blog I found about a man who reversed all of these afflictions by eating a paleo diet and paleo type exercise:

Interesting, no??  What a dramatic turnaround in health- not something we see every day, although perhaps that is starting to change...

How should you start changing yourself to healthy?  

  1. Eliminate grains!  Cereals, bread, pasta- you know, grains!  This one step will bring you 90% of the way to renewed health!
  2. Eliminate processed foods- fast foods, foods in boxes and bags that are loaded with "fake" salt and corn syrup and all kinds of industrial seed oils and other "insults" to your body.
  3. Eliminate soft drinks- diet or sugared- these things are terrible for you, and displace the healthy things you should be eating and drinking!
I know, all of that is just things to do without- what can you DO?

  1. Eat real foods- pastured eggs, pastured butter if you tolerate dairy well, grass fed meats, veggies, fruits, seafood, liver, sea salt, garlic, herbs and seeds, nuts.
  2. Have a teaspoon of Carlson's cod liver oil each day (In your smoothie is ideal!)
  3. Eat lots of potassium- a banana, spinach, melon, berries and broccoli are all ideal to "normalize" your system away from it's unhealthy processed foods dilemma- a Paleo Smoothie does it all!
The other positive things you can do include doing some Perfectly Paleo Exercise types of things on a daily basis: some simple warmups in the morning, some "visualized resistance" exercises, a few isometrics and body-weight exercises throughout the day... also, to meditate daily is very valuable, as is connecting with others through your church, your family, and your neighborhood... your "tribes"!

Simple as that last sounds, it is crucial for your mental, physical, and spiritual health!  


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