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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barney Fife- PALEO MAN!

Carbohydrates and Glucose!
The Andy Griffith Show 1964

How much we have forgotten!  Back in 1964, almost 50 years ago, common knowledge was that carbohydrates; i.e. sugar and it's near-twin- BREAD, were really harmful, both for controlling weight, and for preserving overall health!

Even Barney Fife knew it!!  Aunt Bea surely did, but just didn't have the will power to resist her own cooking...   I'll bet even Gomer and OTIS knew it!!  There's not an episode to prove it, but there surely could have been one where Otis, hungover in jail after another binge, refuses Aunt Bea's dessert offering on the grounds that it might "damage his health and physique".

So, take this brief message to heart!  Every time someone offers you "Carbohydrates and Glucose"-

Just say no!

I will thank you, your body will thank you, Andy will thank you, and Aunt Bea might even switch over to a stevia/wild honey sweetened filling  and coconut flour piecrust!! (What would Clara say?)

And you know that Barney will thank you!

Carbohydrates and glucose are dangerous- Andy made Barney keep them in his pocket... like his dangerous, evil bullet.

You should too!

Barney:  "No thanks, Aunt Bea- could I just have a Paleo Quick Start Smoothie instead??"


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4 Bowers Homework Blog said...

THAT is hilarious and AWESOME and makes me chuckle;)

Did you see the one from Little House on the Prairie I sent you? It was a snippet of Pa going off to move cattle for the day and they were going to pay him in beef. Caroline (ma) yelled, "Beef! We haven't had a slice of beef in AGES!"