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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paleo Exercise and TV!

It seems strange, even to me, that something as age-old and basic as Perfectly Paleo types of exercise blend perfectly with television viewing; specifically Netflix shows and movies!
But, it's true...

I exercise early mornings, which is the only time that I can reliably reserve for myself.  I think it's like that for most of us "worker bees".  I get up, make my Paleo Smoothie for the day whilst heating the water for my tea and coffee...  While the Vitamix is running on high, blending all of the veggies, fruits, kefir, spices, green tea, etc.  that will nourish me for day optimally, I walk into the living room, and select my streaming Netflix movie of the day!  (What a tough caveman's life).

I always start with Visualized Resistance Exercises.  I learned about these years ago from John Peterson of  Transformetrics, who is the acknowledged expert on this form of resistance training.

Here is a brief, abbreviated video I made to demonstrate this simple, timeless form of safe, productive, and easy-to-do-anywhere form of exercise-
So, while I watch an entertaining movie, I gradually stretch out, and tense every muscle group in my body!  You can make it as taxing or as easy as you'd like; I find I wind up tensing on average up to 80% or so of my maximum ability...believe it or not, often this period in the morning is my favorite part of the day!

Doing these Visualized exercises can be your entire workout, as was mine this morning, since I worked really hard yesterday, and wanted to recover. (This form of exercise can be very restorative, to both muscles and joints).  It starts by strengthening the ligaments and tendons, as opposed to standard weight lifting, which starts by taxing the muscles, and does little or nothing to gradually strengthen and prepare the connective tissues and joints to bear the increased load on the musculature.

But usually, I finish up with pushups, sit-ups, hindu squats, hindu pushups, bridging, and other calisthenics, along with some self-resisted exercise (one arm resisting another, for instance)... and isometric holds as well.

By the time you are done with such a productive, yet actually fun session of Paleo Exercise in front of your TV, you have worked on virtually every muscle in your body, and you feel just great- 
What a way to start your day!

I recommend it to one and all- you'll never want to just sit on the couch and passively watch television again- it's that addicting.


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