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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back to the Paleo Future!

You know the notion of "progress"?  The idea that we are forever moving forwards to a better future?

I believe that, for quite some time, we have been moving backwards, regressing rather than progressing, at least insofar as our health is concerned.  

Remember the movie "Back to the Future"?  

It was a singularly great movie, since it resonated with us all: we all knew that things had gotten gradually worse in America since the 1950's and 60's...

Think of how when Marty McFly is in the "present day", 1985:

His mother is a drunk- his father is a loser, his brother and sister are as well....

In a nutshell, this is 2012 America!  The lowest have taken over!  Big Pharma- Drug companies, Giant multi-national food Cartels, MONSANTO the -PRIMO ARCHITECT OF GMO, genetically modified food are all  
in charge!!
Again, my point is that in this scenario, BIFF,  a loser in every sense of the word is in charge!

I believe that this is what in effect has actually happened.  

Instead of the community-minded folks; well, let's again quote a classic movie- "It's a Wonderful Life"-

Now, we don't have the "George Bailey Savings and Loan" people in charge of society- 


See what I mean?  

We have all been so misled, via marketing since our infancy, that the real-life losers, that we would have easily recognized as such had they been living in our "tribe" or small town, have been credentialed via marketing to have the authority they have always been conniving towards...

and now they have it!   

The BULLY in the class, the most self-serving guy of all, the guy-who-needed-to-prove-himself-to-cover-up-his-own-obvious-inadequacies...


I don't want to get too carried away, maybe I already have!  But I will say this:

Things were definitely better in 1955- less governmental intrusion.  NO government telling us "what to eat"!  Exercise was Charles Atlas dynamic tension, aka Visualized Resistance as pictured above, and music was Elvis Presley and his ilk- the real deal- basic, simple chord progressions with heartfelt, simple lyrics that everyone could resonate with!

In 1985, when the movie was made...........

Aerobics was king!  Run until you drop!  Music- forget about it-  bad enough- not worth mentioning!

And NOW?

Really, BIFF is in charge- Big Pharma, Big Medical, Big Food- they run Big Government!

I sound so conspiratorial, but then again, it's all true!  

Bottom line: what are we all to do?

Well first, you could buy my ebook!  (seriously- cure thyself first!) perfectly paleo exercise 

Just eat real food, and do real exercise!  (simple, but oh-so-true!)

After that?   Not to sound like a 1960's hippie, but "Buy Local, Eat Local" would be the way to go.  Grow what you can, and what you can't, but from someone that you know and trust.  The local Farmers' Market.  A neighbor!

You know, that's old Herakles to the right- a real fitness icon, just like Charles Atlas above.  

Both had similar strategies for life and fitness:

Eat real foods, and perform real functional exercises.

I'd like to say both of them bought my my dreams!

But BOTH of them could have WRITTEN THEM!  


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