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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Eat Fat to LOSE Fat!

Probably the best way to lose fat; not just weight per se but real FAT, is to eat fat!

And no, I am not kidding!

Fat is what is lacking in the S.A.D. Standard American Diet.  The low-fat, high carb diet of modern America is the worst diet in history, with the glaring exception of starvation. Other than that, it is the worst, and stupidest of all time...

If you were only to add three things to your daily diet to make you healthier, and at the same time satisfy your hunger, and thus burn fat, here they are:

  1. Coconut oil- coconut milk, oil, powder, whatever!
  2. Pastured butter- Kerrygold from Ireland is the best!!
  3. Whipping cream- YUM!! 

It doesn't matter how you incorporate these delicious foods, just do it!

The best kept secret of losing fat is to eat good fats!
Coconut oil, pastured butter, and (preferably) non pasteurized whipping cream are three such wonderful fats!!@

My assignment for you this week to lose fat and become healthier??

Put real cream in your coffee!  Top it with cinnamon- and I mean real whipped cream- not that crap-in-a-can!  I even recommend adding some coconut oil to your coffee as well- you will stay really full, and feel very satisfied all morning, trust me!

Put coconut oil/milk/powder into a smoothie!  
Berries and coconut oil in a blender are good for a start on the paleo high fat low carb lifestyle!  

Put a ton of butter onto your vegetables tonight- have carrots, broccoli, whatever- and top with a LOT of good Kerrygold butter!  A sweet potato topped with lots of butter and cinnamon would also be great- 
just don't eat the skin!
And do not put butter on BREAD!  Bread is VERBOTEN!  BAD BREAD!

Wheat is the worst thing for your body, EVER!  Again, trust me on this!!

So, there you go- eat lots of good Fats!  Then, you will lose fat.  Guaranteed!



marysews said...

Ooh! I use that brand of coconut oil ( and coconut milk, too! Very delicious! Coconut oil is good internally AND externally.

PaleoJay said...

You are so right! I use it after my morning shower, and I use it to shave with as well.

I love to think of the oil "absorbing" into my system through my skin!