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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Restricting calories IN, won't make you THIN! Just ask Hercules...

That's right- the whole notion of calorie restriction is founded on lies-

The lie that calories are all the same.

The lie that if only you eat less calories, just a few less each day, and exercise more- just a little, to create a deficit...

Over time, you will gradually lose weight, and become lean and fit!!

I think the simplicity of this notion is what makes it appealing!

But it is a big, FAT, LIE!! 

 Do you really think someone like Hercules restricted calories to be lean and defined???

The human body is a chemical factory, not a machine like a car.  Food has numerous hormonal responses, it doesn't just burn fuel like a car.

If you eat fat, it doesn't turn to fat on you- if it is a good, saturated fat, like coconut oil or grass fed butter, it triggers signals in your body-

Satiety!  You do not feel hungry!  You are not starving!  Your body says "Thank you very much!"
Your body does NOT signal an insulin "spike" from good fats; quite the contrary- happiness reigns!

If you eat calories from a processed food meal- say, pizza?  HUGE insulin spike, and your body scrambles to store those "precious" calories from the dough, in the form of bodyFAT.  

As Gary Taubes has stated in his excellent book:  "Good Calories Bad Calories", that is about it-

There are calories that are good, wonderful, eat-all-you-want calories...

And then there are Bad, Horrible, spike-your-insulin-and-make-you-fat-and-sick-calories...
and never the twain shall meet!

Trust me- Hercules/Herakles ate copius amounts of good, nutritious food to fuel his physique- LOTS of meat, lots of fat, loads of vegetables, and some fruits.

He did NOT eat buns, bagels, bread, donuts, and drink "big gulps" of sugary soft drinks!  Wine, sure...and, although he occasionally lifted heavy things, like when he cleaned the Elysian stables and carrried around draft horses, slayed a horrible giant lion, and killed the 9 headed serpent HYDRA, he mainly trained with bodyweight exercise!

How do I know this?

Because BODY WEIGHT exercises are timeless- they preserve the body like nothing else!

If Herk had trained with weights and machines, he would have looked really bulky and impressive, but his actual fighting, strength and real-world power would have been... lackluster.
Bodyweight exercise, or self-resisted and virtual, visualized resistance has the ability to transform your body; just as "calories in and calories our" does NOT define how the human body deposits fat, so too does "overload the muscle with weights or bodyweight" really actually does define how the body develops in response to exercise stimulus!

Weight training will stimulate bulk muscle gains, true.  But it will not trigger tendon and ligament strengthening, nor will it build the strength of your "core", your spinal muscles, abs, and the many unseen "minor" muscles that are foundational for our overall health and fitness.

There is an innate body "wisdom" that infers from bodyweight training-

"Hey"  says your body.  "We are working really hard, and weight, i.e. FAT is really getting in the way of our pushups and chins and situps...  I guess we'd better finally lean out big time so we can do this stuff!"

This is how our body's think!  Our bodies are still 100% Paleolithic, since that has worked forever.

If YOU want to be Paleolithic, and in tune with what your own body wants for you
-= maximum health:

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