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Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Vitamix!

You might have seen my photo before, holding a soon-to-be Paleo Smoothie in a Vitamix blender...

BUT, it was a blender from about 1985!  Stainless steel, and still going strong!  I plan to put that old timer in our log cabin family hideaway, for top-notch nutrition when away from home.  But for me, cutting-edge as I am in a 100 plus year old farm house- I bought a New Vitamix!

I am rather a minimalist; I don't like to upgrade just for the sake of...newness!  This has sometimes been a negative, as I drive my 1962 pickup to work in January in Wisconsin (mistake!), and sometimes a positive, since my 1985 John Deere tractor is perfect for the mowing and plowing that I need to do.

But, there comes a time when you have to realize that newer really is better- like when I upgraded to a top-of-the-line Mac computer, a new iPhone, and a new Vitamix blender!

Actually, I don't think "blender" is an adequate descriptive term for the Vitamix, since it is the cornerstone of my nutritional bedrock!  I use it for my Paleo Quick Start Smoothie, of course.  Daily.

But I also use it for many other tasks- my Vitamix allows me to take standard, modern foodstuffs and instantly remake recipes into nutritional powerhouses!

Just tonight, the first night of my new Vitamix residing within our "tribe", my daughter wanted ice cream-
no problem- I just made Greek yogurt and strawberry sorbet- in less than 3 minutes!!

She (and I) loved it!

One cool thing, that I think I underrated, is the clear container, along with the variable, really slow to high speed of the blades!  I will be posting videos of this soon- the purely aesthetic joy of watching the layers of fruits, vegetables, and many other ingredients gradually, and at first almost silently commingling
is quite the sight- almost magical.  And the result is so... visceral.  Trust me, you'll like it!

At any rate, if you need any reason to upgrade- here it is!

The new Vitamix 5200 is way better than the older, 1985 version: quieter, more versatile, prettier...
I could go on, but I don't want to insult the old girl, who is still in the family, a steady performer, and a real solid backer to her lineage- Vitamix blenders do not grow old...

And they don't even fade away!  They just last, and last, and last...

And they have that same effect on you, the user-

YOU,  using the nutritional powerhouse of the Vitamix blender, will just last, and last, and last...


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